Loop calibrator

14 October, 2003 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

Tek Know has released the latest 4-20 mA loop calibrator.

Virtual instrumentation upgrade

14 October, 2003 | National Instruments Aust Pty Ltd

National Instruments has announced LabVIEW 7 Express, a major upgrade to the entire family of LabVIEW graphical development products.

Thermal imaging system

14 October, 2003 | Industrial Pyrometers

Land Instruments has released a thermal imaging system which is suitable for applications from sophisticated thermal machine vision systems to a diagnostic instrument.

Two-handed controller

14 October, 2003 | Pilz Australia Industrial Automation LP

Pilz has introduced an electronic two-handed control device for type IIIC in accordance with EN574.

Plastic enclosures

17 September, 2003 | Hammond Electronics Pty Ltd

The 1591 range of small plastic enclosures is now available with flanged lids, providing an easy method of securing the unit to walls or bulkheads.

levelprox level sensor

17 September, 2003 | Micromax Pty Ltd

Turck has announced a dual mode version of its levelprox.

Submersible level transmitter

17 September, 2003 | Dwyer Instruments (Aust) Pty Ltd

Mercoid has released the series SBLT Submersible Level Transmitter, designed for groundwater and well monitoring.

PLC training consoles

17 September, 2003 | Omron Electronics Pty Ltd

Omron Electronics has developed a series of compact PLC training consoles based around the CJ1M series CPUs.

Humidity, dewpoint and temperature transmitters

17 September, 2003 | Vaisala Pty Ltd

The microprocessor-based HMP230 are versatile easy-to-use transmitters for demanding industrial and air conditioning applications.

Radar level sensors

17 September, 2003 | Control Components Pty Ltd

Control Components has introduced the Detector line of micropower impulse radar (MIR) liquid level sensors. Gems Detector MIR sensors are now available in two series: MIR-800 Series sensors feature solid waveguide rods, while the MIR-900 Series sensors feature fully encapsulated, flexible rods.

Controller upgrade

17 September, 2003 | Yokogawa Australia Pty Ltd

Yokogawa Electric has announced the release of the DAQSTATION CX1000/CX2000 Style 3. This is an upgrade to the DAQSTATION CX Series control and measurement systems.

Kontron KPC-157 Panel PC

17 September, 2003 | Interworld Electronics and Computer Industries

The KPC-157 is specially designed for use in a wide range of industries and applications such as kiosk systems, industrial control and automation, public information, home automation, gaming machines, ATMs, education, restaurant ordering, office and medical care equipment.

Closed pipe flowmeter

17 September, 2003 | Ecotech Pty Ltd

Ecotech has announced the release of the American Sigma AC powered 8300 closed pipe flowmeter.

Drum mixer

17 September, 2003 | Teralba Industries

Teralba Industries has released a range of Mixquip portable agitators and mixers specifically designed for blending and mixing fluids in drums and small tanks.

TBOX internet ready control

11 August, 2003 | Zigsense

The TBOX supports simultaneous communications. The system's real-time and logged data is accessible through various modems such as dial up, GSM/GPRS, radio, leased line, or other communications links such as ethernet TCP/IP, fibre optic, RS232 and RS485. Alarm conditions generated by the monitored process are distributed to a list of recipients in the form of mobile phone SMS messages or email message.

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