ABB Dodge Food Safe mounted ball bearings

22 May, 2019 | ABB Australia Pty Ltd

ABB's Dodge Food Safe mounted ball bearings are designed to withstand caustic, high-pressure cleaning and sanitation processes.

R. Stahl EXICOM Series 500 Thin Clients

22 May, 2019 | R. STAHL Australia Pty Ltd

R. Stahl has released firmware version 5.5 for its EXICOM Series 500 Thin Clients.

Schneider Electric Magelis IIoT Edge Box industrial edge device

21 May, 2019 | Schneider Electric

The Schneider Electric Magelis IIoT Edge Box, with Node-RED pre-installed, is an industrial edge device that requires no maintenance.

NOSHOK intelligent pressure transmitters

21 May, 2019 | AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd

The NOSHOK 20, 25 and 30 Series Intelligent Pressure and Level Transmitters are designed to address the specific requirements of the food and beverage industry.

Omron K6CM motor condition monitors

20 May, 2019 | Omron Electronics Pty Ltd

Omron has released a series of motor condition monitoring devices as part of a range of IoT components.

ABB Ability Data Analytics for metals

17 May, 2019 | ABB Australia Pty Ltd

ABB Ability Data Analytics metals provides data integration, monitoring, data analytics and optimisation in a single platform.

igus e-skin cleanroom energy chains

17 May, 2019 | Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

The easily openable igus e-skin is an enclosed corrugated tube that is made of tribologically optimised, abrasion-resistant plastic.

Beijer Nexto Xpress compact controller

16 May, 2019 | Global Automation Asia-Pacific

Beijer Electronics has released the Nexto Xpress compact controller that enables Industry 4.0 applications via its built-in OPC UA interface.

Rosemount R305 and R306 pressure transmitter manifolds

15 May, 2019 | Emerson Automation Solutions

The Rosemount R305 integral manifolds and Rosemount R306 inline manifolds have been designed to offer significant user improvements.

E2S STEx warning signals and beacons

14 May, 2019 | Mechtric Pty Ltd

The explosion-proof and flameproof STEx range encompasses audible, visual and combined warning devices and manual call points with stainless steel enclosures.

igus iglidur J350 high-temperature 3D printer filament

14 May, 2019 | Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

Typical applications for the J350 filament can be found in vending machine technology, the automotive sector, the glass industry and mechanical engineering.

Emerson Mimic Simulation Software digital twin software for process plants

13 May, 2019 | Emerson Automation Solutions

Enhancements make it possible to simulate process reactions and enhance safety checks for plant personnel training.

Novaris WaterMaster Protector surge diverter

09 May, 2019 | Control Logic Pty Ltd

The Novaris WaterMaster Protector (WMP) diverter is specially designed to protect electromagnetic flow meters from all types of weather events.

Digi WR11 XT cellular router

09 May, 2019 | ETM Pacific Pty Ltd

The WR11 XT is a rugged, compact 4G/LTE cellular router designed for applications that don't need high bandwidth such as PLCs, SCADA and telemetry.

Alfa Laval twin screw pump

08 May, 2019 | Alfa Laval Pty Ltd

The Alfa Laval twin screw pump is designed for handling fluids that are sensitive, abrasive and either high or low viscosity.

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