Wireless comms for PDAs

31 December, 2002 | RV Technology Limited

Guyver is a snap-on that can support wireless communications on PDAs like the Palm m500s and Sony Clies. Built with an ultra thin metal jacket, Guyver features a universal PCMCIA card jacket with factory installed firmware drivers that can support different PC cards for voice and data transmission on WAN (eg, GSM, GPRS, CDMA 1x, PHS, PDC) and 802.11b Wi-Fi networks worldwide.

Communications processor

31 December, 2002 | Siemens Ltd

Siemens Energy & Automation has introduced a communications processor for its Simatic S7-200 micro PLC that allows easy connections to ethernet networks.

Wireless instrumentation

31 December, 2002 | Elpro Technologies

Elpro Technologies has announced the release of a plant-wide wireless instrumentation system, the CyNET WIB or Wireless Instrumentation Backbone. The WIB provides integrated wireless connectivity for instrumentation and control signals, as well as different field communication buses.

Wireless industrial ethernet LAN

31 December, 2002 | Boston Technology Pty Ltd

The Magnum P62F Switch is a temperature resistant switch (-40 to +70°C) built to perform in the harshest environments. The ESTeem Model 192E is the first 802.11b wireless device designed to operate long range (up to 8 km) and in harsh industrial environments. The combination of these two products in an outdoor or industrial site allows connection to the corporate network on a plantwide system.

HMI for automation

31 December, 2002 | GE Intelligent Platforms Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

GE Fanuc Automation has announced the release of Cimplicity HMI Plant Edition Version 6.0. This version features Cimplicity SQL 2000 and VCR-like screen playback capabilities as well as view, alarm and paging enhancements to help improve database archiving and reporting, speed process analysis, and decrease plant response time to manufacturing crises.

Industrial relay

08 December, 2002 | Ohmic Controls Pty Ltd

The Restart Delay Relay from Comat AG has specific relevance for AC power circuits with downstream devices with stored energy or where restarts within the device thermal profile may damage equipment with potential for further downstream damage or loss of facility.

Alarm indicator

08 December, 2002 | Eurotherm Australia

The 2408i is a high specification process and temperature alarm indicator with an extensive range of I/O options. A modular hardware build accommodates a range of plug-in modules allowing for up to four alarm outputs, two process or load cell inputs, analogue retransmission, remote setpoint input and digital communications.

GX-2001 gas monitor

08 December, 2002 | Control Equipment Pty Ltd

Weighing only 170 g and the size of a standard business card the GX-2001 simultaneously monitors combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide.

Control module

08 December, 2002 | National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd

The FP-2015 real-time control module has expanded non-volatile flash memory of 512 MB, and it increases memory for extended data logging. Users can log up to 16 temperature channels for more than three months. More complex NI LabVIEW code with an increased onboard DRAM of 32 MB can also be run.


08 December, 2002 | Dwyer Instruments (Aust) Pty Ltd

The series VT200 Vane Thermo-Anemometer is a multi-functional instrument with the capability to measure air velocity, volume and temperature and is also equipped with a built-in data logger and RS-232 interface. These attributes make it ideal for balancing air conditioning and heating ducts and checking the operation of fans and blowers.

CO logger

08 December, 2002 | Industrial Pyrometers

Onset Data Loggers has released the HOBO carbon monoxide (CO) logger which monitors and records CO levels for use in identifying problems with furnaces, vehicles, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, ventilation, air supplies, and flues.

Digital test gauge

08 December, 2002 | Measurement Innovation Pty Ltd

The DTG-6000 from 3D Instruments, a 4½" digital test gauge addresses the calibration requirements of current process monitoring and control devices through pressure measurement technology.

Helical rotor units

25 October, 2002 | Roto Pumps Ltd

The Roto Pumps helical rotor positive displacement Xtra Value M series employs next generation improved geometry elements.

Burner control

24 October, 2002 | ECEFast

The BluePort range of burner controllers, supplied by PMA, provides control whereby modulating or sequential operation of conventional industrial burners is possible.

Gas watch

24 October, 2002 | Control Equipment Pty Ltd

The Personal Gas Watch GW Range is a single-gas monitor that can be worn as a wrist-watch or by accessory clip on the belt or shirt/jacket pocket. The range is a hands-free method of gas monitoring for personal protection of oxygen deficiency, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulphide. The built-in vibrator, audible and visual alarms immediately alert the user of a dangerous gas condition.

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