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Westermo RedFox industrial ethernet switch

The Westermo RedFox Layer 3 industrial ethernet routing switch range is now fully certified for use in hazardous areas.

Moxa V2201 industrial wireless computers

The thermal design of Moxa's LTE-enabled V2201 wireless computers ensures reliable system operation in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.

Cybertec 2455 LTE 4G cellular router

Designed and manufactured locally to suit Australian environmental conditions, the Cybertec 2455 LTE 4G cellular router provides a high level of reliability with isolated power and serial ports.

Moxa WDR-3124A 802.11n/HSPA wireless router

The Moxa WDR-3124A is a wireless router that combines both WLAN and WWAN connectivity to ensure that wireless devices remain connected.

Moxa OnCell G3470A-LTE cellular gateway for LTE

The OnCell G3470A-LTE is an LTE cellular gateway with built-in power and antenna isolation to mitigate electromagnetic interference.

Moxa MX-AOPC UA Server

Moxa has released the MX-AOPC UA Server, an automation software solution that helps users facilitate efficient, seamless SCADA device data management.

Moxa ioLogik 2500 series 4-in-1 remote I/O system

The ioLogik 2500 series integrates I/O functionality, an Ethernet switch, serial/Modbus connectivity and 32 GB of data logging into a single remote I/O device.

Moxa PT-G503-PHR-PTP series RedBox

Moxa PT-G503-PHR-PTP series redundancy boxes (RedBoxes) are compliant with the latest IEC 62439-3 standard.

Moxa AWK-1131A 802.11n wireless AP/client

Moxa's AWK-1131A is an 802.11n wireless AP/client that features a smaller housing with advanced protection technology, making continuous wireless connections a reality for industrial applications.

Moxa EDS-G512E-8PoE industrial PoE+ Ethernet switch

The Moxa EDS-G512E-8PoE features eight Gigabit PoE+ ports allowing for large bandwidth transmissions and up to 30 W of power in its standard mode, and 36 W for power-sensitive applications.

Moxa DA-820 rackmount embedded computer with PRP/HSR

The DA-820 rackmount embedded computers are said to be the world's first native PRP/HSR management servers that provide bumpless redundancy through PRP and HSR.

Moxa MXstudio 2.0 network management suite

Moxa's MXstudio 2.0 network management suite supports a variety of devices, including Ethernet switches, wireless AP/bridge/clients, Ethernet gateways, serial device servers, and IP cameras.

Moxa UC-8100 small form factor wireless Linux computer

UC-8100 computers combine high-performance RISC architectures with ample storage capacity, allowing users wide flexibility when developing new automation systems.

Moxa high-bandwidth ethernet solutions

Moxa has unveiled high-bandwidth integrated solutions that ensure high network availability to provide bandwidth-hungry quad-play services over a single converged network.

Moxa ioLogik W5340-HSPA cellular remote I/O device

The ioLogik W5340-HSPA is equipped with a cellular interface that supports both five band UMTS/HSPA+ and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE functionality.

Moxa ioPAC 5542 RTU

The ioPAC 5542 remote terminal units combine a GPRS/HSPA cellular modem, fully featured I/O terminals, and a data logger in a single device.

Moxa MXstudio network management suite

Moxa has released the MXstudio software suite, which combines all the tools needed for installation, operation, maintenance and diagnostics.

Moxa PowerTrans PT-7528 series ethernet switches

The Moxa PowerTrans PT-7528 series is claimed to be the industry's first series of ethernet switches designed to fulfil IEC 61850-90-4 requirements and equipped with built-in MMS servers.

Moxa EDS E series gigabit ethernet switches

The EDS E series is Class 1, Div 2/ATEX Zone 2, DNV, NEMA TS2, EN 50121-4, IEEE 1613 Class 2 compliant and an updated DIN-rail mounting kit design resists severe vibration.

Moxa EDS-210A series 10-port unmanaged switches

The Moxa EDS-210A series is suitable for high-speed industrial applications that require flexible fibre/copper port combinations.

Moxa ioLogik R1200 series RS485 serial interface I/O devices

The ioLogik R1200 smart RS485 serial remote I/O devices are designed for establishing a cost-effective, dependable and easy-to-maintain process control remote I/O system.

Moxa EDR-810 industrial multiport secure router and switch

The EDR-810 is an industrial multiport secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN and managed L2 switching functions, which allow the EDR-810 to transmit data efficiently while protecting the network and critical devices from cyberattacks.

Moxa MXconfig deployment and configuration software

Moxa’s MXconfig is a free software utility for configuring and deploying industrial network devices, and can be used with a wide range of Moxa industrial ethernet switches.

Moxa ethernet automation profiles

Moxa has announced a selection of automation-certified profiles for its family of industrial ethernet switches and industrial ethernet gateways that can be easily integrated into ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP networks.

Cybertec 2150 and 2250 quad-band 3G routers

The Cybertec 2150 and 2250 3G routers improve on their predecessors by including a faster processor, additional memory and quad-band modules as well as additional functionality in firmware.

Neousys Nuvo-1300af fanless embedded computer for automation

The Neousys Nuvo-1300af is a fanless embedded controller with four integrated gigabit PoE ports, an Intel Core i7 processor, and an operating temperature range of -25 to 70°C.

Moxa EDS-405A and EDS-408A-PN managed ethernet switches with Profinet

The EDS-405A and EDS-408A-PN are 5- and 8-port managed ethernet switches with embedded Profinet, making them easy to integrate into Simatic Step 7 systems.

Neousys industrial fanless embedded PCs range

The Neousys range of industrial PCs includes the Nuvo-1000 Series multiple GbE platforms, Nuvo-2000 Series fanless IPC with expansion slots and the Nuvo-1300af fanless GbE embedded controller.

Acksys ruggedised wireless equipment for industrial and transport applications

Acksys offers a wide range of ruggedised wireless equipment for industrial and transportation applications using the Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standard in 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

Westermo Wolverine DDW-142 SHDSL ethernet network extender

The Wolverine DDW-142 allows effective ethernet networks to be created over long distances (up to 15 km) at data rates up to 15.3 Mbps on a single twisted pair cable.

Korenix JetNet 3810Gf/3810f Series industrial PoE boost switches

These switches convert 12-24 VDC from a battery to 48 VDC for eight PoE ports, offering up to 65 W power to IEEE 802.3af compliant devices.

Moxa MGate 5101-PBM-MN Profibus/Modbus TCP gateway

The MGate 5101-PBM-MN gateway provides a communication portal between Profibus devices (such as Profibus drives or instruments) and Modbus TCP hosts.

Moxa PTC-101-M12 series ethernet-to-fibre media converters

The PTC-101-M12 series meets critical EMC, shock, vibration and environmental requirements in compliance with the EN 50121-4 standard.

Moxa DA-685 19″ 2U rackmount computer

The DA-685 series computers feature the Intel Atom D510 processor, a fanless design, PTP v2 and EMC Level 4 certification.

Moxa NPort W2150A/W2250A series RS232/422/485 to wireless IEEE 802.11a/b/g device servers

The NPort W2150A/W2250A series allows secure data access with WEP/WPA/WPA2/802.1x encryption, consumes only 2.4 W of power and supports wide-temperature operation.

Moxa PowerTrans PT-7528 28-port rackmount ethernet switch

With IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certifications, modular design and high copper port density, the PT-7528 is suitable for station-level deployments in power substations.

Moxa EDS-G205A-4PoE switches

The Moxa EDS-G205A-4PoE switches are 5-port, unmanaged full-gigabit ethernet switches supporting Power-over-Ethernet on ports 2 to 5.

Moxa ioLogik W5348-HSDPA-C series micro RTU controller

The Moxa ioLogik W5348-HSDPA-C series is a metal-encased, all-in-one micro RTU controller that combines a cellular modem, an I/O controller and a data logger into a compact device.

Moxa AWK-3131-M12 wireless AP/bridge with M12 connectors

Created specifically for applications where strong vibrations can cause networking problems, the AWK-3131-M12 from Moxa provides the secure reliability of M12 connectors and protect wired connections from the inevitable wear and tear of vibration, moisture and dust.

Moxa AWK-3121 3-in-1 industrial wireless AP/bridge/client

The Moxa AWK-3121 is a 3-in-1 industrial wireless AP/bridge/client that is suitable for applications such as power automation, transportation automation, and oil and gas applications. It supports multiple IEEE 802.11 standards and higher security levels, including wireless communication in the 5 GHz band.

Westermo Lynx DSS serial-to-ethernet switches

Lynx DSS is an industrial ethernet switch for managing applications with a combination of IP and serial connections. Providing a single unit solution, the Lynx DSS replaces the need for multiple units. Powered by an updated version of the Westermo WeOS operating system, it provides serial-to-ethernet connectivity and support for dual serial networks, modem replacement functionality, and Modbus gateways. Legacy devices can be connected via two serial ports (RS-232 and RS-232/RS-422/485).

Westermo MR-270 mobile broadband router

The Westermo MR-270 mobile broadband router is designed to eliminate the need for time-consuming site visits. It provides a network infrastructure suitable for industrial remote access using the internet. It provides users with access to SCADA systems, HMI and PLCs. The resilient network minimises downtime and dual SIMs provide high availability in critical situations. Fail-over technologies ensure high availability, as the MR-270 is easily integrated with external ADSL devices, Falcon and DR-260, allowing wired and wireless access.

GarrettCom Magnum 10ETS ethernet terminal server

The GarrettCom Magnum 10ETS ethernet terminal server provides up to eight ethernet ports or up to 32 serial ports for protection, SCADA devices and IRIG-B time coding, and is suitable for large substation installations with large numbers of serial instruments.

Westermo Lynx+ L110-F2G managed 10-port Layer 2 ethernet switch

The Lynx+ L110-F2G is a managed 10-port Layer 2 ethernet switch from Westermo that is suitable for advanced Layer 2 switching in industrial applications with extreme operating conditions. It has eight fixed 10/100/BaseTX ports and two multi-rate SFP ports (100 Mb or 1000 Mb), enabling users to choose from a variety of transceivers.

Westermo Falcon VDSL2 ethernet routing switch with device server

The Westermo Falcon industrial broadband router with integrated ethernet routing switch is designed to provide two-way, high-speed secure communication between remote sites enabling economical and reliable connection to equipment such as SCADA, PLCs, RTUs and I/O devices.

Moxa MXview industrial network management

The Moxa MXview industrial network management software (iNMS) package for industrial ethernet automation networks is a web-based network management tool that supports up to 500 network devices across distributed subnets. MXview can scan a network to create a visual map of the network to help network administrators quickly discover, monitor and troubleshoot complex traffic and network events.

Wolverine DDW-120 ethernet SHDSL extender

An updated version of the Wolverine DDW-120 ethernet SHDSL extender with increased data rate is now available. The DDW-120, enhanced for industrial applications, can be used to establish reliable long-distance, high-speed remote connections between simple and complex ethernet networks using any existing twisted pair copper cables.

Westermo Wolverine 200-series ethernet extenders

The Wolverine ethernet extender series from Westermo has been enhanced with Class 1, Division 2 approval. This allows the Wolverine series to be installed in hazardous or potentially explosive environments containing flammable vapours and gases.

Multiple connection options with x86-based embedded computer

Moxa V481 embedded computer is based on the Intel x86 CPU, supports VGA output and can be used in extreme temperature environments.


Madison Technologies distributes Control Solutions gateways

Madison Technologies has announced a distribution partnership with Control Solutions, to provide its Babel Buster protocol gateway products across ANZ.

Madison Technologies offering wireless range for hazardous areas

Madison Technologies has announced an agreement with Ventev to provide wireless solutions for hazardous and harsh environments.

Madison Group Enterprises announces four new businesses

Madison Technologies has rebranded as Madison Group Enterprises to expand its products, solutions and services under four distinct names.

Madison Technologies announces InHand Networks distribution

Madison Technologies has announced a partnership with InHand Technologies, a brand of industrial communication products.

Rajant appoints Madison Technologies for its wireless mesh technologies

Distributor appointment brings Rajant's Kinetic Mesh technology to IIoT applications.

Madison Technologies overcomes challenges to win Mobotix project of the year award

Madison Technologies has been recognised by Mobotix for the innovative use of M15 thermal cameras in a large-scale safety monitoring system deployed on a heavy industrial project in Victoria.

Madison Technologies expands hazardous area networking range

Madison Technologies has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of the Solexy explosion-proof and intrinsically safe communications product range in Australia and New Zealand.

Madison Technologies to distribute Pelco CCTV equipment

Madison Connective Technologies has announced a distribution agreement with CCTV brand Pelco by Schneider Electric.



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