Dwyer Series PUF portable ultrasonic flowmeter kit

18 January, 2019 | Dwyer Instruments (Aust) Pty Ltd

The Series PUF Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Kit utilises the transit-time difference for measuring flow rates in pipes non-invasively.

Bürkert ultrasonic flowmeters for temperature control processes

17 January, 2019 | Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Since ultrasonic technology based on the TDOA method works without moving parts, the flowmeters are insensitive to contamination.

Krohne OPTISENS TSS 2000 total suspended solids sensor

16 January, 2019 | KROHNE Australia Pty Ltd

The OPTISENS TSS 2000 TSS sensor features a fast response time and can be used to optimise processes, increase yield or monitor limits.

WIKA PG43SA-S hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge

14 January, 2019 | WIKA Australia

The WIKA model PG43SA-S hygienic diaphragm pressure gauge is now also available in a version with ATEX approval.

Advantech WISE-4210 series IoT wireless sensor devices

14 January, 2019 | Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

Advantech's WISE-4210 series of IoT wireless sensor devices includes a wireless LPWAN-to-Ethernet AP and three wireless sensor nodes.

Olympus IPLEX RX videoscope

01 January, 2019 | TechRentals

The Olympus IPLEX RX is a battery-powered videoscope that provides high image quality with a user-friendly, portable design.

Elspec G4500 power quality analyser

31 December, 2018 | TechRentals

The Elspec G4500 utilises the PQZIP algorithm, enabling users to continuously measure, store and analyse waveform signals regardless of their size.

Dart Controls DP10 multipurpose signal conditioner and generator

21 December, 2018 | Motion Technologies Pty Ltd

The panel-mounted DP10 has many uses in machine control applications and may be used in OEM equipment designs, plant operation or laboratory applications.

Sick Ranger3 3D streaming camera

20 December, 2018 | SICK Pty Ltd

The Ranger3 is a 3D streaming camera can process up to 15.4 GP/s, enabling full-frame 3D imaging.

Crystal RS114PS18 carbon fibre servers

19 December, 2018 | Metromatics Pty Ltd

The ultra-lightweight (5.44 to 6.35 kg) chassis of the RS114PS18 range provides EMI/EMC protection and shock and vibration resilience.

iEi Integration PPC-F-Q370 series panel PCs

17 December, 2018 | ICP Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

The PPC-F-Q370 series of panel PCs is based on the Intel OpenVINO toolkit and supports Intel 8th Generation Core desktop processors.

Wenglor PNG//smart photoelectric sensors

14 December, 2018 | Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

The Wenglor PNG//smart photoelectric sensor range offers intelligent sensors with five different functional principles, all equipped with IO-Link.

Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON pro hybrid motor starters

13 December, 2018 | Phoenix Contact Pty Ltd

Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON pro hybrid motor starters have additional simple safety integration and modular extension options.

EXAIR Gen4 ionising bar

13 December, 2018 | Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd

EXAIR's Gen4 ionising bar has improved range and is effective when mounted up to 102 mm from a charged surface.

Nook ELZU belt-driven 3-axis actuator

12 December, 2018 | Motion Technologies Pty Ltd

The ELZU 3-axis actuator system consists of two y-axes and one x-axis that uses two motors and is driven by only one belt.

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