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Laser infrared thermometer

01 November, 2008

The optris CT laser infrared thermometer facilitates non-contact temperature measurement with precise aiming from -40 to 975  °C. It can measure low and high temperatures of the smallest spots, from 0.9 mm.

Temperature and humidity sensors

05 October, 2008

Delta Ohm has released a series of analog and digital temperature and humidity transmitters. The HD9817 series feature compact self-contained transmitters with analog (0-1 V) and digital (RS232 and USB) outputs.

Fluid property analyser

05 October, 2008

The Fluid Property Analyser (FPA) is an innovative and robust sensor designed and manufactured by Measurement Specialties which simultaneously and directly measures the viscosity, density, dielectric constant and temperature of fluids.

Wireless temperature and humidity system

05 October, 2008

The Saveris radio probes measure temperature and humidity. The probes save their measurement data and send it to the central base at regular intervals. If a limit value is exceeded, a radio link is established immediately.

Measuring boiler and furnace temperatures — replacing welded thermocouples without shutting down

15 September, 2008 by Paul Aloia*

Protection tubes and flexible sensors make it possible to replace thermocouples without shutting down the entire process for days or weeks.

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

05 September, 2008

Banner Engineering has introduced the SureCross temperature and humidity sensor, optimised for use with the company’s SureCross wireless network.

Wireless temperature nodes

08 August, 2008

Banner Engineering Corp has announced analog thermocouple and RTD instrumentation nodes for the SureCross wireless network. Designed and purpose-built for Banner’s SureCross wireless network, these nodes are available in versions to support thermocouple/thermistor inputs and 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTDs.

Leak/overtemperature detection relay

08 August, 2008

The Series LDT relay is used to monitor the shaft seal and the stator temperature of a submersible pump to detect a leak or overtemperature before pump failure.

Explosion-proof temperature transmitter

08 July, 2008

The series TTE is a suitable product for hazardous temperature measurement applications. This transmitter has seven preprogrammed temperature ranges that are selectable via an internal dipswitch. For those applications that need a custom range, the transmitter can easily be field configured for any range between -29 to 121°C with a minimum span of 4.4°C.

Failsafe manual reset thermostats

01 July, 2008

The KMF series of failsafe thermostats monitor temperatures in furnaces, ovens, kilns, boilers or any application where an overtemperature condition would result in a critical failure.

Active Ethernet I/O for temperature measurement

17 June, 2008

CrispTech has announced the Moxa ioLogik E2260 Active Ethernet I/O for temperature measurement.

WIKA temperature transmitters

20 February, 2008

With the T32.XS temperature transmitters, WIKA claims to have further enhanced the proven concept behind the classic T32.10/T32.30 instruments.

Temperature measuring instrument

19 November, 2007

The testo 925 is a single channel measuring instrument with fast thermo-element probes (Type K) for daily measurement of temperature. The waterproof protective cover, 'TopSafe', protects the instrument from dirt and knocks. The display can be illuminated for measurements in surroundings with bad light conditions. The broad range of measurement from -50 to +1000°C, and the possibility of attaching an extensive range of fast air probes, immersion probes and surface probes make the testo 925 a universally applicable thermometer.

Humidity/temperature transmitters

17 October, 2007

The Series RHL Humidity or Humidity/Temperature Transmitter from Dwyer Instruments provides a stable, repeatable and accurate means of measuring humidity only or humidity and temperature in the harshest of environments. The polymer capacitance sensor is not affected by condensation, fog, high humidity or contaminants, and the state-of-the-art sensor is designed for years of calibration-free service.

DIN rail temperature/process controller

20 August, 2007

Love Controls has released its Series SCD DIN rail Temperature/Process Controller.

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