AC product testing

04 August, 2004 | Westek Electronics Pty Ltd

The California Instruments LX series of AC power supplies with three-phase AC output incorporate PWM switching technology and provide a high power to weight ratio, high efficiency performance. The power systems are designed for applications including industrial, avionics and defence. Output power ranges of 3 to 6 kVA, three-phase (line-to-neutral) and up to three LX power supplies can be paralleled to provide a maximum output of 18 kVA.

Motor protection relay

04 August, 2004 | Schweitzer Engineering Labs

The SEL-701 Motor Protection Relay offers a comprehensive range of motor protection features including short circuit, load loss, load jam, and frequent starting protection as well as unbalance current and phase reversal protection.

Industrial "all-in-one" ethernet camera

04 August, 2004 | Paqworks

German manufacturer MOBOTIX AG, have released a world first Megapixel (1280X960/QuaD VGA) Network camera specifically designed for Industrial applications with IP65 rating and -40 to + 65 Deg operation.

Limit switches

04 August, 2004 | Schneider Electric

The line of Osiswitch limit switches offers complete modularity in bodies, contact blocks, operating heads and cable entries to simplify any configuration.

PC7 industrial computer

04 August, 2004 | Metromatics Pty Ltd

SBS Technologies has introduced the PC7 rugged, an all-in-one industrial computer housed in a compact EMI-protected metal enclosure that is dust and water resistant.

Hydraulic hose range

04 August, 2004 | Alfagomma Australia

The Alfa-Tech hydraulic hose range has been developed to meet the requirements of ISO 3862 and the relevant SAE specifications.

Fork truck

04 August, 2004 | Crown Equipment Pty Ltd

Crown has developed its ESR 4000 reach truck series with design features dedicated for operators needing tangible productivity returns over long-term shifts.


04 August, 2004 | Micromax Pty Ltd

Animatics' SM 3416, NEMA 34 size integrated servomotor produces more than 1 NM of continuous torque.

Industrial PCs

09 July, 2004 | Balmoral Technologies Pty Ltd

Xycom Automation announced the release of the 3615 and 3715 families of flat panel industrial computers. Both families are compact, high-performance, all-in-one computers used for many factory automation and process applications.

Industrial computer

09 July, 2004 | Balmoral Technologies Pty Ltd

Xycom Automation has released the 3712KPM flat panel industrial computer. This product is a compact, high-performance, all-in-one computer, which supports cut-out compatibility with products used over the last 20 years.

Electrical valve terminal link

09 July, 2004 | Festo Pty Ltd

Festo's CPX terminal is an electrical peripheral device for valve terminals. Compatible with commonly-used fieldbus protocols and capable of being adapted to user connection concepts, it simplifies communication between sensors, valve terminals and the electrical controller level.

Ultrasonic proximity sensor

09 July, 2004 | SICK Pty Ltd

The ultrasonic proximity switch UPL 200 of SNT Sensortech-nik AG is designed for de-tection in the close range up to 200 mm.


09 July, 2004 | Automation Warehouse

Vipa has released the Speed7 CPU 315S which is programmed by Step7 from Siemens.

Rack mount unit

09 July, 2004 | Balmoral Technologies Pty Ltd

Xycom Automation has released the 1510 Industrial "Node Box" PC and the 1600 series of Industrial Rack-Mount units with Pentium 4. Also launched is a third variation of the 1600 series, the 1612. This unit is 18" deep for more space constrained rack-mount applications.

Pulsation dampeners and surge suppressors

09 July, 2004 | Chemical System Consulting

Sentry pulsation dampeners and surge suppressors are essentially hydraulic shock absorbers. They reduce hydraulic shock and create a smooth flow. An example of hydraulic shock is water hammer in pipes.

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