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Panda PUP-552 Profibus to Modbus gateway

22 March, 2011

The Panda PUP-552 is a Profibus to Modbus gateway, designed for slave devices using the Profibus DP protocol.

Weidmuller SL Series ethernet serial device servers

28 February, 2011 by

The Weidmüller SL Series is designed to allow serial devices to connect to ethernet networks effortlessly and quickly.

Moxa VPort 364 4-channel industrial video encoder

08 February, 2011 by

The Moxa VPort 364 series is a 4-channel industrial video encoder featuring the bandwidth-efficient H.264 video compression algorithm. Using Moxa’s DynaStream functionality for streaming optimisation, the VPort 364 is designed for harsh industrial surveillance environments with a wide operating temperature (-40 to 75°C), built-in fibre ethernet ports, IP30 form factor protection and industrial certifications.

Westermo Falcon VDSL2 ethernet routing switch with device server

29 October, 2010 by

The Westermo Falcon industrial broadband router with integrated ethernet routing switch is designed to provide two-way, high-speed secure communication between remote sites enabling economical and reliable connection to equipment such as SCADA, PLCs, RTUs and I/O devices.

ORing-Networking IDS-5000 series industrial device servers

29 October, 2010 by

ORing-Networking has upgraded the IDS-5000 series industrial device servers. The devices can be used to connect RS232/422/485 serial devices, such as PLCs, sensors, card readers, meters, motors and drives in industrial environments.

Moxa NPort IA5000A series serial device servers.

28 October, 2010 by

The Moxa NPort IA5000A series of 1-, 2- and 4-port industrial-grade serial device servers are IEC61000-4-5 compliant to provide a robust, safe, and reliable serial-to-ethernet solution for environments subject to voltage spikes, electrical noise, and extreme weather, due to built-in serial, ethernet and power surge protection.

ORing IAP-320 wireless access point

14 October, 2010 by

The IAP-320 from ORing is a reliable IEEE802.11 a/b/g WLAN access point with two LAN ports. It supports 802.1x and MAC filters for security control. The devices can be configured to operate in AP/bridge/repeater/AP-client mode easily. Users are able to configure the series using a web interface via the LAN port or WLAN interface. The series provides dual ethernet ports in switch mode, so that users can use daisy chain to reduce the usage of ethernet switch ports. In addition, the series also provides an IEEE802.3af-compliant PoE PD feature on one of the ethernet ports, with up to 1 kV voltage isolation.

HMS Anybus Communicator with DF1 protocol

17 August, 2010 by

The Anybus Communicator from HMS now provides easy fieldbus and industrial ethernet connectivity for industrial devices that have a Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley DF1 protocol interface. Almost any DF1 supported device can now be connected to all major industrial networks and PLC systems.

Data-Linc CIX System wireless network extender

20 July, 2010 by

The Data-Linc CIX System is designed to offer a cost-effective, automation I/O extender that provides direct PLC connection via communication ports to I/O points - with no PLC programming or proprietary software required.

eWON 4002 M2M gateway

20 May, 2010 by

The eWON 4002 is an M2M gateway designed for the OEM, infrastructure, utilities and system integrator markets. It offers several analog, digital and serial inputs and outputs, and has both web and FTP servers embedded as well as an independent alarm management system, data logging and web diagnostic capabilities in an industrial chassis with DIN rail mounting and 24 VDC supply.

Moxa CSM-200 ethernet-to-fibre modules for NRack System

06 May, 2010 by

Moxa has released the CSM-200 series of slide-in ethernet-to-fibre modules for the NRack System. The modules provide media conversion from 10/100baseT(X) to 100baseFX (SC or ST connector) for fibre-optic transmission up to 40 km. For secure remote failure detection of connected devices, the CSM-200 series supports the TS-1000 protocol. Via a DIP switch, users can switch between store-and-forward mode for high-performance throughput and cut-through mode for real-time response. The CSM-200 series also features hot swapping, so modules can be installed or removed without interrupting the entire system.

Interworld Electronics QSU2-540 industrial communications module

06 May, 2010

The QSU2-540 industrial communications module has four independent serial ports with each port able to support RS232, RS422 or RS485 protocols.

Wolverine DDW-120 ethernet SHDSL extender

22 February, 2010 by

An updated version of the Wolverine DDW-120 ethernet SHDSL extender with increased data rate is now available. The DDW-120, enhanced for industrial applications, can be used to establish reliable long-distance, high-speed remote connections between simple and complex ethernet networks using any existing twisted pair copper cables.

Amalgamated Instrument RM3 range of isolators/transmitters

22 January, 2010 by

The RM3 range of isolators offers isolation and scalable retransmission in a DIN rail mount, 2-wire, loop-powered enclosure.

Moxa NPort S8455I-MM-SC ethernet serial device server

22 January, 2010

Moxa has released the NPort S8455I-MM-SC, which combines an ethernet switch and serial device server in a single solution with two fibre ethernet ports, three ethernet ports and four RS-232/422/485 serial ports. This design allows users to save cabinet space and reduce overall power consumption and costs since there is no need to purchase separate switches and serial device server products.

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