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Micromax Specialists in Automation

Micromax Specialists in Automation have been providing Australian industry with automation solutions, expertise and technology for over 40 years. From the most sophisticated inspection and control systems to the most basic industrial sensors, we offer advice and expertise on a wide variety of applications – we are your partner in all things automation.

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Artila Matrix-750 wireless gateway

The Artila Matrix-750 wireless gateway is designed to make it easier for process industry users with remote operations to set up and run wireless networks.

Artila Electronics Aport-214PG C-programmable device server

Artila Electronics has launched the Aport-214PG FreeRTOS programmable device server, powered by a 32-bit Atmel SAM4E16E 120 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 processor.

Artila Electronics RIO-2017PG remote analog I/O module

The RIO-2017PG provides programmable input ranges on all channels and is powered by an ARM processor and the FreeRTOS operating system.

Contrinex stainless steel RFID tags

Low-frequency, all-metal transponders from Contrinex are resistant to metal chips, dirt, alkaline cleaning agents and hot water.

Contrinex KT#-4155-407 photoelectric contrast sensor

The KT#-4155-407 sensor is suitable for all industrial applications where accurate detection of markings is required.

Contrinex Safetinex YBB series Type 2 light curtains

The Safetinex YBB series of Type 2 light curtain offers hand protection with a resolution of 30 mm and protective heights from 150 mm up to 1827 mm.

Contrinex C23 Full Inox Extreme inductive sensors

The C23 Full Inox series of flat, full metal inductive sensors is designed for applications where the environment is harsh and space is scarce.

Eltra EAM36 magnetic multiturn encoder

The compact EAM36 magnetic multiturn encoder is based on the self-powered Wiegand system. No internal gears or batteries are required to maintain a position reading after a power cycle.

Contrinex C23 Series photoelectric sensors

The Contrinex C23 Series of photoelectric sensors includes diffuse, reflex, through-beam and background-suppression types.

Banner Engineering SI Series safety limit switches

The SI Series safety limit switches are designed to effectively monitor the position of a wide variety of guards, gates, covers and other moveable machine fixtures and tooling.

Artila Electronics RIO-2018 web-enabled thermocouple input module

The RIO-2018 is equipped with a MAXIM MAX31855 cold-junction compensation thermocouple converter. An industrial-grade OMEGA connector is utilised to ensure a seamless signal connection.

Banner Engineering L-GAGE LE250 and LE550 dual discrete laser sensors

The LE250 and LE550 sensors feature two independently configurable discrete outputs, which can be set up as switch points or sensing windows for simple part detection and feedback on position.

Banner Engineering L-GAGE LE250 and LE550 dual discrete laser sensors

The LE250 and LE550 sensors feature two independently configurable discrete outputs, which can be set up as switch points or sensing windows for simple part detection and feedback on position.

Banner Engineering K50 Modbus Series indicators and pick-to-light sensors

Designed with the Modbus RTU protocol, the K50 Modbus Series enables flexible communication and simplified setup of a single device or multipoint applications.

Banner Engineering Q3X laser contrast sensor

The Q3X laser contrast sensor has the ability to detect up to 2000 events/s, providing high-speed, reliable detection of parts, tools, pallets or registration marks with small contrast differences.

Banner Engineering Q4X laser distance sensor

The Q4X laser distance sensor is designed to detect distance changes as small as 1 mm and covers a 25 to 300 mm range across multiple target colours, materials and surfaces.

Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K90 Series multicolour indicator lights

The Banner Engineering EZ-LIGHT K90 Series multicolour indicator lights feature a large, 90 mm indicator housing and deliver bright and uniform illumination from all directions.

Banner XS26-2 safety controller

The Banner XS26-2 safety controller has been designed with the ability to add up to eight expansion models, easily adapting to changing automation requirements.

Unitronics Vision350T PLC with onboard HMI

The Vision350T PLCs with onboard HMIs have a flat fascia that makes these models suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Unitronics EXF-RC15 digital high-speed I/O module

The EXF-RC15 digital, high-speed I/O module adds an elevated level of flexibility to the Unitronics Vision series PLC + HMI product line and can be easily configured via software to fit a variety of motion control-related applications.

Unitronics Vision130 integrated PLC and HMI

The Unitronics Vision130 PLC+HMI family are flat fascia PLCs with onboard HMIs, the flat fascia making these models suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Unitronics UniStream panel PC platform

The Unitronics UniStream platform is a line HMI touch panel PCs with a combination of powerful dual CPUs, a variety of HMI touch panels, and easier local and remote I/O installation.

Banner Engineering iVu Plus TG firmware update

A free firmware update has been released for Banner Engineering's iVu Plus TG. The easy-to-install software enables the simultaneous use of several match, area or blemish sensors across various regions of interest in a single inspection.

Banner Engineering S18-2 series compact photoelectric sensors

The S18-2 series compact photoelectric sensors from Banner Engineering are self-contained, DC-operated sensors that provide an economical sensing solution for cost-sensitive and high-volume installations.

Banner Engineering EZ-Light K30 Touch

The Banner Engineering EZ-Light K30 Touch is a smaller version of the company's K50 Touch and features a compact, rugged design. The single-point device is designed for efficient machine activation and pick-to-light operations.

Banner Engineering SureCross wireless Q45 push-button

The Banner Engineering SureCross wireless Q45 push-button with confirmation light includes bidirectional communication that permits operators to send a digital signal with the push of a button, and to receive confirmation the signal has been received.

Banner Engineering WLA Series encapsulated area lights

These powerful, solid-state LED lights are completely encapsulated in optically clear polyurethane - enhancing chemical compatibility and increasing their resistance to shock and vibration.

Artila Electronics Matrix-516 industrial box PC

Artila’s Matrix-516 industrial box computer is a small form factor, Linux-ready computing platform that offers reliable, 24/7 unattended control at low-power consumption levels.

Artila Electronics RIO-2010 web-based remote I/O control module

The Artila Electronics RIO-2010 web-based remote I/O control module is designed for simple, stable performance, and supports Modbus protocols.

Banner Engineering PVL Parts Verification Array

The PVL Parts Verification Array is designed with retroreflective technology and provides quality visibility, quick response time and wide, reliable coverage to help streamline pick-to-light and conveying processes for factory and warehouse applications.

Banner Engineering iVu Machine-Mountable Remote Display

The iVu Machine-Mountable Remote Display enables users to view the iVu sensor image remotely and serves as a constant monitoring and user programming interface, without interference from electrical noise.

Banner Engineering surface flush mount E-stop range

The 40 mm emergency stop buttons are designed to mount on a wall or other flat surface without disassembling or individual wiring, and come in various locking and illumination configurations.

Banner Engineering QM26 and QMH26 photoelectric sensors

The QM26 and QMH26 photoelectric sensors are designed specifically for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, and they are designed to work in areas with harsh washdowns with high pressure, extreme temperatures and chemicals.

Banner Engineering tower light configurator

The Banner Engineering tower light configurator is an online tool that allows users to customise tower light selections and view related information.

Banner Engineering SureCross B2Q Gateway Module

With its board-level design and easy mounting capabilities, the Banner Q45 B2Q gateway is easily embedded inside equipment, enclosures and on control panels.

Banner Engineering SureCross Q45 Remote Device (RD) wireless sensor

The SureCross Q45 Remote Device (RD) wireless sensor is capable of interfacing with isolated dry contacts or PNP outputs.

Banner Engineering SureCross Q45 self-contained, wireless photoelectric sensor solution

The SureCross Q45 provides a turnkey wireless photoelectric solution with extended battery life up to five years on two AA lithium batteries.

Banner Engineering EZ-Light S18L general-purpose indicators

The S18L indicator is capable of standalone use on a machine or enclosed in a panel, making it suitable for a variety of applications in manufacturing and factory automation.

Banner Engineering EZ-Light K50 Touch lighted operator

The Banner Engineering EZ-Light K50 Touch is a rugged, cost-effective lighted operator designed for easy and efficient pick-to-light and lean manufacturing processes.

Banner Engineering illuminated E-Stop button

The Banner Engineering illuminated emergency stop pushbutton combines status indication and safety in one unit.

Banner Engineering DF-F1 Expert dual display fibre amplifier

The Banner Engineering DF-G1 Expert dual display fibre amplifier has a thermally stable electronic design with dual display, two bright digital readouts and an improved fibre clamp, making the sensor suitable for plastic and glass assemblies.

Banner Engineering EZ-Light K50 flashing and rotating beacons

Banner Engineering’s EZ-Light K50 Beacon is now available in rotating and strobing models that radiate a bright, attention-getting signal with intense LEDs.

Banner Engineering EZ-Light TL50 beacon tower light

Banner Engineering's EZ-Light TL50 beacon tower light is a hybrid of the company’s TL50 tower and K50 beacon lights. Similarly to the company’s alternative TL50 models, the beacon tower is segmented and may be ordered with up to four different coloured LED lights - red, yellow, green or blue - which allows several messages to be conveyed at once. These segments can easily flash or rotate their bright signals, in addition to displaying a solid ON indication.

Banner Engineering EZ-Screen safety light curtain with integral muting

The Banner Engineering EZ-Screen low-profile safety light curtain with integral muting is designed for use on smaller production machines.

Banner A-Gage EZ-Array measuring light curtain with IO-Link

Banner Engineering’s A-Gage EZ-Array two-piece measuring light curtain with IO-Link output is designed to provide a cost-effective measuring sensor solution for quick and simple installations. These sensors provide high-speed, precise process monitoring and inspection, profiling and web-guiding applications such as package and baggage sizing on material handling conveyors, profiling/positioning of packages or material in process, web edge guiding, log diameter measurement and carpet to nap edge detection.

Banner Engineering TM18 EZ-Beam compact photoelectric sensor

Banner Engineering’s TM18 EZ-Beam compact photoelectric sensor is designed for use in heavy-duty environments. The TM18 offers a nickel-plated, die-cast zinc metal housing, as well as completely epoxy encapsulated electronics. Rated IP69K, the TM18 provides durability and resistance in harsh sensing environments, especially in high-pressure washdown applications. Featuring a compact, right-angle shape, an 18 mm threaded barrel mount and integral all-metal M12 quick disconnect, the TM18 sensor has the ability to fit in tight places and avoid sensor damage during machine assembly, transport, maintenance and operation.

Banner Engineering EZ-Light K50L indicator light for WSNs

The Banner Engineering EZ-Light K50L is an indicator light with an independent push-button. The push-button is mapped to a dry contact output and is designed for use with wireless sensor networks, specifically Banner SureCross FlexPower battery-operated devices. Operating independently from its attached wireless device, the K50L push-button consumes minimal power for electrical circuits or control, while three sourcing inputs control the green, yellow and red indicator lights. The K50L’s power-optimised electronics, combined with Banner’s SureCross wireless network, provide a suitable solution for call lights and machine status indication - even for remote areas without wired power or data connections.

Banner Engineering SureCross Industrial Wireless I/O Network brochure

The Banner Engineering SureCross Industrial Wireless I/O Network brochure is now available in both a print and an interactive version. The brochure provides comprehensive information on a new line of SureCross 1 W radios. These new radios offer increased I/O counts to accommodate most application requirements, in addition to a higher-powered radio transmitter to increase the range of wireless networks.

Banner Engineering R58B Series registration mark sensor

The R58B Series registration mark sensor from Banner Engineering provides the same performance detection and colour contrast sensitivity of the R58E, but with the addition of a simplified teach process. Teach is performed quickly via a single-click on the teach push-button on the sensor or via remote input. The teach button allows the sensor to ‘learn’ the light and dark sensing conditions, based on user inputs, and then can automatically adjust the sensitivity to place the operating threshold midway between threshold for the light and dark condition.

Banner Engineering EZ-Light K50 beacon light

The EZ-Light K50 beacon light from Banner Engineering provides intense levels of light output from all directions and is designed to be a solution where high brightness is needed, including both indoor and outdoor environments. Due to its high visibility, the K50 is a suitable lighting solution for a wide range of applications, including general status indication such as gate entrances, and for areas with high levels of ambient light that would normally wash out a standard indicator light.

Banner World-Beam Q20FF fixed-field background suppression sensor

The Banner Engineering World-Beam Q20FF fixed-field background suppression sensor is a compact photoelectric sensor offering enhanced sensing capabilities with visible red, fixed-field background suppression and a sensing range up to 150 mm.

Banner Engineering VSM Series Micro Sensors

The VSM Series Micro Sensors from Banner Engineering provide a solution for a wide variety of applications in a number of different industries, specifically those requiring smooth, hygienic designs such as food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. Other applications include die sensing, part presence verification and assembly machines with articulated or reciprocating motion.

Telco PA 15 photoelectric amplifier

The PA 15 photoelectric amplifier from Telco is a hybrid of the company’s PA 11 series and the more recent PAB 10 series.

Banner Engineering SureCross Performance wireless I/O gateways and nodes

Banner Engineering’s SureCross Performance wireless I/O gateways and nodes now feature a high-power RF design with 1 W transmit power in the 900 MHz ISM band, providing an increased range between devices of up to 10 km.

Adlink Technology MXE-1200 fanless embedded computer with wireless

The MXE-1200 from Adlink Technology is an industrial fanless embedded computer with enhanced RF functions and LVDS and VGA dual display. The MXE-1200 provides rugged fanless operation from -20 to 70°C, 5 gRMS vibration resistance, an ethernet port and 6-36 VDC wide range power input.

Honeywell XYR6000 wireless position sensor

The XYR6000 wireless position sensor by Honeywell gives users the ability to remotely monitor a number of applications ranging from valve position to safety-shower emergency use. Originally introduced by Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) in June 2009, the XYR6000 is now being offered by Honeywell Sensing and Control to targeted OEM customers.

Banner Engineering World-Beam QS30AFF400 and QS30AF600 sensors

The World-Beam QS30AFF400 foreground suppression sensor and QS30AF600 background suppression sensor use linear imager technology to provide a sensing solution for many industrial applications, including part-in-place detection, feeder-bowl control and package detection on conveyors.

Unitronics Vision560 PLC

The Unitronics Vision560 PLC, provides 1,024 I/O options with data logging and built-in recipe capability.

Banner Engineering iVu Plus touch screen vision sensors

The upgraded iVu touch screen vision sensor range, iVu Plus, from Banner Engineering adds ethernet connectivity and more advanced inspection capabilities. Ethernet connectivity enables iVu Plus sensors to more easily share inspection data directly with PLCs, PCs or other factory devices. The range is also capable of storing up to 30 inspections, accommodating rapid product changeover, while a new sort sensor function facilitates object sorting.

Honeywell Limitless series wireless limit switches

Honeywell Sensing and Control has announced the Limitless series of wireless limit switches that combines flexibility with harsh-duty packaging to increase efficiencies and improve safety for machines, equipment, OEMs and operators.

Banner Engineering AG4 safety laser scanner

The AG4 safety laser scanner from Banner Engineering uses pulsed infrared laser light to locate the position of objects in its field of view. It is designed to safeguard irregularly shaped areas not suitable for a standard two- or three-piece safety light screen. By meeting all requirements for Type 3 per IEC 61496-1/-2, Category 3 PLd per EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL2 per IEC 61508, the scanner is suitable for applications including area guarding, access/perimeter guarding, and automated guided vehicle collision avoidance.

Banner Engineering metal housing for DX99 wireless node

Banner Engineering has introduced a compact metal housing rated for Class I, Division 1 hazardous locations for its intrinsically safe DX99 wireless node product line. A DX99 node provides power to sensors directly within a hazardous area, with an integrated battery power supply that produces an intrinsically safe (IS) power source for the radio transceiver and external third-party sensors. Equipped with its metal housing, the DX99 node is more versatile while maintaining its single chamber design - placing the battery, wiring terminal and radio together for easy mounting and connection to sensors.

Unitronics Vision1040 PLC and integrated HMI

The Unitronics Vision1040 PLC and integrated HMI is designed to allow machine manufacturers and system integrators to add a 10.4 colour touch screen equipped with a nine programmable function key display and full PLC functionality to their systems. It provides up to 1024 I/O options, a USB programming port, data logging, and built-in recipe capability.

Banner Engineering Ez-Light K80 call light

Banner Engineering has introduced the Ez-Light K80 call light, designed to optimise productivity in flexible manufacturing environments. The call light is a simple solution for keeping parts bins stocked and the assembly line productive: it emits a flashing red signal from a large 50 mm dome - visible from 180 degrees - to notify stocking personnel when parts bin supplies must be replenished. This notification ensures parts bins are refilled before supplies are gone, allowing assembly and manufacturing line operators to sustain production.

Adlink Technology EOS-1000 PoE vision system

The EOS-1000 by Adlink Technology is a compact vision system based on the Intel Core2 Duo P8400 processor. Providing four independent PoE ports with data transfer rates up to 4 Gbps, the EOS-1000 is suitable for applications such as 3D vision robotic guidance.

Adlink Ampro RuffSystem 735 and MilSystem 735 computers

The Adlink Ampro RuffSystem 735 is designed for ruggedness and reliability in mission-critical applications, such as in military vehicles, transportation control and field monitoring, and is also designed for high-vibration mobile applications.

Banner Engineering 2010 catalogue

Micromax has announced Banner Engineering’s 2010 catalogue which provides a user-friendly guide to the company’s product range.

Banner Engineering iVu remote touch screen display

The iVu remote touch screen display from Banner Engineering is designed to deliver easy-to-apply yet comprehensive vision inspection to hard-to-access areas.

Banner QS18 adjustable-field foreground suppression sensors

The Banner Engineering World-Beam QS18 adjustable-field foreground suppression sensors are designed to reliably detect objects regardless of colour, reflectivity, surface irregularities or background conditions. The sensor’s universal mounting design makes installation quick and easy, while a screwdriver adjustment allows for precise set-up of sensing range.

Banner Engineering iVu bar code reader

The iVu bar code reader (BCR) from Banner Engineering is an industrial touch-screen bar code reader that can read 11 industry-standard bar codes to facilitate advanced traceability in packaging, material handling, pharmaceutical and many industrial applications.

Banner Engineering BWA-SOLAR-001 FlexPower solar supply

Banner Engineering has released the FlexPower solar supply, BWA-SOLAR-001, specifically designed for powering SureCross wireless network devices.

Banner Engineering SureCross DXER9 ethernet data radio

Banner Engineering’s SureCross DXER9 ethernet data radio is an industrial-grade, long-range 900 MHz radio used to create point-to-multipoint configurations of wireless ethernet networks with up to 16 subscriber units. The DXER9 is designed for industrial applications and will perform reliably in applications that are too noisy or too far away for standard Wi-Fi-based systems.

Registration mark sensors

The R58A Series registration mark sensors from Banner Engineering are designed for detecting registration marks in printing and material registration applications often found in the web printing, product packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Washdown vision sensor

Banner Engineering has introduced the PresencePlus P4 IP68-rated, sealed Omni vision sensor. Featuring a compact, durable, nickel-plated, aluminium housing, the P4 Sealed Omni vision sensor is designed to withstand washdown conditions, as well as dust and debris common in harsh-duty environments with the use of an integrated ring light or lens cover.

Small object counter

Banner Engineering has introduced the D10 Expert Small Object Counter, designed for high-performance, small object counting to solve a variety of applications, including: pharmaceutical pill, tablet and gel cap counting; agricultural seed counting; process verification; and verifying product flow from the nozzle of a chute.

Safety light curtains

The first and last beams of the Banner Engineering EZ-Screen Low Profile (LP) safety light screens are positioned at the ends of the light screen, delivering continuous detection along the entire light screen length and eliminating the dead zones found on traditional safety light curtains.

I/O expansion modules

Unitronics has released a line of enhanced I/O expansion modules. Based on the same platform as the previous modules, these four compact devices offer up to 32 digital I/Os per unit, plus three additional analog inputs for maximum I/O capacity and minimised cabinet space.

CANbus remote I/O adapter

The Unitronics EX-RC1 remote I/O adapter allows multiple adapters to connect to a single programmable logic controller, with up to eight standard expansion modules to each adapter via CANbus.

Clear object sensor

Banner Engineering's World-Beam QS30 clear object sensor, is designed to provide reliable, clear object detection to solve challenging applications.

Ultrasonic sensors for sanitary applications

Banner Engineering has introduced the U-GAGE M25U opposed-mode ultrasonic sensor pairs specifically designed for use in sanitary environments. The sensors, rated IP69K, IP67 (NEMA 6), are constructed of heavy-duty 316 stainless steel, allowing them to withstand the recurring high-pressure washdowns, severe temperatures and aggressive cleaning chemicals common in food and beverage applications.

Integrated PLC and HMI

Unitronics’ Vision350 incorporates all colour advantages into a compact all-in-one PLC/HMI device. Colour displays are becoming common in today’s automation. They enable machine builders to show more details on the operator panels and to display vivid, attention-grabbing alarms.

Banner Engineering’s 2009–2010 safety products catalogue

Banner Engineering’s 2009–2010 Safety Products Catalog is a 288-page full-colour reference to Banner’s machine safety product line, which includes safety light screens, safety laser scanners, fibre-optic safety systems, safety controllers and modules, two-hand control modules and emergency stop devices.

Tower lights

The EZ-Light TL50 tower lights by Banner Engineering are designed to deliver highly visible operator guidance and indication of equipment status. Displaying up to five colours in one tower and allowing multiple colours to be lit simultaneously, these preassembled and preconfigured multi-segment indicators replace conventional stack lights, which often require time-consuming assembly and complex wiring. In addition, models featuring audible alert with adjustable intensity are available for applications requiring sound indication.


Unitronics’ Vision 130 is a ¼ DIN, all-in-one PLC and HMI equipped with optional ethernet, improved processor and diverse I/O options.

Integrated controller and touch screen

The Unitronics Vision570 is an all-in-one compact controller with a colour touch screen, full PLC functionality, onboard I/O options and built-in recipe capability.

Combined PLC and HMI

The Unitronics’ Jazz is a PLC that includes onboard I/Os plus a full-function operator panel with numeric keypad. It enables users to replace ‘smart relays’ with a smarter, more powerful device, while keeping the same low budget.

Image sensor

Banner Engineering has introduced the iVu series image sensor, combining a photoelectric sensor and a vision sensor in one unit. The iVu also features a 68.5 mm LCD touch screen with an intuitive interface and easily configurable inspection parameters. This allows even first-time users to quickly and conveniently apply and support inspections right on the factory floor, without the use of a PC.

Segmented indicator lights

Banner Engineering’s Ez-Light segmented indicator lights are designed for operator guidance and indication of equipment status.

Audible indicator lights

Banner Engineering’s Ez-Light audible indicator lights are designed for operator guidance and indication of equipment status. These rugged indicators feature multi-coloured, long-lasting LEDs, deliver a convenient solution for displaying the status of remote and inaccessible sensors, and minimise the need for costly and inconvenient bulb replacements.

Banner Engineering photoelectric sensors

Banner Engineering’s World-Beam QS18 universal voltage sensors feature AC or DC voltage operation. The 3-wire photoelectric sensors deliver solid-state output for reliable presence/absence detection in a wide variety of applications, including package and material handling.

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

Banner Engineering has introduced the SureCross temperature and humidity sensor, optimised for use with the company’s SureCross wireless network.

Water sensors

Banner Engineering World-Beam QS30H2O opposed mode water sensors provide a solution for efficiently detecting water-based liquids in clear, frosted, coloured or even partially opaque bottles or containers.

Wireless developer’s kit

Banner Engineering has announced the SureCross DX70 Wireless Developer’s Kit, consisting of a gateway and one node transceiver to enable on-site wireless testing. The ready-to-use, self-contained kit provides battery boxes with test buttons and indicator lights simulating inputs and outputs to determine an application’s specific range and response time requirements.

Wireless temperature nodes

Banner Engineering Corp has announced analog thermocouple and RTD instrumentation nodes for the SureCross wireless network. Designed and purpose-built for Banner’s SureCross wireless network, these nodes are available in versions to support thermocouple/thermistor inputs and 2-, 3- and 4-wire RTDs.

FlexPower wireless sensor nodes

Banner Engineering has introduced FlexPower nodes for the Banner SureCross wireless network. FlexPower provides a versatile wireless solution by allowing a SureCross node to operate using 10 to 30 VDC line power, solar panels, or a FlexPower battery module in remote or difficult-to-access locations.

M-Gage wireless vehicle sensor

Banner Engineering has introduced the M-Gage wireless sensor node for vehicle sensing using Banner’s new SureCross Wireless Network. The specially optimised M-Gage wireless sensor is encapsulated in a rugged, IP67 SureCross node enclosure and accompanied by a long-lasting FlexPower battery.

Wireless network

Banner Engineering has introduced the SureCross wireless network, a wireless platform built from the ground up for industry and featuring proprietary RF design, advanced power management features and robust communications integrity. SureCross is optimised for a wide range of challenging sensing and control applications with high reliability, security and deterministic response capabilities.

Intrinsically safe barriers

Turck IM Series Isolating Intrinsically Safe Barriers from Micromax now have IEC Ex International approvals.

Ethernet gateway

Turck's BL67 line of modular I/O is now available with ethernet gateways, augmenting the current available gateways DeviceNet Profibus-DP and CANopen. The BL67 ethernet gateways interface with Modbus TCP and ethernet/IP.

Barcode reader

The PresencePlus P4 BCR vision sensor from Banner Engineering Corp reads advanced 2D and 1D barcodes including Data Matrix ECC200 and PDF 417, as well as linear codes such as Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN-8 and EAN-13 (supports UPC-A).

PresencePlus P4 Edge 1.3 vision sensor

The PresencePlus P4 Edge 1.3 vision sensor from Banner Engineering Corp makes detailed automated error-proofing and inspections possible at what is claimed to be a fraction of the cost of comparable vision sensors. The P4 Edge 1.3 uses a 1280 x 1024 pixel imager (1,310,720 pixels) to capture minute details of multiple features at ranges from a few inches to several feet, depending on the lens used.

Junction boxes

The Turck 4- and 8-port pentafast junction boxes provide multiple I/O points for increased flexibility. The junction boxes' small footprint offers installation flexibility to small OEM machine builders who need a compact junction box or robotic applications that require small, lightweight junction boxes.

Digital read-out sensor

Turck's self-contained, fully programmable DRO sensor monitors both flow and temperature. The digital read-out (DRO) flow sensor features a highly visible, three-digit display that can alternate between flow rate and media temperature. In addition to an adjustable on and off delay feature, the DRO allows the user to program setpoints specific to an application and has an adjustable filter to smooth out erratic flow conditions. DRO sensors are designed to operate with media such as water, glycol and other fluids.


Animatics' SM 3416, NEMA 34 size integrated servomotor produces more than 1 NM of continuous torque.

Inductive sensor

Turck has introduced the Q18 proximity sensor. Similar in style to the Q25 and Q30 series of inductive sensors, these one-piece rectangular sensors measure 18 x 18 x 29 mm.

Network products catalogue

InterlinkBT a provider of bus network products and services, has published a catalogue that gives a line of network products for DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, and industrial ethernet.

Closure caps

Turck has introduced a way to protect unused junction box ports with the eurofast closure caps.

levelprox level sensor

Turck has announced a dual mode version of its levelprox.

QS30 laser sensors

Banner Engineering has announced the World-Beam QS30 diffuse laser sensor range that features a visible laser beam for ease of alignment and long-range diffuse-mode sensing capabilities.


ESCHA and Micromax announce sales partnership

ESCHA Bauelemente GmbH and Micromax Sensors & Automation have entered into a sales partnership, extending ESCHA’s sales operations and enhancing its market position in Australia.



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