CO logger

08 December, 2002 | Industrial Pyrometers

Onset Data Loggers has released the HOBO carbon monoxide (CO) logger which monitors and records CO levels for use in identifying problems with furnaces, vehicles, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, ventilation, air supplies, and flues.

Helical rotor units

25 October, 2002 | Roto Pumps Ltd

The Roto Pumps helical rotor positive displacement Xtra Value M series employs next generation improved geometry elements.

Burner control

24 October, 2002 | ECEFast

The BluePort range of burner controllers, supplied by PMA, provides control whereby modulating or sequential operation of conventional industrial burners is possible.

Gas watch

24 October, 2002 | Control Equipment Pty Ltd

The Personal Gas Watch GW Range is a single-gas monitor that can be worn as a wrist-watch or by accessory clip on the belt or shirt/jacket pocket. The range is a hands-free method of gas monitoring for personal protection of oxygen deficiency, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulphide. The built-in vibrator, audible and visual alarms immediately alert the user of a dangerous gas condition.

Colour piping

24 October, 2002 | Calair Pipe Systems Pty Ltd

CalAir Pipe Systems has evolved its Pro-Pipe II range of tough but lightweight piping systems that are permanently colour-coded to conform with the requirements of international standards relating to content identification of pipes, conduits and ducts, including AS1345 (1995) and ISO R508.

Pressure systems

24 October, 2002 | Dalco Controls

The PMS range of pressure maintenance control systems uses proven control technology to achieve a constant on-demand pressure in pumping systems.

Fluid mechanics

24 October, 2002

Dantec Dynamics is launching a complete package for making Time Resolved PIV measurements. The package takes advantage of the new technology within high repetition rate laser and high frame rate CMOS came ras.

Scribe laser

24 October, 2002 | Markem-Imaje Pty Ltd

The Lightjet Vector is a laser coder with a nominal power of 100 W and a peak power of 200 W. Its mirror-deflected laser beam system codes at speeds of up to 300 m per minute or up to 1000 characters per second.

QS30 laser sensors

24 October, 2002 | Micromax Pty Ltd

Banner Engineering has announced the World-Beam QS30 diffuse laser sensor range that features a visible laser beam for ease of alignment and long-range diffuse-mode sensing capabilities.

Inverter drives

24 October, 2002 | Baldor Australia Pty Ltd

The KB Genesis range of digital inverter drives is compact, easy to set up and provides a solution for variable speed control of motors up to 22 kW.

2D and 3D Design

24 September, 2002 | Autodesk Australia

Autodesk has introduced the Inventor Series, a collection of 2D and 3D design applications that incorporates Autodesk Inventor 3D design software and Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, in one package. In addition, the package also features the functionality of AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical software.

Impact Cradles

24 September, 2002 | Kinder Australia Pty Ltd

Kinder has developed K-Sliderbed impact cradles for industries including: fertiliser; mineral concentrates; cement; and wood chipping, where high flow rates and deep drop points push conveyor supports to breaking point leading to product wastage.

Level Indicator

24 September, 2002 | Metaval Engineering Sales

The SafePoint fail-safe rotary paddle bin level indicator utilises Monitor's magnetic sensing technology to continuously detect both material presence and operational status.

Alarms by Email

24 September, 2002 | Advanced Project Solutions

The upgrade to the IMAC alarm printer replacement system provides enhancements to its alarm processing functions.

MES Solution

21 August, 2002 | Rockwell Automation Australia

Rockwell Software is designed to improve manufacturing effectiveness, order flow management and manufacturing information visibility. It supports FactoryTalk for interoperability among shop-floor solutions and information-sharing among enterprise applications.

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