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Keller Series 35X HTC high-temperature pressure transmitter

21 November, 2011 by

The Series 35X HTC high-temperature pressure transmitter from Keller is primarily designed for biotechnology and food industry applications. The pressure of hot media applied to the diaphragm is transferred via an exposed oil-filled spiral capillary to the sensing element. Heat to a maximum of 300°C is therefore safely dissipated to the atmosphere before it reaches the sensing element when the sensor is optimally mounted.

Yokogawa YTMX580 multi-input temperature transmitter

28 September, 2011 by

The YTMX580 multi-input temperature transmitter is based on the ISA100.11a industrial automation wireless communication standard and features eight analog input channels.

WIKA temperature instruments with exchangeable measuring insert

16 August, 2011 by

WIKA has developed a family of process thermometers which are notable for their innovative neck tube design with a centrally spring-loaded exchangeable measuring insert.

Yamatake ATT60 and ATT70 advanced temperature transmitters

29 July, 2011 by

The Yamatake advanced temperature transmitters, models ATT60 and ATT70, are field instruments that convert inputs from thermocouples, mVs and resistance thermo-bulbs into analog (4-20 mA) and digital signals and transmit them to receivers. Various parameters can be remotely set, and self-diagnosis can be performed through the Smart Field Communicator (SFC). They can also execute two-way communications between the SFC, or HART 375 communicator, and, via DE protocol, with the TDCS3000 or 3000X and a database, thus facilitating self-diagnosis, range resetting and automatic zero adjustment. Settings, adjustments and self-diagnosis can be done easily by SFC or HART communicator.

Impac IGA 320/23 short wavelength infrared measuring instrument

28 July, 2011 by

The Impac IGA 320/23 is a short wavelength infrared measuring instrument with internal digital signal processing. It is used for measurements of metallic surfaces, graphite and ceramics, etc.

Turck TTM Series temperature transmitters

18 April, 2011 by

The TTM Series temperature transmitters feature an analog output that eliminates the need for specialised RTD PLC input cards, saving the user the expense associated with these cards.

Moore Industries TCS temperature concentrator system

23 February, 2011

The TCS temperature concentrator system is designed to reduce the cost of transmitting multiple temperature sensor measurements by concentrating up to 32 signals onto a single twisted wire pair.

Raytek MI3 miniature infrared temperature transmitter system

20 December, 2010 by

The latest version of the Raytek MI3 miniature infrared temperature transmitter now has display and programming buttons accessible from the outside, and alternative versions for connection of between four and eight heads to one base unit.

Noshok 800 series platinum resistance temperature transmitter

16 December, 2010 by

The Noshok 800 series platinum resistance temperature transmitter is designed for immediate, accurate temperature measurement in applications including water systems, storage tanks, industrial machinery and machine tools, HVAC systems and refrigeration systems.

Applied Infrared Sensing temperature monitoring systems

29 October, 2010 by

Temperature monitoring is an essential component of any process control system for the detection of potential fires in refuse or coal piles, and for monitoring at petrochemical plants or any manufacturing companies producing plastic injection-moulded products. Applied Infrared Sensing temperature monitoring systems use either infrared cameras (based on reflectivity of product in infrared spectrum) or thermal imaging cameras (for temperature control), utilising products from NEC Avio of Japan and Raptor Photonics of Ireland.

Bestech thermoMETER CT M3 infrared temperature sensor

11 October, 2010

The thermoMETER CT M3 is an infrared temperature sensor that provides accurate temperature measurements for metals, secondary metal processing and ceramic materials. It has a temperature range of 50 to 600°C and the unit can be used in ambient temperatures of 85°C without cooling.

Love Controls Series 40T digital temperature switch

26 July, 2010 by

The Love Controls division of Dwyer Instruments has announced the release of its Series 40T digital temperature switch.

WIKA TW61 sanitary thermowell

09 June, 2010

The TW61 thermowell for sanitary applications has a hygienic design that enables temperature measurement with the minimum of dead space and helps it remain self-draining in all mounting positions.

WIKA TR21 Minitrans thermometer for sanitary applications

09 June, 2010

The hygienic TR21 Minitrans, a compact resistance thermometer with integrated transmitter and with a diameter of 19 mm, enables space-saving installation, whether directly or within a thermowell.

West Control Solutions eCAL temperature controller

10 March, 2010 by

West Control Solutions has announced an enhancement of its CAL Controls brand temperature controller portfolio by introducing eCAL, a compact temperature and process controller with extended capabilities. The 1/16 DIN controller is easy to install and useful to retrofit and is suitable for stand-alone scientific and industrial process equipment.

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