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Trio Datacom ER45e ethernet data radio

21 June, 2010 by

Trio Datacom has released the ethernet version of the E series full and half duplex radio, the ER45e.

Building a perfect industrial telemetry system

08 February, 2010 by Stanley Liu, Product Manager, Data Acquisition & Control Division, Moxa Inc.

This article explores the challenges of developing telemetric SCADA systems and covers the seven most important features to look for in selecting a GPRS solution.

Tweed Shire Council extends SCADA with ethernet radios

12 September, 2009

When it comes to controlling water and wastewater supply, the Tweed Shire have a lot to cover. Their water supply system comprises 24 water pumping stations, eight treatment plants, 174 wastewater pumping stations and 641 km of water-mains piping.

Ultra low power wireless monitor

09 June, 2009 by

T-Box WM is an intelligent, ultra low power, wireless monitor that extends advanced monitoring, automation and telemetry capabilities to installations requiring as few as one or two measurements.

RTU with spread spectrum radio

14 March, 2009 by

Semaphore has introduced an integral spread spectrum radio option for the T-box LT compact remote terminal unit (RTU) and SCADA system.

Industrial spread spectrum data radio

20 October, 2008

TRIO Datacom has released its K Series frequency hopping spread spectrum data radio suitable for serial data communications in both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz licence-free frequency bands.

Serial radios

05 September, 2008

ProSoft Technology’s industrial frequency hopping serial radios are licence free and are available in both the 900 MHz (RLX-IFH9S) and 2.4 GHz (RLX-IFH24S) bands. Frequency hopping radios use a proprietary signal that hops from channel to channel, which provides the wireless network with an extra layer of security allowing it to avoid interference or existing wireless networks.

Enhancing oil and gas operations — SCADA via satellite

20 October, 2007 by Christian Bergan, Director, Sales and Marketing, TSAT

Oil and gas operations are located in unforgiving environments, from the blistering cold of the arctic to the scorching heat of the desert and the storm conditions out on the open sea. To sustain secure operating conditions in these remote areas, reliable communication is vital to the end user.

GSM remote control system

17 August, 2007

The GSM8000 is a control/monitor/ alarm system which enables you to control remote devices via a GSM mobile phone using SMS (short message service). Devices can include a mixture of analog and digital inputs as well as digital switched outputs and relays.

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