Process control systems

Web technology makes automation solutions easy

18 June, 2007 | Supplied by: Triarm Pty Ltd

The crucial benefit of basing control and monitoring on web technology is that an HMI application for an automation device only has to be edited once. It can then be called from all Windows PCs, PDAs and Saia Web panels. This saves duplication of expenditure and, with that, a lot of time.

Wireless technology improving plant performance

17 April, 2007 by Sylvia Aitken, Editor

For consumers 'wireless technology' conjures up images of iPods, Blackberrys, cell phones, television remotes and internet Wi-Fi connections

Touch screen HMIs

17 April, 2007 | Supplied by:

The Delta Electronics DOP-A and AE series HMIs are now available from Mechtric electric and mechanical engineering products. The DOP series are available in a wide range of screen types and sizes ranging from 3.8" blue screen to 10" 64K colour screen.

Water telemetry solutions for Australia

13 April, 2007

MetaSphere telemetry systems will be marketed in the Australasian region following an agreement with LogicaCMG.

Industrial telemetry

21 March, 2007 by Gerald Musy, Journalist

"If you can't measure it, you can't control it." Since the beginning of civilisation we have been measuring physical properties and features such as distances, speed, temperature, pressure etc

Compact operator terminal

15 November, 2006 | Supplied by: Mitsubishi Electric Australia

The Mitsubishi Electric GT1155-QSBD is a 256-colours compact graphic operation terminal for controlling factory-automated machinery.

Software extension

07 September, 2006 | Supplied by:

Wonderware is extending the integration of its open manufacturing software built on ArchestrA technology to the Microsoft Dynamics AX business management solution.

C-more operator panel

07 August, 2006 | Supplied by: Direct Automation Pty Ltd

C-more touch panels from Automation Direct are fully programmable and provide power and flexibility. The panel displays are available in either greyscale (15 shades of grey) or full colour (256 to 64,536 colours, depending on model). STN greyscale and colour displays are available in a 6" touch screen. Colour TFT touch screens are available in 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15" versions.

French connection

20 June, 2006

Metromatics Pty Ltd has been appointed the distributor of IN-SNEC within Australia and New Zealand.

Secure partnership

13 June, 2006

KoolSpan Inc has entered into a reseller partnership with Australian Utilities and SCADA Technologies to resell KoolSpan's bi-directional two-factor authentication solutions to authenticate and protect critical industrial infrastructures including SCADA-based networks in Australia.

Pump controller

04 May, 2006 | Supplied by: Multitrode Pty Ltd

The MultiSmart pump controller combines 'out-of-the-box' pump control with the flexibility of open protocols and high-speed communications. It provides ease of use plus advanced functionality for up to nine pumps and open interfaces.

Premium control for new winery

14 April, 2006 | Supplied by: Rockwell Automation Australia

In many ways, the art of winemaking has changed little over the centuries. Escalating consumer demand means that some wines are now produced by the tank-load. To keep up, winemakers are turning to technology to streamline the process

Programmable measurement controller

06 March, 2006 | Supplied by: A&D Australasia Pty Ltd

The A&D Mercury AD4820 is an HMI and PLC measurement and control system all rolled into one complete compact package. The instrument runs a 32 bit RISC processor and uses a real-time operating system, RT Linux. The AD4820 utilises a GUI front end known as virtual console (VC), together with a PLC ladder for controlling all I/O known as measurement and control ladder (MC).

Wonder news

03 March, 2006

Wonderware has achieved Gold Certified Partner level in the Microsoft Partner Program. The accomplishment reflects Invensys' continuing commitment to the Microsoft and Invensys alliance.

Serck Control alliance

03 February, 2006

Control Microsystems, a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) equipment manufacturer headquartered in Canada, and Serck Controls, a SCADA systems engineering company headquartered in Australia, formed a global strategic alliance in 2004 to leverage technology, manufacturing and market opportunities.

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