Vibratory level switches

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Siemens Ltd

The Sitrans LVL100 and LVL200 vibratory switches are suitable for high and low detection of all liquid media, independent of mounting position. The compact, user-friendly switches measure reliably in dynamic conditions, such as variations in the dielectric permittivity of a medium or the formation of vapour or bubbles.

Diode laser gas analyser

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Siemens Ltd

Siemens has further developed its TDL technology with the Sitrans SL diode laser gas analyser featuring an inline reference cell filled with a non-interfering reference gas allowing for a fast and non-contact measurement of gas concentrations in process or flue gases.

Strain gauges

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Applied Measurement Australia

The N11 series from Showa Measuring Instruments includes single axis, general purpose-type foil strain gauges.

Guided wave radar level sensor

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Metaval Engineering Sales

The Flexar is a continuous level measurement sensor used for monitoring the amount of material within tanks, silos, bins and many other types of vessels. It is used to measure the level of powders, granular and liquid materials and is a universal technology for use in a wide range of applications and industries.

UMM load cells

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Applied Measurement Australia

Dacell UMM load cells are suitable for both compression or tension usage. These load cells are extremely small and lightweight, and are rated to protection class IP67.

Biomethane-optimised mass flowmeter

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

FCI’s ST51 flowmeter is designed to measure digester gas, biogas and other methane-composition biofuel gases as well as natural gas. FCI precision calibrates all ST51 flowmeters in its NIST-traceable flow lab to match the gas composition of the user’s digester system and under the specific flow conditions of the user’s digester system.

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Micromax Pty Ltd

Banner Engineering has introduced the SureCross temperature and humidity sensor, optimised for use with the company’s SureCross wireless network.

ABB pressure transmitters

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: ABB Australia Pty Ltd

ABB has enhanced its 364 series of differential and gauge pressure transmitters with the addition of all welded direct and remote-mounted diaphragm seals. The 364 series is designed to suit a wide range of industries, including those with aggressive or hazardous environments where performance needs to be optimised, such as those in chemicals or offshore oil and gas production.

UltraStable US5100 pressure transducer

05 September, 2008 | Supplied by: Applied Measurement Australia

The UltraStable US5100 pressure transducer from Measurement Specialties features a total error band of just 0.75%. It exceeds the latest heavy industrial CE requirements — including surge protection — and is voltage surge protected in both positive and reverse polarity.

Product recall of faulty CO detector

25 August, 2008

The Department of Mining Safety and Health has issued a product recall of Industrial Scientific’s 4CF carbon monoxide sensors, after finding some makes could suddenly stop detecting the gas.

Level sensing for sewage lift stations

23 August, 2008 by Rob Knowles* | Supplied by: AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The level sensor is a small but vital component in sewage lift or pump stations to maintain system integrity and avoid unwanted spillage.

Five tips to reduce measurement noise

21 August, 2008 by Charles Stiernberg* | Supplied by: National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd

Ensuring measurement accuracy often means going beyond reading raw specifications in a data sheet. Understanding an application in the context of its electrical environment is also important for securing success, particularly in a noisy or industrial setting. Ground loops, high common-mode voltages and electromagnetic radiation are all prevalent examples of noise that can adversely affect a signal.

Wireless temperature nodes

08 August, 2008 | Supplied by: Micromax Pty Ltd

Banner Engineering Corp has announced analog thermocouple and RTD instrumentation nodes for the SureCross wireless network. Designed and purpose-built for Banner’s SureCross wireless network, these nodes are available in versions to support thermocouple/thermistor inputs and 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTDs.

Vibration analysis sensor

08 August, 2008 | Supplied by: SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd

The DUV10A vibration analysis sensor assists in the prevention of unplanned gear-unit downtime. It permits the early detection of gear unit wear and damage, enabling site engineers to accurately predict and plan gear unit maintenance.

Broken bag detection system

08 August, 2008 | Supplied by: SWR Engineering Messtechnik Pty Ltd

Dusty is a low-cost broken bag detection system. It uses a triboelectric measuring technique and detects solid particles in a gas flow. The particles must be 0.3 microns in size or larger.

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