Factory automation

Machine vision appliances

14 April, 2006 | Supplied by: Adept Turnkey Solutions

A new breed of vision system has arrived - Vision Appliances. Powerful and compact, yet friendly, cost effective and easy-to-use, they have been designed for production personnel who are busy looking after their day to day production processes

Vision software

05 April, 2006 | Supplied by: http://www.ni.com/oceania/

The NI Vision 8 development module is a comprehensive suite of vision software tools that engineers, integrators and machine builders can use to improve system efficiency and increase quality control in the manufacturing process. The Vision 8 development module combines a collection of vision libraries with acquisition software for thousands of cameras, including those based on the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connection standard, all optimised for common programming environments like NI LabVIEW and Microsoft C++, Visual Basic and .NET. In addition, the Vision 8 development module includes new algorithms for golden template comparison, optical character verification (OCV) and data matrix grading that are designed to help engineers identify packaging and assembly errors earlier in production.

SLVD servo drives

06 March, 2006 | Supplied by: Motion Solutions Pty Ltd

The SLVD (small, low voltage, digital) drives from Parker measure just 140 x 86 mm with a depth of 140 mm. The family includes models that can deliver shaft powers of up to 620 W.

Sensing breakdowns in mechanical parts

23 February, 2006

Sensors which are able to predict when mechanical parts in machinery and transport will breakdown before they actually do could be introduced by 2010, slashing maintenance costs across the manufacturing, automotive and plant machinery industries.

Decentralised intelligence

14 February, 2006 | Supplied by: SEW-Eurodrive Pty Ltd

Decentralised motor control architectures leverage the benefits of distributed intelligence and provide ultimate flexibility. Darren Klonowski, applications engineer at SEW-Eurodrive, explores the options


06 February, 2006 | Supplied by: http://www.erntec.net/

The DC-Micro-motor series 1024 with NdFeB magnets achieves a stall torque of 2.89 mNm and speeds of up to 14,700 rpm.

PresencePlus P4 Edge 1.3 vision sensor

05 December, 2005 | Supplied by: Micromax Pty Ltd

The PresencePlus P4 Edge 1.3 vision sensor from Banner Engineering Corp makes detailed automated error-proofing and inspections possible at what is claimed to be a fraction of the cost of comparable vision sensors. The P4 Edge 1.3 uses a 1280 x 1024 pixel imager (1,310,720 pixels) to capture minute details of multiple features at ranges from a few inches to several feet, depending on the lens used.

Video inspection

05 December, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.scitech.com.au/

SciTech has announced the release of a video inspection system with metrology software from PAX-it. Users can turn the PAXcam microscope digital camera into a powerful video inspection system, by using PAXcam and the PAX-it live measurement module and quickly and repeatedly collecting and recording dimensional measurements. PAXcam with live measurement is a comprehensive non-destructive visual inspection solution.

The future PLC

14 November, 2005 by Gerald Musy

The debate about PLC versus PC had been going on for a while when a new name appeared, the PAC (programmable automation controller). PAC promises to bring the best of both worlds, the functionality of the PC and the reliability of the PLC

In-Sight 5100C and In-Sight 5101 vision sensors

12 April, 2005 | Supplied by: SciTech Pty Ltd

Cognex Australasia has added the In-Sight 5100C colour vision sensor and the In-Sight 5101 high-resolution model to its 5000 series of industrial-grade vision sensors.

Linear actuator series

06 December, 2004 | Supplied by: http://www.warsash.com.au/

The series of piezoceramic linear actuators called the PICA Stack actuators from Physik Instrument (PI), come in a variety of load ranges from 100 to 100,000 N can generate forces up to 80,000 N. Typical applications include optics, smart structures, precision machining, valve control, nanopositioning and nanotechnology, and other applications where nanometre precise motion, fast response and/or high forces are required.

Servo 100 series servo drives

18 January, 2004 | Supplied by: Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Sumitomo Drive Technologies' Servo 100 series is available in four sizes from 50 to 1000 Nm.

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