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Artila Electronics RIO-2018 web-enabled thermocouple input module

08 June, 2015

The RIO-2018 is equipped with a MAXIM MAX31855 cold-junction compensation thermocouple converter. An industrial-grade OMEGA connector is utilised to ensure a seamless signal connection.

Camille Bauer V604s universal Modbus transducer

29 May, 2015

The Camille Bauer V604s is a rail-mounting, AC- or DC-powered transducer, measuring voltage, current, resistance and temperature.

New non-contact temperature sensing technique developed

22 May, 2015

Inductive eddy current temperature sensing reaches places other techniques can't reach.

Michel PC Mini52 humidity and temperature probes

04 May, 2015

Climate control for storing and transporting fruit and vegetables calls for cool but humid conditions in which the humidity should be kept at around 80% but not more than 95% RH.

E2T PULSAR 4 infrared pyrometer

27 April, 2015

The PULSAR 4 is an infrared pyrometer for sulfur reactors and other high-temperature furnaces with a temperature range of 350-2000°C.

IMPAC Infrared ISR 6-TI Advanced digital ratio pyrometer

22 April, 2015

The ISR 6-TI Advanced is a digital ratio (two-colour) pyrometer with integral thermal imaging, which allows not only a reading of one spot but also a display of the temperature distribution around and relative to the spot of interest.

STS TS100 temperature transmitter

21 April, 2015

The STS TS100 is a precision temperature transmitter suitable for the temperature monitoring of pressurised media in cooling or heating systems.

LumaSense Technologies BoilerSpection infrared thermal imaging system

13 April, 2015

The BoilerSpection infrared thermal imaging system is designed to assist with the detection and removal of the ash and slag on boiler tubes that reduces efficiency - without the necessity of shutting down the furnace.

Moore Industries THZ3 and TDZ3 dual sensor temperature transmitters

12 March, 2015

The dual sensor input allows the THZ3 and TDZ3 to offer backup and failover protection, or to provide average or differential measurements.

AMETEK Land SPOT infrared pyrometers

06 February, 2015

The SPOT line of infrared pyrometers uses a pulsed green LED to confirm spot size and focus, eliminating the safety concerns found with laser-based sighting.

Michell I7000 Hygrosmart relative humidity and temperature sensor

06 February, 2015

The I7000 Hygrosmart relative humidity and temperature sensor provides highly reliable and accurate measurements of the key parameters for ensuring food is kept fresh and in good condition.

FLIR AX8 fixed-mount thermal imager

27 October, 2014

The AX8 combines thermal and visible cameras in a compact package, and is easy to install for automated and uninterrupted condition monitoring of critical electrical and mechanical equipment.

Micro Epsilon CSVideo and CTVideo series video pyrometers

17 October, 2014

The CSVideo and CTVideo series video pyrometers can be used for temperature measurement up to 2200°C in hard-to-reach areas such as targets that are not visible and in high-temperature applications.

EYC THS84/85 series of multifunction industrial temperature and humidity sensors

13 October, 2014

The EYC THS84/85 series of multifunction industrial temperature and humidity sensors has built-in temperature compensation and linear correction.

ifm efector type TW non-contact temperature sensors

26 September, 2014

The TW type non-contact temperature sensors are designed for temperature measurement of hot objects up to 2500°C.

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