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Krohne DK32 variable area flowmeter

08 January, 2020

The Krohne DK32 variable area flowmeter is now available with an electrical signal output for 4–20 mA/HART 7.

Daniel 3418 eight-path ultrasonic gas flowmeter

13 December, 2019

The Daniel 3418 8-path ultrasonic gas flowmeter offers OIML R-137 Accuracy Class 0.5 with only five diameters of straight run and no flow conditioner.

KOBOLD announces 'world's smallest' dual-tube Coriolis meter

06 December, 2019

Small meter achieves high precision at low flow rates and has low sensitivity to interference.

FCI wet gas MASSter sensor for the ST80 Series flowmeters

20 November, 2019

Fluid Components International (FCI) has announced an optional wet gas MASSter sensor for the ST80 Series flowmeters.

DeltaBlack IoT edge monitoring solution

07 November, 2019

DeltaBlack is an easy-to-use cellular 4G/3G/2G remote monitoring, alarming and logging solution which is suitable for use in a range of industrial applications.

McCrometer FPI Mag flowmeter

01 November, 2019

The McCrometer FPI Mag is said to meet or exceed industry standards of 0.5% accuracy with third-party testing verification.

KROHNE and SAMSON announce joint venture and new innovation

22 October, 2019

FOCUS-ON is a newly founded company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of autonomous actuators for process industry 4.0.

Dwyer Instruments Series A-IEF Remote Display for Series IEF Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter

01 September, 2019

The Series A-IEF Remote Display can be installed almost anywhere near a Series IEF flow transmitter. Both the indicator and the full functional display versions have a maximum display cable length of 30 m to permit easy viewing of flow readings.

Bronkhorst IN-FLOW mass flow meters

01 September, 2019

The IN-FLOW mass flow meters and controllers are designed fior high flow rate clean gases.

KROHNE OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas ultrasonic flowmeter

08 August, 2019

KROHNE has updated the OPTISONIC 7300 Biogas ultrasonic flowmeter for the measurement of dry and wet (raw) biogas with variable composition.

FCI ST51A and ST75A thermal dispersion flowmeters

05 August, 2019

FCI has announced that its ST51A and ST75A thermal dispersion flowmeters now have a Modbus option.

Smart water meters: evolving rapidly

05 August, 2019 by Andrew Riches, General Manager-Product Development

There are many parallels between the development of smart water meters and the development of electric vehicles, both technologically and socially.

Hawk Measurement and FLO-CORP announce merger

02 August, 2019

The combined company will provide both measurement technologies and cloud-based monitoring.

EXAIR hot tap digital flowmeters

23 July, 2019

EXAIR's hot tap digital flowmeters allow installation when compressed air piping is under pressure.

Katronic KATflow 180 clamp-on flowmeter for gases

25 June, 2019

The Katronic KATflow 180 clamp-on flowmeter for gases is ATEX approved and has the ability to perform clamp-on measurement of gaseous flow at low pressures and in metal pipes.

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