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Unearthing technical solutions for a low carbon future

26 March, 2020

A University of Queensland (UQ) study has revealed that carbon capture and storage (CCS) could be a real option for Queensland.

Belgian start-up achieves multi-metal powder bed fusion

23 March, 2020

Belgian start-up Aerosint has been the first to achieve multi-metal powder bed fusion (PBF), successfully 3D printing a single part made up of two materials.

ABB number one for Swiss patent applications in 2019

16 March, 2020

ABB made 689 patent applications for 2019, the majority geared towards cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy and operations efficiency.

Science to support regional Australia facing mine closures

13 March, 2020

A new Collaborative Research Centre will provide a research opportunity to support regional communities facing mine closures.

Science news: NZ physicists grab individual atoms

03 March, 2020

Researchers believe this science will enable the development of future quantum technologies that might impact society as much as earlier technologies that enabled modern computing.

Hydrogen gas study for Australian towns underway

02 March, 2020

Adelaide-based company Australian Gas Networks has been awarded funding for a study into introducing renewable hydrogen into towns in SA and Victoria.

WA cross-sector technology exchange for space sector

25 February, 2020

QuantumTX has unveiled the first cohort of innovators to drive cross-sector technology exchange across the $314 billion space sector.

Drones open Adelaide machine learning space

21 February, 2020

Autonomous drones flew in to mark the official opening of the Australian Institute for Machine Learning's new research and learning space last Monday.

New material created to clean up fossil fuel industry

20 February, 2020

New catalyst created to improve the refinement process of crude oil and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 28% during refining.

Bats inspire detectors of corrosion in oil and gas pipelines

17 February, 2020

Researchers have developed a new scanning technique inspired by the natural world that can detect corroding metals in oil and gas pipelines.

Here's cheers to a new use for CO2 from the atmosphere

07 February, 2020

CSIRO has found a way to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and put it into beer and other beverages.

Framework for climate change mitigation in mining

06 February, 2020

University of Queensland researchers have developed a framework that aims to reduce the mining industry's impact on climate change.

Researchers develop sensor to test milk quality

06 February, 2020

Despite high safety standards in the dairy industry, traces of impurities, pesticides and antibiotics can find their way into milk.

US start-up demonstrates working AR contact lenses

04 February, 2020

Augmented reality in a contact lens has gone from science fiction to reality.

Producing food responsibly and sustainably with AI

28 January, 2020

Norway Royal Salmon produces more healthy salmon at lower costs, in a cleaner way, using artificial intelligence and machine vision.

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