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Azbil multivariable vortex flow meters

07 May, 2014

The vortex multivariable flow meters from Azbil North America employ three sensing elements in a single meter: a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor and a solid-state pressure transducer.

Self-verifying flowmeters: modern technology improves instrument management

05 May, 2014 by Gernot Engstler, Endress+Hauser Product Management

The process industry is undertaking great efforts to ensure high levels of process reliability, consistent product quality and accurately priced billing of goods. There is also an increasing need to prove that operation is sustainable by meeting environmental regulations.

Modern flow measuring technology with integrated self-monitoring and verification

01 May, 2014

State-of-the-art process measuring technology is the key to ensuring reliability, consistent product quality and accurately priced billing of goods ensuring highly stable measurement results over a long period of time.

Honeywell USM GT400 ultrasonic flowmeter

11 April, 2014

The USM GT400 ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to help reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain pipeline metering and can be used to measure the volume of natural gas at every stage of its movement, storage and utilisation.

McCrometer FPI-X dual sensor electromagnetic flow meter

03 April, 2014

The FPI-X Dual Sensor electromagnetic flow meter from McCrometer is designed to deliver accurate and repeatable measurement under extreme flow conditions, said to be unachievable with other technologies.

Dwyer Model UFM ultrasonic flow meter

28 March, 2014

The Model UFM compact ultrasonic flow meter is a low-cost, clamp-on, ultrasonic flow meter that uses the transit-time difference method to measure flow rates in pipes non-invasively.

Krohne H250 M40 flowmeter

20 March, 2014

The Krohne H250 M40 flowmeter has recently received North American FM approvals for the ignition protection types IS and NI.

Ahlborn FVA 645 GVx stainless steel liquid flow sensor

27 February, 2014

The Ahlborn FVA 645 GVx is a stainless steel flow sensor for liquids with a design that incorporates no moving parts and has integrated temperature measurement.

Phoenix Contact PSK AFS volume flow sensors

13 February, 2014

The PSK AFS compact volume flow sensors are based on calorimetric measurement and can detect consumption quantities as low as 0.06 Nm3/h.

US Strategic Petroleum Reserve relies on magnetic flow meters for accurate brine disposal measurement

04 February, 2014 by Nicholas Voss, Product Manager, McCrometer

With a capacity of 727 million barrels, the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is the world's largest stockpile of government-owned emergency crude oil. To retrieve oil from the salt caverns it is stored in, water is pumped in, making the oil rise to the surface. As a result of this design, the brine disposal lines need to be measured regularly for leaks, to meet environmental regulations.

Centec Sonatec inline sound velocity concentration monitor

03 February, 2014

The Sonatec inline sound velocity concentration monitor can be used in chemical, petrochemical, metal processing and pharmaceutical plants to determine the concentration of hydrocarbons, acids, alcohol, caustics, oil emulsions, oil in water and many other liquids.

Sierra Instruments QuadraTherm 640i/780i mass flow meters totaliser software

17 December, 2013

Sierra Instruments has released a flow totaliser software module for its QuadraTherm 640i/780i mass flow meters, available at no charge, allowing end users to have an efficient management tool to totalise and monetise all gases with one instrument.

RMG by Honeywell ERZ 2000-NG flow computer and gas volume corrector

25 November, 2013

The ERZ 2000-NG flow computer and gas volume corrector is designed to provide a reliable and more intuitive solution for natural gas volume conversion in fiscal and secondary metering applications.

Video demonstrates in-situ flow meter calibration

13 September, 2013

Fluid Components International (FCI) has released a video that illustrates the VeriCal In-Situ Calibration System for the ST100 Series flow meter.

FCI Model ST102A dual averaging mass flow meter

20 August, 2013

FCI’s ST102A air/gas thermal mass flow meter features a dual-element averaging system, improving installation repeatability and accuracy for larger diameter pipes and ducts.

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