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Oil-in-water measurement

01 April, 2009 by

Enviro-Flu-HC is a new generation of highly sensitive submersible sensors for oil-in-water measurement. The UV fluorescence principle used for detection is claimed to be more sensitive than other existing detection principles, such as infrared scattering.

Inline water quality monitoring in distribution pipelines

01 April, 2009 by

The Intellisonde multi-parameter monitoring system is a measuring device designed for direct insertion into potable water pipeline distribution networks, providing benefits including: continuous water quality monitoring within the distribution system; integration into a water utility data collection system such as SCADA; providing real-time and historical data — both alphanumeric and graphical; assistance with compliance and regulatory requirements; analysis of the distribution network; and minimising risk of contamination posed by bursts and repairs.

Product recall of faulty CO detector

25 August, 2008

The Department of Mining Safety and Health has issued a product recall of Industrial Scientific’s 4CF carbon monoxide sensors, after finding some makes could suddenly stop detecting the gas.

Broken bag detection system

08 August, 2008

Dusty is a low-cost broken bag detection system. It uses a triboelectric measuring technique and detects solid particles in a gas flow. The particles must be 0.3 microns in size or larger.

Dust monitoring system

08 August, 2008

ProSens is a triboelectric dust monitoring and measuring system. It detects solid particles in a gas flow. The particle sizes must be 0.3 microns or larger.

Optimising the efficiency of dust control equipment — near incident forward scatter particulate monitoring instruments

25 July, 2008 by William Averdieck, PCME Ltd

Environmental regulations and responsibilities are stimulating industrial process operators to minimise particulate emissions from fabric filter and electrostatic precipitator dust arrestment plant by optimised maintenance and operation programs. The online monitoring of particulate emissions plays a fundamental role in this optimisation, providing the evidence and feedback of any improvements.

Digital pipeline leak detection — using fibre-optic distributed temperature sensing

19 May, 2008 by Richard Kluth and Jerry Worsley

With conventional pipeline leak detection methods there is a gap between what you believe is occurring along your pipeline and what is actually happening. This information gap can result in a delay in you discovering and locating leaks.

Wastewater analyser

17 December, 2007

Endress+Hauser have launched an inline analyser for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The new STIP-scan device overcomes the costly sampling and maintenance procedures required by historical 'cabinet analysers' since it operates directly in the process.

Particle monitor wins award

26 July, 2007

Phoenix Instruments were the winners of the best product award, presented by Westwick-Farrow Publishing at the Manufacturing Technology InFocus Exhibition held in Sydney this week.

Multi-gas monitor

18 July, 2007

The MX6 iBrid is a multi-gas monitor that features a full-colour liquid crystal display and five-way navigation button to scroll through the menu-based operating system.

Dust collector timer board

22 May, 2007

Dwyer Instruments Pty Ltd, the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of its latest Dust Collector Timer Board, the DCT 600. The DCT 600 is available in five different models that provide from four output channels up to 22 channels, and has a choice of voltages including 240 VAC and 24 VDC.

Air content control system

06 December, 2006

The PMC-Paprican Air Content Probe and Control System has been designed specifically for use in the pulp and paper industry. It can also be used effectively in other applications where the measurement or control of air content is important, such as water/waste and mining industries.

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