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Interface WMCP miniature load cells

06 April, 2011 by

The WMCP miniature load cell series from Interface adds overload protection to the family of environmentally sealed, stainless steel housed, proprietary temperature-compensated strain gauges. Load cell sizes are small for convenient mounting and machine integration.

Futek LTH350 load cell with USB interface

17 September, 2010 by

The LTH350 load cell from Futek Advanced Sensor Technology is now available with a USB output option. The load cell provides miniature solutions for applications where space is limited. This particular miniature donut load cell is suitable for press or inline compression applications.

Hardy Instruments partners with Schneider Electric

07 September, 2010

Hardy Instruments has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric as a member of its Collaborative Automation Partner Program (CAPP).

Futek LLB400 miniature load button load cell

21 June, 2010 by

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has released the LLB400 miniature load button load cell with improved overall accuracy. The load cell has a high accuracy with a deflection of 38 µm nominal and an operating temperature of -50 to 93°C.

Futek LPM200 panel-mount load cell

21 June, 2010 by

The Futek LPM200 panel-mount load cell offers miniature size, a robust flexure and low capacity of 10 g to 2.2 kg. A common challenge for low-capacity sensors is the damage the sensor can incur during installation. With the LPM200’s design, this challenge has been greatly minimised. The product features an overload protection of 1000% of rated output for the full range. By threading the flexure, the LPM200 can easily be installed for usage. The LPM200 uses a tough 28 AWG 4-conductor braided shield clear PVC cable.

Futek model LSB210 miniature submersible S-beam load cell

22 February, 2010

The model LSB210 submersible S-beam load cell from Futek Advanced Sensor Technologies can be used in applications where protection from liquids is required. Examples of applications include fibre tension, medical bag weighing and automated feedback control systems.

Futek LSB600 S-beam load cell

15 January, 2010

The Futek LSB600 S-beam load cell is a high-capacity tension and compression transducer with a wide capacity, ranging from 44.5 to 111 kN. With the USB output option, engineers can eliminate the need for an analog amplifier, power supply and display equipment. The USB integration also includes the company’ USB software which allows users to monitor the output of the sensor in real time.

6918/6998 universal load cells

30 July, 2009

The 6918/6998 universal load cells, from BCM Sensors, are manufactured based on advanced metal foil strain gauge technology. They are made from either alloy steel (6918), with a nickel-plated treatment or stainless steel (6998).

Annular load cells

25 June, 2009 by

Amalgamated Instrument Co now offers a range of annular ring or ‘washer’ load cells.

Load cell

09 June, 2009 by

The KIMD-M load cell module is for harsh environments and heavy-duty applications and has a movable load point to allow for thermal expansion of the weigh system.

BCM load cells

01 April, 2009

The model 3417/3497 single-ended shear beam load cells from BCM Sensors are low-profile, high-precision load cells based on the shear-beam working principle. These load cells can find applications in hopper scales and platform scales, or can be used to measure beam bending loads.

Double range load cells

01 December, 2008

The FN7110/FN7236 series double range load cells from FGP Sensors and Instrumentation feature high-accuracy measurement channels in two ranges in the same load cell.

Load pins

01 November, 2008

The 5719/5799 model double-ended shear-beam load pins from BCM Sensor Technologies are made from either alloy steel (5719) or stainless steel (5799) and sealed to IP66 or IP67 protection grade, depending on application conditions.

Strain gauges

05 September, 2008

The N11 series from Showa Measuring Instruments includes single axis, general purpose-type foil strain gauges.

UMM load cells

05 September, 2008

Dacell UMM load cells are suitable for both compression or tension usage. These load cells are extremely small and lightweight, and are rated to protection class IP67.

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