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Turck Australia is a leading manufacturer of reliable factory and process automation products, including Inductive Proximity Sensors, Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Connectors, Cables, Cordsets, Fieldbuses, Network Interface Device Products, Communication products and RFID. Turck can help you solve a wide range of industrial automation applications such as improving identification, asset tracking, position monitoring, quality control, streamlining communication and much more.

Phone: 1300 132 566
Fax: 03 9560 1620
Unit 5 / 6-7 Gilda Court , Mulgrave VIC 3170 (Directions)


Turck TBEC RFID I/O module for EtherCAT

The Turck TBEC RFID I/O module supports RFID applications with frequent, fast-moving tags and up to 128 read/write heads.

Turck DR-M30-IOL radar sensors

Turck has released a range of robust radar sensors for distance measurement up to 15 m, designed for use in rugged application areas.

Turck M12 Power decentralised power range

Turck is expanding its connection technology range and is now offering a comprehensive M12 Power range in K, L, S and T codings.

Turck CFRP inductive sensors for carbon fibre

Turck has developed inductive sensors that can detect both carbon fibres as well as pressed CFRP parts.

Turck IO-Link masters with power

Turck has expanded its IO-Link range with an 8-port master with M12 power, a compact 4-port master in IP20 and I/O hubs with an external power supply.

Turck NI4-M12, NI7-M18 and NI12-M30 inductive sensors

The NI4-M12, NI7-M18 and NI12-M30 inductive sensors supply a signal proportional to distance over a 4, 7 or 12 mm range as an IO-Link process value.

Turck CMTH-M12 air humidity and temperature sensor

Turck is offering its first combined air humidity and temperature sensor that can be easily integrated via its IO-Link interface.

Turck LI-Q25 linear position sensors with IO-Link

Turck has upgraded its Li-Q25 inductive positioning systems and equipped the contactless linear position sensors with IO-Link.

Turck LRS Series IO-Link-capable radar sensors

Turck's LRS Series IO-Link-capable radar sensors offer level measurement in the 0.35–10 m range.

Turck IO-Link masters and hubs

Turck has expanded its IO-Link range to include IP69K 8-port IO-Link masters with M12 power supply, IO-Link masters in IP20 and an I/O-Hub with external power.

Turck B1Nx and B2Nx inclinometers

The B1N and B2N inclinometers combine accelerometer and gyroscope technology so that shocks and vibration can be masked out effectively.

Turck TXF700 series HMIs

Turck's TXF700 series now offers a HMI range with complete all-round IP67 protection for use at temperatures between -20 and +55°C.

Turck TX700FB and TX700HB HMI/PLC devices

Turck has expanded its TX700 HMI/PLC device series with two variants for food and beverage applications and two variants with high brightness displays.

Turck TBEN-Lx-SE-M2 IP67 managed Ethernet switch

The TBEN-Lx-SE-M2 rugged IP67 managed Ethernet switch offers both Gigabit and standard ports in the same device.

Turck PT1000 and PT2000 pressure transmitters with IO-Link

Pressure transmitters from Turck's PT1000/2000 series are now also available with an IO-Link interface and two programmable switching outputs.

Turck TBPN and TBIP safety I/O modules

Turck has expanded its range of safety I/O components with the TBPN and TBIP block I/O modules for Profisafe and CIP Safety respectively.

Banner Engineering SC10 Series safety controller/relay hybrid

The SC10 Series compact safety controller/relay hybrid is a safety controller for smaller machines that replaces two or more safety relay modules.

Turck TBEN-L-SE-M2 managed Ethernet switch

The TBEN-L-SE-M2 managed Ethernet switches offer data rates of up to 1 Gbps and their IP67 housings enable them to be field mounted.

Turck TBEN-L-RFID interface module with PLC capabilities

The TBEN-L-RFID interface module with PLC capabilities can filter and pre-process RFID data and link to broader control operations, enabling high-speed dynamic or multitag RFID applications.

Turck industrial Ethernet cables

Rugged industrial Ethernet cables from Turck are designed to stand up to the harsh environments common in industrial automation. Depending on the type, they can withstand moisture, high-flex applications, oil, weld splatter and much more.

Turck IM12 interface devices

Turck IM12 interface devices provide a high channel density and support for use in circuits up to SIL2.

Turck Q300 UHF RFID readers

The Q300 UHF RFID reader family offers an Ethernet interface and up to four external antennas.

Turck TCG20 Series universal IoT wireless gateway

Turck's TCG20 Series universal IoT wireless gateway is specially tailored for the requirements of industrial automation.


The TBEN-L5-4RFID-8DXP-OPC-UA is a compact RFID module with an integrated OPC UA server.

Turck mil-spec connectors

Turck's mil-spec connector series improves durability in harsh, rugged applications.

Turck TBEN-S-RFID interface

To meet the ever-shrinking dimensional needs of devices on the factory floor, Turck has developed its compact TBEN-S-RFID interface with an IP67 rating.

Turck CIP hybrid safety I/O module

The hybrid safety concept from Turck combines both safety I/O and general-purpose I/O in a single, rugged, on-machine, remote I/O device.

Turck TBEN-PLC CODESYS 3 compact IP67 PLC

Due to its robust housing and high degree of environmental protection, the TBEN-PLC can operate directly on-machine, enabling the implementation of machine control without the need for a control cabinet.

Turck M08 proximity sensors

Turck has announced an updated range of 8 mm barrel inductive proximity sensors with an increased sensing range of up to 50%.

Turck Uprox3 inductive sensor with IO-Link

Turck is now offering its Uprox3 sensor in a version with IO-Link capability, allowing for more flexibility and intelligence for integration into sensing applications.

Turck PT2000 pressure transmitters

Turck has introduced the PT2000 line of pressure transmitters, which offer a welded, stainless steel measuring cell for increased durability and increased chemical compatibility.

Turck weld nut sensors

Turck's low-profile weld nut sensor is a compact solution for applications that require a reliable detection for the presence or absence of a nut welded to sheet metal.

Turck ultrasonic sensors

To help engineers improve sensor operations, Turck has introduced six line extensions to its ultrasonic sensor range.

Turck TX500 HMI PLCs

Turck's TX500 HMI PLCs are suitable for use in small to medium-sized machines whose processes have to be controlled, displayed and operated locally.

Turck RS-107/108 and RM-105/106 EtherNet/IP encoders

Turck has announce EtherNet/IP-enabled encoders that provide an optical-based encoder solution with electronic multiturn capabilities for position applications requiring feedback for customers using the EtherNet/IP and CIP interface.

Banner Engineering Q4X flush-mount laser sensor

Banner Engineering has added flush-mount housings to its rugged Q4X laser distance measurement sensors, offering a more compact housing to expand applications and increase mounting flexibility in constrained spaces.

Banner Engineering Sure Cross U-GAGE K50U ultrasonic sensor

The Sure Cross U-GAGE K50U ultrasonic sensor is optimised for use in wireless tank monitoring applications along with Banner's Q45U Wireless Node, providing a plug-and-play solution to monitor levels in mobile or remotely located tanks and totes.

Turck TBPN hybrid safety block I/O module

The Turck TBPN safety block I/O module combines both standard and safety I/Os in a single device.

Banner Engineering L-GAGE LTF Series laser sensors

Designed with a Class 2 laser emitter with small, highly visible spot, the LTF provides easy sensor alignment and high excess gain.

Turck ARGEE technology for I/O devices

Turck has added logic capabilities to its I/O devices, turning them into field logic controllers.

Turck TBEN-L Ethernet spanner

The TBEN-L Ethernet spanner is designed to provide a robust protocol converter for applications dealing with multiple protocols on the same network.

Turck J1939 Deutsch connectors

Turck has released an overmoulded connectivity solution for J1939 Deutsch applications in mobile equipment and oil and gas.

Banner Engineering K30, K50 and K70 touch buttons

Banner Engineering has introduced its next-generation touch buttons for its K30, K50 and K70 multicolour indicators and pick-to-light sensors.

Turck capacitive sensors

Turck is expanding its range of capacitive sensors, now offering 18 and 30 mm capacitive barrel sensors with teachable capabilities.

Turck IMX12 series intriniscally safe interfaces

The IMX12 interface series is an intrinsically safe line of devices that offers maximum signal density within a 12.5 mm housing.

Turck stainless steel faced sensors

Turck has announced four 2-wire, DC stainless steel faced sensors with an extended sensing range.

Banner Engineering Sure Cross DXM100 industrial wireless controller

The Sure Cross DXM100 industrial wireless controller is designed to facilitate communications for Ethernet connectivity or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

Banner Engineering M18-4 stainless steel photoelectric sensors

The Banner Engineering M18-4 self-contained photoelectric sensors feature a robust IP69K-rated 316 stainless steel housing.

Banner Engineering DF-G3 discrete long-range fibre amplifier

The DF-G3 discrete long-range fibre amplifier has increased sensing power for difficult detection challenges in printing, packaging and electronic assembly.

Banner Engineering R-GAGE Q240 radar dual-zone sensor

Banner Engineering has introduced a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar sensor for reliable detection of moving or stationary objects.

Banner Engineering EZ-SCREEN LS safety light screen

The EZ-SCREEN LS is a rugged, easy-to-use safety light screen that is optimal for machine safeguarding.

Banner Engineering S18-2 compact photoelectric sensors

Banner Engineering has announced that its next-generation S18-2 compact photoelectric sensor series is now available in fixed-field background suppression mode configurations.

Turck TB-Q08 ultrasmall RFID read/write head

Due to its compact rectangular design and the 15 cm long connection cable with an M12 connector, the TB-Q08 is particularly suitable for use in restricted mounting conditions, such as in small assembly and transport lines.

Turck QR24 stainless steel rotary position sensor

Turck has expanded its QR24 line of contactless rotary position sensors to include a version with stainless steel housing.

Turck Q08F sensor

The stainless steel Q08F sensor provides users with a robust sensor alternative where standard Q08 sensors would not be suitable, or where a more durable sensor could minimise downtime and alleviate trouble areas.

Banner Engineering Q4X laser distance sensor 100 mm models

The Banner Engineering Q4X laser distance sensor is now available in 100 mm models optimised for higher performance over a shorter measuring range.

Turck YB2 disconnect splitters with LEDs

Turck has announced an expansion to the YB2 line of compact disconnect splitters with LEDs that are visible from both sides of the splitter.

Turck FEN20 compact Ethernet multiprotocol I/O modules

Due to their multiprotocol plug-and-play functionality, the FEN20 devices with digital inputs and outputs are immediately ready for use in Profinet, Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP systems.

Banner Engineering Vantage Line heavy-duty fibre optics

Featuring a flexible 304 stainless steel tube, the polyethylene jacketed plastic fibre is protected from crushing or abrasion in harsh industrial environments.

Banner Engineering TL70 wireless tower light

Combining the company's light range with its Sure Cross wireless technology, the TL70 wireless tower light provides monitoring and visual status indication where wired solutions are not cost-effective, practical or possible.

Banner Engineering Q4X laser distance sensor dual teach mode model

Banner Engineering has improved its Q4X laser distance sensor with a dual teach mode model.

Banner Engineering wireless vibration and temperature sensor

Designed to monitor machines for increases in vibration and temperature, the Banner Engineering wireless vibration and temperature sensor measures RMS velocity in inches per second or millimetres per second.

Turck uprox3 inductive sensors

The uprox3 inductive proximity sensors offer switching distances increased by as much as 50% over previous generations.

Turck Q4.7 series miniature inductive sensors

The Q4.7 series miniature sensors have been specially developed for applications in which they have to be fully embedded in metal, such as in the stamping and metal forming industry.

Banner Engineering Q3X LD50 laser contrast sensor

Banner Engineering has announced that its Q3X laser contrast sensor is now available with fixed background suppression.

Turck extremelife-60 cables

Turck's extremelife-60 cables are designed with a specially engineered proprietary cable jacket material, allowing them to remain flexible enough to work at -40°C and carry UL -60°C cold bend and UL/CSA -40°C cold impact listings.

Turck QR24 rotary inductive sensor

Turck has released the QR24 rotary inductive sensor to expand programmability for industrial applications and improve rotary position feedback for the mobile equipment market.

Turck TBEN-S series digital I/O

The fully potted IP67 TBEN-S series digital I/O modules are only 3.2 x 14.2 cm and allow assembly directly on the machine.

Turck CRS series high-pressure inductive sensors

The high-pressure CRS series offers users a sensor for cylinders with an operating pressure rating of 3000 psi.

Turck Deutsch DT series connectors

To reduce installation time and increase reliability of Deutsch connectors, Turck has developed its Deutsch DT series of overmoulded connectors for the mobile equipment industry.

Turck M12 X-Code connector

With the ability to transfer up to 10 Gbps of data, Turck's M12 X-Code connector is designed to increase throughput and efficiency in high-end systems and applications.

Turck VB2 overmoulded splitter

Turck's updated VB2 features a translucent black, overmoulded design, which encapsulates the LEDs and protects them from physical damage while also complimenting visibility.

Turck Q25 high-speed inductive linear sensors

The Q25 high-speed inductive linear sensor has a user-selectable internal measuring frequency up to 5 kHz, resulting in accurate measuring speeds of up to 5 m/s.

Turck overmoulded M40 powerfast connectors

Offering a more robust connectivity solution than field-assembled versions, overmoulded M40 powerfast connectors are 100% factory tested to ensure optimal performance in harsh industrial automation applications.

Turck TS530 temperature sensor

The TS530 temperature sensor features an integrated resistance temperature detector (RTD), and combines the display, process connection and RTD all in a single part.

Turck Q175 UHF RFID read/write head

The Q175 compact UHF RFID read/write head is designed to communicate with multiple data carriers, using both HF and UHF RFID technologies.

Turck stainless steel process junction box

In addition to simplifying connectivity, Turck stainless steel process junction boxes provide a robust connectivity solution in harsh environments such as oil and gas exploration, offshore drilling platforms and pharmaceutical plants.

Turck BL67 on-machine modular I/O system for industrial ethernet

Designed to provide flexible communication capabilities, the BL67 modular I/O system elevates a variety of I/O signals to common industrial ethernet networks, including digital inputs, digital outputs, analog I/O and specialty I/O such as serial interfaces and RFID.

Turck inductive angle sensors for rotary actuators

Operating with the inductive resonant circuit measuring principle, these inductive angle sensors deliver enhanced valve monitoring on rotary actuators.

Turck BL20 Modbus I/O gateway

Turck has expanded its BL20 I/O system with a gateway for serial Modbus communication, supporting both Modbus RTU as well as the ASCII protocol over RS485 and RS232.

Turck overmoulded valve plug cordsets

Featuring a translucent moulding material with embedded, bright LEDs, these cordsets provide good visibility for power indication from any angle with black, grey, yellow and clear colouring options to accommodate diverse applications.

Turck in-cabinet ethernet fibre converter switches

Turck has extended its in-cabinet ethernet switch range with a multimode fibre-optic port unit for reliable, fast performance in process and factory automation environments requiring conversion from fibre to copper media.

Turck uprox+ washdown inductive proximity sensor

Turck has extended its uprox+ sensor range with a robust washdown variant in a Q80 housing and a switching distance of 75 mm.

Turck PSU67 series switched-mode power supply

The PSU67 series switched-mode power supply is designed for direct mounting in the field to reduce cabling costs and voltage drop.

Turck Diagnostic Power Conditioner (DPC) Backplane for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1

The DPC backplane for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 segments provides up to four segments with redundant power and 800 mA per segment, as well as web-based diagnotic monitoring.

Turck RI360P-QR24 non-contact inductive universal encoder

The RI360P-QR24 is a non-contact inductive universal encoder with high-resolution, wear-free operation, which is at the same time immune to magnetic fields.

Turck BL Compact I/O stainless steel solution

The Turck BL Compact I/O system is now available with stainless steel replacing the exposed metal on BL Compact components, including the receptacle housing, ground plate and window screw.

Turck 6-port M12 passive junction box

With one or two discrete signals per port, the 6-port junction box is capable of providing up to 12 discrete signals, ensuring reliable connectivity for multiple devices.

Turck individually configurable RFID handheld readers for HF and UHF applications

Turck is expanding its range of RFID handheld devices with software that can be specifically tailored to the requirements of individual users.

Turck BL20 and BL67 multiprotocol fieldbus gateways

Turck has introduced fieldbus gateways and block I/O modules that communicate with Profinet IO, Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP. The multiprotocol devices can be operated automatically in each of the three ethernet systems.

Turck TXL and TEL cordset ranges

Turck has introduced its own connectivity portfolio to its range of products. The additional product lines, TXL and TEL, are available with angled or straight M8 or M12 connectors.

Turck LI inductive linear position sensor

The Turck LI inductive linear position sensor has an enhanced electronics architecture that increases the effective output rate of the sensor from 1 to 5 kHz.

Turck passive junction boxes with active IO-link

Instead of assigning each signal to the individual wire of an M23 master cable, the Turck IO-link junction box only requires a single standard M12 cable.

Turck B2N-360-Q42 3D inclinometer

The B2N-360-Q42 can also be used for measuring vibration or shock, or as an inclinometer that masks out vibration to reduce error.

Turck BIM-UNTK magnetic cylinder sensor

The Turck BIM-UNTK is a short magnetic field sensor for detecting the piston position in compact pneumatic cylinders.

Turck Mil-Spec cordsets

Turck has introduced overmoulded Mil-Spec cordsets for rugged applications.

Turck FGEN Advanced I/O Module (AIM) station for industrial ethernet

The FGEN features Turck’s multiprotocol technology, which was developed to simplify industrial ethernet for distributed I/O.

Turck minifast tees, splitters and inline diagnostic devices for DeviceNet

Designed to accommodate diverse conditions, the Turck minifast splitters and tees can handle up to 30 V in temperatures ranging from -40 to 105°C.

Turck BL67 ethernet gateway for Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP

Designed to provide a reliable communication solution for on-machine, modular I/O applications, the BL67 is suitable for use in environments where conditions may not be conducive to traditional I/O.

Turck rotary single-axis inclinometer

The Turck rotary single-axis inclinometer offers 360° detection and a CANopen bus interface.

Turck powerfast quick-disconnect connector range

Turck’s powerfast connectivity products are designed to replace expensive, time-consuming hardwiring methods, and to provide a robust and reliable modular wiring solution.

Turck stainless steel fieldbus junction box

Turck has introduced a stainless steel version of the company’s junction boxes, featuring FM approval for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations and rated IP67.

Turck FAS8 Advanced I/O Module (AIM) 8-port AS-I interface module

The IP67-rated FAS8 Advanced I/O Module (AIM) station is the latest addition to Turck’s line of AIM stations for AS-Interface (AS-I) networks.

Turck Q42 IP69K long-range factor one inductive proximity sensor

The Turck Q42 is a long-range factor one inductive proximity sensor using FDA-rated materials for washdown applications that is available in a top-facing model and a front-facing model.

Turck IM82-24 switching SELV power supplies

Turck has introduced a family of 24 V power supplies, designed to provide safety extra-low voltage (SELV), according to EN 60950.

Turck 4AI4AO-VI analog I/O module

Turck has released the 4AI4AO-VI analog I/O module, which is compatible with two of the company’s BL distributed I/O products: BL67 and BL Compact system. Featuring four analog inputs for current or voltage and four analog outputs for voltage, the module provides both control and feedback in one package.

Turck BL20 Economy gateways for EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP

Turck has released the BL20 Economy gateways for EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. Providing a flexible in-the-cabinet system for distributed I/O, these gateways can be paired with a broad range of I/O slices to suit users’ application communications and transparency requirements. RFID can also be incorporated in any distributed I/O product by applying the necessary RFID-S slices.

Turck LI-Q17 inductive miniature linear displacement sensor

Designed for very short measuring ranges between 50 and 200 mm, the LI-Q17 miniature linear displacement sensor doesn’t work with a magnetic locator but with the resonant circuit measuring principle, where an object’s position is detected via an inductive oscillating system, consisting of a condenser and a coil. The sensor is designed to work reliably where the functionality of a magnetic position device is affected by electromagnetic fields caused by large motors or welding plants.

Turck TTM Series temperature transmitters

The TTM Series temperature transmitters feature an analog output that eliminates the need for specialised RTD PLC input cards, saving the user the expense associated with these cards.

Turck rotary inductive sensors

Turck has introduced a line of rotary inductive analog sensors that provide 360° angular measurement. The rotary inductive sensors use resistance inductive capacitance (RLC) measuring technology, rather than a traditional magnetic positioning element, so as to deliver better immunity to EMC interference.

Turck Cat-6 RJ45 field-wireable connectors

Turck has announced Cat-6 RJ45 field-wireable connectors that provide a simple and secure way to extend an ethernet cable in the field. Whether connecting a peripheral device, repairing or replacing a cable link, or extending the network cable, the field wireable connectors allow an on-site assembly with no special tools for up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks.

Turck QP08 ferrite core-free non-flush proximity sensor

The QP08 is a ferrite core-free uprox+ sensor. The compact factor-1-sensor offers a high EMV and magnetic field stability, as well as large switching distances for all metals, and is designed for use in cramped spaces such as in packaging machines. Because in this area of application aluminium is usually used as a target-material, the factor-1-sensor reaches up to 300% higher switching distances, compared to customary sensors.

Turck 3- and 4-branch M16 tees

Turck has introduced h-style (3-branch) and H-style (4-branch) M16 tees, designed for saving field installation time and hassle in comparison to hardwired cable tray installations. The tees are available in various configurations, including tees with a male connector on either side of the trunk line, integral connections or cable drops.

Turck PS300 series hydraulic pressure sensors

The PS300 series pressure sensors for hydraulic applications feature a rugged, IP69K-rated design to withstand harsh environments. The sensors provide a wide measuring range, from 3 to 400 bar. Signals are directly processed on its pressure measuring cell, and then digitally transferred to the sensor’s fully potted, self-contained display. This design offers a high level of EMC resistance and switch point accuracy of 0.5% of full scale.

Turck JBBS junction bricks for AS-interface networks

Turck’s JBBS junction bricks for AS-interface networks are now FM approved for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations. JBBS junction bricks simplify the connection of multiple field devices and can be mounted directly on the machine in hazardous environments, with no enclosure required.

Turck BIM-UNR sensors with NPN output

The BIM-UNR magnetic cylinder position sensor range has been expanded to include sensors with NPN outputs.

Turck powerfast Connectivity Catalog

Turck has announced the availability of its powerfast Connectivity Catalog. This catalogue covers the company’s line of powerfast products, including cordsets, connectors, tees, splitters and receptacles rated for up to 30 A and 600 V. These connectivity products deliver an NFPA 79-compliant wiring method suitable for conveyor and materials handling applications.

Turck Distributed I/O catalogue

Turck has announced its latest Distributed I/O catalogue, which encompasses Turck’s line of machine-mount and in-cabinet distributed I/O solutions, along with its BL ident RFID system. This guide provides an overview of Turck’s modular and block I/O systems, with modules rated for either IP20 (in-cabinet) or IP67 (machine-mount) environmental protection.

Turck M12 adapters

Turck has introduced M12 adapters that may be used to connect incompatible round connectors quickly and easily. These compact connectors can be used instead of reordering cables or adding junction boxes, saving installation time and equipment costs while consuming minimal storage space.

Turck M12 true torque connectors

Turck has introduced M12 true torque connectors that can be hand-tightened to a predefined torque, preventing overtightening. Once the correct torque has been achieved, the nut rotates freely - indicated by a clear haptic and audible signal.

Turck BIM-UNR, BIM-UNT and Q-pak sensors with WeldGuard

Turck has announced that its BIM-UNR, BIM-UNT and Q-pak sensors are now equipped with WeldGuard protection, making them impervious to weld slag and spatter often present in MIG and TIG welding environments. The protective material has been applied to these compact, rectangular sensors’ faces and protective sleeves are also available to protect the attached connector and cordset.

Turck Cat5e ethernet cables

Turck has announced Cat5e ethernet cables that are gigabit capable and incorporate flexlife cable jackets. This jacket material is resistant to abrasion, crushing forces and chemicals, making it suitable for harsh-duty environments.

Turck single axis MEMS inclinometer sensor

Turck has introduced a single-axis inclinometer sensor for detecting angular tilt with an adjustable measuring range of 360°. Inclinometer sensors solve unique feedback requirements for applications such as levelling platforms, controlling a dancer or controlling tilt angle in a diverse array of industries.

Turck Interface and Intrinsic Safety Quick Reference Guide

Turck has released its Interface and Intrinsic Safety Quick Reference Guide, providing an overview of the company’s intrinsically safe products, including switching amplifiers, analog I/O, solenoid drivers, rotational speed monitors, and relay and power supplies. The guide also features new intrinsically safe models, such as FDT/DTM amplifiers that can be programmed with PACTware.

Turck IM21 rotational speed interface module

Turck has enhanced its interface module (IM) family with the FM approved IM21 rotational speed interface module, programmable via push-buttons or using a PC - which simplifies device set-up and saves installation time. The modules employ FDT/DTM software, together with PACTware, enabling users to efficiently set and save multiple application parameters.

Turck LI-Q25 series linear position sensors

The LI-Q25 series linear position sensors are designed to replace magnetostrictive and potentiometer devices to deliver precise, repeatable measurements in metal processing machines, rolling mills or injection moulding machines.

Turck PB-XEPI Ethernet/Profibus device coupler

The PB-XEPI Ethernet/Profibus device coupler combines integrated web server software with diagnostic functionality, to enable users to monitor Profibus networks remotely through a web browser, without disrupting network operations. The PB-XEPI may be integrated into new or existing Profibus networks in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and packaging applications.

Turck industrial ethernet switches

Turck’s line of rugged, harsh-duty ethernet switches has been updated to include unmanaged models that will support either 4- or 8-pin M12 twisted pair cable, as well as 4- and 5-pin 7/8-16UN power cable. The 4-pin switch is suitable for EtherNet/IP applications with both managed and unmanaged options, while the 8-pin switch is suitable for standard ethernet applications.

Turck BIM-UNR position sensors for C-groove cylinders

The BIM-UNR line of compact magnetic cylinder position sensors now includes a dual sensor designed for detecting short and long stroke C-groove cylinders. BIM-UNR dual sensors combine two sensors through one cable connection to speed installation, as well as lessen wire costs and connection points. This design makes the sensor beneficial in areas where multiple cylinders are used, as it only requires a single cable. With dimensions of 2.9 x 4.6 x 18 mm, the sensors feature a low profile.

Turck explosion-proof minifast receptacles

Turck has announced 1-16UN and 1-1/8-16UN minifast explosion-proof, feed-through receptacles, which install directly into standard 3/4 conduit entries without requiring additional conduit or poured seals. These quick-disconnect B-size (1) and C-size (1-1/8) receptacles expedite installation while maintaining the explosion-proof ratings of instrument housings and explosion-proof enclosures in Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas.

Turck IMS interface modules

Turck has announced that its IMS interface modules are now UL certified for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations. The 6.2 mm wide IMS modules provide complete galvanic isolation, resisting electrical interference and noise in busy plant environments, with signal conditioning for new or retrofit hazardous area installations.

Turck BIM-UNR miniature magnetic cylinder position sensor

The BIM-UNR is a miniature magnetic cylinder position sensor designed to mount within C-groove cylinders with no accessories required. Its dimensions are 2.9 x 4.6 x 18 mm.

Turck 7/8-16UN explosion-proof feed-through receptacle

The 7/8-16UN minifast explosion-proof feed-through receptacle is CSA certified as a secondary conduit seal. This quick-disconnect solution can serve as a secondary conduit seal to prevent gas migration or as a boundary seal, when used with a Turck CSA certified cordset. The receptacle may be applied in Class I, Division 2 locations without the use of intrinsically safe circuits or in Class I, Division 1 locations with intrinsically safe circuits.

Turck single-segment redundant backplane

Turck has expanded its diagnostic power conditioner system with a single-segment redundant backplane that can combine two isolated power supply modules into one FOUNDATION fieldbus segment. The backplane includes an integrated diagnostic unit used to monitor the redundancy of the external bulk power supply along with the H1 power supply - aiding in the availability of the H1 segment. System status is available via a relay contact.

Turck BL67 modular system Simple RFID slice

Turck’s BL67 modular distributed I/O system is now equipped with a Simple RFID (RFID-S) slice that is compatible with the company’s BL ident RFID product line. The RFID-S includes two channels of RFID per slice and up to four slices may be added to each BL67 node - resulting in up to eight channels of RFID per node.

Turck BIM-UNT dual compact cylinder position sensor

The BIM-UNT line of compact cylinder position sensors from Turck has been expanded to include a dual sensor for detecting long and short stroke cylinders in stamping, sorting, conveying and other material handling applications. The device combines two high-accuracy cylinder position sensors through a single cable connection, reducing wire costs and connection points to expedite installation.

Turck BL Compact modular I/O system

Turck’s BL Compact system is a modular I/O solution for collecting a variety of signals in a single, rugged node on a network. Rather than routing all signals through a control cabinet, this device makes it possible to obtain analog, digital, thermocouple, RTD, serial, RFID or a mixture of signal types in a compact, on-the-machine device over DeviceNet, CANopen and Profibus-DP.

Turck metal differentiating proximity sensors

Turck has announced its analog+ proximity sensors have been enhanced to differentiate between varying types of metal during detection — independent of their distance from the sensor. Available in ring and flat housings, these material detection sensors provide sensing ranges up to 11 mm and are suitable for stamping, die-cutting and metal-sorting applications, where different metal types must be readily and accurately detected.

Magnetic linear encoders

Turck has introduced a line of Kübler robust magnetic linear encoders. Utilising A and B output voltage channels plus a periodic index with the corresponding inverted channels, these encoders are designed to achieve high accuracy in a broad range of linear motion applications. The T8.LI20 and T8.LI50 linear encoders are available with either a push-pull output or an RS422 interface and provide a voltage range from 4.8 to 30 VDC.

Submersible pressure transmitters

Turck has introduced the PT4500 and PT4510 submersible pressure transmitters, optimised for detecting the level of water or other media with similar density in challenging industrial environments - including in wastewater and irrigation systems, as well as tanks containing liquids such as gas and diesel.

Zener diode barriers

Turck has introduced MZB series Zener diode barriers, designed to effectively limit excess energy before it reaches a hazardous area. The MZB barriers provide removable terminals within an efficient and space-saving design - with channels as small as 6.3 mm wide - to consume minimal panel space. Additionally, the MZB series features a bussed power feed and offers both relay and solid-state switch models.

Compact proximity sensor

The uprox Q10S proximity sensor is a compact 10 x 10 x 28 mm sensor that can achieve sensing distances of up to 5 mm, depending on mounting configuration.

Optical encoders

Turck has released the Kübler F36 optical encoder series, designed completely without gears to eliminate wear and sensitivity to magnetic fields. F36 absolute encoders feature a compact size of 36 mm with a hollow shaft diameter of up to 10 mm, making them suitable for drive engineering and medical applications.

Extended range proximity sensor

Turck has announced that the company’s Q08 uprox+ factor 1 sensor - designed to detect steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium at the same rated sensing distance - now offers an extended range of 8 mm.

Turck stainless steel inductive sensors

Turck has announced a line of 2- and 3-wire DC ArmorGuard+ stainless steel, front face, inductive sensors. The line includes 8, 12, 18 and 30 mm barrel diameters with 1.5 to 10 mm achievable sensing distances.

Interface modules with FDT/DTM

To simplify device set-up and installation time, Turck’s interface module (IM) family may now be programmed via a PC or onboard push-buttons using FDT/DTM software, along with PACTware.

Power connectors

Turck has announced the A-Size 3- and 4-pin 7/8 16UN powerfast connectors, providing up to 600 V and 15 A of power in a time-saving, modular wiring design. These IP67-rated connectors are manufactured to handle high current applications for machine power distribution, while delivering resistance to vibration commonly associated with conveyors, motors and material handling applications.

Valve sensor target pucks

Turck has announced target pucks for its DSU35 valve sensor series, which feature large targets to expedite and simplify sensing adjustments - ensuring accurate valve position data.

Linear displacement sensor

Turck has introduced the Q25L sensor, a magnetically actuated linear displacement sensor designed to detect piston position on pneumatic cylinders.

Quick disconnect sensor-cordset combination

Turck has expanded its range of FM approved 12, 18 and 30 mm 3-wire DC barrel sensor and cordset combinations. Now, quick disconnect sensors may be used in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D environments when equipped with a Turk lokfast guard. Turck sensors with potted-in cable for use with conduit are also FM approved for these locations.

Shielded cordsets

Turck is now offering the option to completely shield M8 picofast cordsets by connecting a braided shield directly to the coupling nut. This provides a cost-effective and reliable connection with 100% cable and connector shielding, which protects against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Modular RFID interface

The BL ident RFID product portfolio has been expanded with the release of a simple RFID (RFID-S) slice for its BL20 modular I/O system. Each RFID-S slice contains two channels of RFID. Additional RFID slices, as well as traditional discrete and analog I/O slices, may be added to the system, making it the only product on the market that allows this combination on the same node on the network, according to Turck.

Intrinsically safe pressure sensor

The PT4400 pressure sensor series is designed for intrinsically safe locations. The series utilises a media-isolated stainless steel diaphragm for use in pneumatics, water management, hydrogen storage, hydraulic systems, oil and gas, HVAC/R and industrial OEM equipment.

Compact ultrasonic sensor

Turck has introduced an ultrasonic sensor in a compact Q12 style housing that achieves a 40 cm sensing range with a small 2.5 cm blind zone. The small profile of the sensor allows it to be mounted in narrow spaces, like those found in packaging applications.

S12 connectors

The 4- and 5-wire S12 Quick-Connect connectors are designed to expedite installation and mate to any fully threaded M12 on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. These connectors employ advanced technology to simply attach to and detach from any M12 connection — and users can clearly hear and feel the click of the S12 Quick-Connect to know that it is fully attached. Using the S12 Quick-Connect provides a cost-effective method for component installation, including connecting numerous junction boxes where installation time can be reduced by 85%.

Profinet cordsets

Turck has introduced a 4-wire Profinet cordset line that has been developed to provide plug-and-play connectivity for applications using Profinet protocols. Profinet, the fastest industrial ethernet I/O network, is compatible with existing fieldbus systems and the only network that can accomplish a line topology — especially suitable for long conveyor systems. These cordsets connect to Turck’s BL67 ethernet gateways for Profinet — which can be connected to up to 32 I/O modules per gateway — to allow smooth integration into current fieldbus structures.

Capacitive sensor

The BCF10 capacitive sensor’s small size makes it more flexible for mounting in level applications and it has the ability to detect liquids with high concentrations of chlorides, such as soaps and cleaners. Turck’s noise immunity technology has been retooled for a flat pack housing.

DeviceNet gateway

Turck has expanded its line of BL20 economy modules with the release of a DeviceNet gateway. This addition augments Turck’s current PROFIBUS-DP and CANopen gateways for the BL20 economy system.

19-pin connectors

Turck has expanded its 28.6 mm minifast connector line with the addition of the 19-pin connector. The 19-pin minifast connector is rated for up to 300 V, 4 A per pin, and is a solution for applications requiring an even more robust, cost-effective solution than a traditional 19-pin M23 connector — including material handling in manufacturing and packaging applications.

Magnetic cylinder position sensor

Turck has added a compact WIM45 magnetic field sensor to its line of cylinder position sensors. The WIM45 provides a direct analog output for determining the position of a piston magnet on all types of pneumatic cylinders, delivering greater accuracy than indirect analog monitoring with potentiometers or linear position systems.

Wiring system

Turck has announced the M16 powerfast wiring system for machine power distribution and motor control.

Dual-axis MEMS inclinometer

Turck has introduced a dual-axis inclinometer sensor for angular tilt detection.

Turck instrumentation enclosures

Turck’s BL20 motor starter economy module utilises SWIRE technology to provide daisy-chain connection from a single I/O slice to each motor starter via a ribbon cable.

Moulded cordsets

Turck now has the ability to mould its 6- and 8-pin M23 powerfast connectors. These connectors may also be completely shielded by connecting a braided shield directly to the coupling nuts.

Plastic detecting sensors

Turck has introduced the BCC capacitive sensor series, specifically designed to provide accurate level detection in the plastics industry. The BCC series features good EMC and ESD immunity, allowing the sensors to reliably detect the level of plastic pellets in a hopper while withstanding environmental interference.

Weld nut sensors

Turck has introduced magnetic-inductive sensors for efficient and economic detection of weld nuts. These sensors use signal attenuation to reliably detect ferromagnetic components such as nuts, bushings and spacer sleeves and ensure these necessary components are present before robotic welding occurs — with no additional software or electronics required.

Analog interface modules

Turck has introduced the IMS interface module, designed to provide a cost-effective solution for analog signal conversion. The IMS interface module measures 6.2 mm wide, featuring one of the smallest profiles on the market today.

Hazardous area pressure sensor

Turck has expanded its line of pressure sensors to include a specialty sensor for hazardous areas. The PT4300 is a media isolated stainless steel pressure sensor for use in oil and gas, refrigeration, gas compression, test stands and industrial OEM applications.

Fieldbus junction bricks

The JRBS junction bricks for Foundation Fieldbus provide quick and easy connection of multiple devices to the main fieldbus trunk. JRBS junction bricks are available with 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ports and feature removable terminals for simple, efficient installation and wiring modification in tight spaces.

Diagnostic power conditioner

TURCK's Diagnostic Power Conditioner system (DPC) for Foundation Fieldbus H1 features an integrated diagnostics module.


Turck introduces Backplane Ethernet Extension Protocol

Newly released BEEP technology allows a network of devices to communicate as a single device.

Turck Mexico receives leadership recognition

Rodolfo Ortiz, General Manager of Turck’s Mexico operations, has recently been awarded top executive honours for 2012 by ARCHOS, the regional human resources organisation for Southeast Coahuila.

Turck in top five of Automation World survey

For the second year in a row, Turck has been named as one of the top five in the discrete sensing category in the 2012 Automation World First Team Leaders in Automation annual survey.

Turck appoints regional sales manager for NSW

Turck has appointed Rod MacKenzie as the New South Wales Regional Sales Manager.

Turck now offering direct sales

Turck Australia has announced a direct sales structure for Australia.

Turck to distribute Bihl+Wiedemann

Turck Australia has announced it will serve as the authorised distributor of Bihl+Wiedemann interface products in Australia.

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