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Scientists create self-powered fluid sensors

04 November, 2008

Fraunhofer researchers have created a fluidic energy transducer that creates electricity from fluid motion in the surrounding air or water, enabling the development of self-powered sensors for air or fluid systems.

Bulk solid flow measurement

01 November, 2008

SolidFlow can be used to measure lean phase mass flow of bulk solids up to 20 t/h, either in free fall or pneumatically conveyed. It uses a microwave technique.

Printing liquid totaliser

01 November, 2008

The ITP is an intelligent printing totaliser intended primarily for liquid flow measurement.

One-stop DP flowmeter solution

01 November, 2008

Although differential pressure (DP) flowmeters are based on a relatively inexpensive and mature technology, selecting and installing these devices is not simple and requires a reasonable level of engineering skill.

Hygienic flowmeters

05 October, 2008

The HygienicMaster range of flowmeters is targeted primarily at the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The range provides accurate measurement in hygienic applications ranging from water through to fluids with extreme viscosities, high solid concentrations or low conductivity.

Magnetic inductive flowmeter

05 October, 2008

The DMI series flowmeter operates on the magneto-inductive principle. With no protrusions into the pipe, conductive liquids and slurries can be measured with virtually no system pressure loss. The DMI is available with a PEEK or PVDF flow tube and Hastelloy C measuring electrodes are standard.

Flow meter

05 October, 2008

Part of ABB’s FlowMaster family, ProcessMaster incorporates features providing users enhanced performance with reduced complexity. Available in sizes 3 to 2000 mm, the ProcessMaster range offers a wide choice of liner and electrode options, enabling it to meet the needs of demanding applications.

Air and gas flowmeters

05 October, 2008

The PFM range of flowmeters is for use with air and a variety of gases. With flow measurement of air, liquids, even harsh acids and alkalis, the SMC range of flow measurement equipment can provide in situ displays, remote indicators, analog transmission and digital switching. Some models are equipped with flow adjustment to permit the required flowrate to be preset.

Flow sensor for solids

05 October, 2008

FlowJam is a non-contact flow/no flow sensor for solids. It uses microwave technology to give reliable results under harsh conditions of dust and sunlight. It is a suitable device for detecting solid flows in hoppers, conveyors, screw conveyors, air slides, etc.

Variable area flowmeters

05 October, 2008

Swagelok variable area flowmeters (VAFs) are used to measure liquid and gas flow rates by means of a tapered tube and float and can provide highly accurate measurement with individually calibrated scales and a 10:1 turndown ratio.

Schmidt flow sensor

05 October, 2008

The Schmidt flow sensor SS 20.260 offers a measuring range of 0-50 m/s and an operating temperature range of up to 120°C. The temperature can be measured with an additional linear output, and a separate temperature sensor is not required. The unit has a robust construction to protect it against impact.

Who adds value?

12 September, 2008 by John Immelman

Building a greenfield process plant today inevitably throws up a host of challenges, but successful greenfield projects take advantage of a potent ingredient in the engineering chain: added value.

Inductive flowmeters

05 September, 2008

The type MIK flowmeters offer four measuring tube widths from G 1/4 AG to G 1 AG and thus four measuring ranges from 0.5-4 to 10-100 L/min. These devices use the magnetic-inductive principle of measurement and are suitable for many applications like the monitoring of additives or cooling agents, consumption measurement or charging.

Biomethane-optimised mass flowmeter

05 September, 2008

FCI’s ST51 flowmeter is designed to measure digester gas, biogas and other methane-composition biofuel gases as well as natural gas. FCI precision calibrates all ST51 flowmeters in its NIST-traceable flow lab to match the gas composition of the user’s digester system and under the specific flow conditions of the user’s digester system.

Dense phase magnetic flowmeter

05 August, 2008

Magnetic flowmeters are commonly used for the metering of liquids. They are easily installed, non-intrusive and easy to calibrate. DensFlow is a magnetic flowmeter for solids. It is easily installed, non-intrusive and easy to calibrate.

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