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Siemens introduces more edge devices and services

06 November, 2023

Siemens is introducing a new cloud service, more devices and low-code integration in its Industrial Edge Ecosystem.

Festo joins the Siemens Industrial Edge Ecosystem

31 October, 2023

Festo is now offering the Festo AX Data access app (a data-driven AI solution) on the Siemens Industrial Edge Marketplace.

Mitigating energy security, affordability and sustainability

15 May, 2023 by Dr Paige Marie Morse, Sustainability Advisor, Aspen Technology, Inc.*

Process optimisation is a long-established approach to lower the costs of energy production and make fuels more affordable to businesses and consumers.

IOTech announces a new release of Edge Xrt

24 March, 2023

Edge Xrt 2.1 now offers a normalised OPC UA data interface and enhanced OT device discovery features.

IOTech announces a major new release of Edge XRT software

28 June, 2022

Edge XRT 2.0 provides extended OT connectivity, auto-discovery, a new MQTT API to simplify integration and management, and improved performance and scalability.

Softing edgeConnector Docker Containers with REST API

07 June, 2022

The edgeConnector products from Softing's dataFEED range now include a REST API, making integration into configuration platforms easier.

What do you need to know about digital twins?

17 November, 2021 by Stephen Flannigan, Endress+Hauser Australia

When a new term shows up on the market, we have to ask ourselves is this term just a buzzword or is it something of value?

From choice to necessity: remote capabilities in day-to-day operations

11 November, 2021 by Kim Fenrich, Global AR/VR and Digital Services Product Manager, ABB Process Automation

Many years ago, somebody wisely pronounced that necessity was the mother of invention, and the past 18 months has proved this beyond doubt.

Softing smartLink SW-HT HART multiplexer software

29 October, 2021

smartLink SW-HT is HART multiplexer software for accessing configuration and diagnostic data via HART IP-enabled plant asset management applications.

Artificial intelligence: saving water the smart way

06 October, 2021

Swedish water utility VA SYD relies on artificial intelligence to more efficiently detect and reduce leaks in water pipes.

NZ company wins FDA accolade in its New Era Food Safety challenge

16 September, 2021

New Zealand company Rfider is the only company outside of North America to get the FDA accolade for its food supply chain traceability platform.

Clean waterways with artificial intelligence and IoT

18 May, 2021

Cutting-edge technologies like AI and the IoT are helping to safeguard the high value of natural water systems by preventing them from pollution.

Softing dataFEED OPC Suite Extended v5.10

12 February, 2021

dataFEED OPC Suite Extended v5.10 allows data to be received from an MQTT Broker and transmitted to other applications via OPC UA or written to a controller.

How to predict and prevent CSOs and SSOs

03 April, 2020

Analytical systems that capitalise on existing wastewater collection infrastructure can help avoid the negative impacts of sewer overflows.

Wenglor uniVision 2.1 vision system software

09 October, 2019

Wenglor's uniVision 2.1 allows 2D and 3D data from smart cameras, vision systems and control units with 2D or 3D profile sensors to be evaluated.

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