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Analyser sampling systems: verifying fluid flow for reliability and accuracy

12 February, 2013 by Sam Kresch, Product Manager, Fluid Components International (FCI)

No matter how sophisticated a fluid analyser system may be, it will be ineffective if a sample flow fails to reach the analyser sensor or if the sample is contaminated or stale. The most advanced systems in the world cannot provide accurate results without a valid fluid sample.

Yokogawa Rotamass LR Coriolis mass flow meter

07 February, 2013

The Rotamass LR Coriolis mass flow meter is designed to measure both liquids and gases, and has a dual bent tube that decouples the core measuring element from process vibration.

Anton Paar L-dens 427 compact inline density meter for upgrading volumetric flow measurements to mass flow

01 January, 2013

The compact and accurate Anton Paar L-dens 427 density meter allows users to upgrade an existing volumetric flow measurement system to mass flow for tanker loading, terminal and batch operations.

Sierra Instruments QuadraTherm 640i/780i thermal mass flow meter series

14 December, 2012

With its sensor design advancements, coupled with a proprietary iTherm algorithm, the 780i inline version achieves gas mass flow rate measurement accuracy of ±0.5% of reading above 50% of the full scale (air).

ifm efector SBT series mechatronic flow sensors

10 December, 2012

The SBT series mechatronic flow sensors can be used for flow ranges from 0.3 to 25 L/min at pressure ranges of up to 15 bar.

Dwyer Instruments Model AAFS adjustable airflow switch

04 December, 2012

The Model AAFS adjustable airflow switch is capable of detecting a wide range of air velocities with minimal user calibration.

Mass Flow Online Fuel-View fuel flow meter

30 November, 2012

Fuel-View is a solution for measuring the fuel consumption and operating time of vehicles or any mobile or fixed installations with diesel engines.

ABB FCB330 and FCB350 compact Coriolis mass flowmeters

27 November, 2012

The FCB330 and FCB350 are part of the CoriolisMaster family of direct mass flow measurement products and provide accurate measurements of multiple variables with a single device.

Dimak oval gear flowmeters

01 November, 2012

Dimak provides a range of oval gear positive displacement flowmeters which provide high levels of accuracy and repeatability for a wide range of most clean liquids irrespective of viscosity and conductivity.

Sierra Instruments SmartTrak 140 ultra-low ΔP mass flow controller

19 October, 2012

The SmartTrak 140 can control gas mass flow up to 500 slpm (nlpm) with an ultra-low ΔP of 4.5 psid.

Weber flow-captor 4140.13 flow switch

19 October, 2012

The Weber 4140.13 flow switch is suitable for liquid and pasty media.

Fluid Components International Model FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor with FM/FMc approvals

02 October, 2012

The FS10A analyser flow switch/monitor is suitable for continuous flow verification applications that support process analyser sampling systems operating in hazardous plant areas.

Yokogawa ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flowmeter

26 September, 2012

The ADMAG AXR two-wire magnetic flowmeter has been enhanced for use in SIL2 applications and to support the HART 7 protocol.

Krohne Optimass 6400 twin bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeter

20 September, 2012

The Optimass 6400 is designed to meet standard liquid and gas applications in the chemical and petrochemical, oil, gas, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and energy industries. It features advanced entrained gas management (EGM).

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