IICA celebrates 75 years

IICA celebrates 75 years

This year the Institute of Instrumentation and Control Australia (IICA) is celebrating its 75th anniversary. First established in 1943 as the Australian Society of Instrument Technology (ASIT), the organisation is focused on the promotion and development of the interests of individuals and organisations involved with the use and production of industrial instrumentation and control technologies in Australia.

In the early 1940s, Paul Crivelli, at that time General Manager of ABACUS Instrument Co., arranged a regular monthly luncheon with a number of people in Melbourne that were involved in instrumentation. Eventually, on 24 August 1943, the Australian Society of Instrument Technology (ASIT) was formed, and is believed to be the first national technical society in the world to be formed specifically to deal with instrumentation only.

The meeting elected as President, Dr P L Henderson, Chief Chemist, Monsanto (Australia) Pty Ltd, and as Vice President, Dr N B Lewis, Chief Chemist, Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd. Mr P A Crivelli was elected as Honorary Secretary.

In 1944, several members travelled to Sydney and formed the Australian Institute of Instrument Technology (AIIT). The two organisations subsequently agreed to produce the Australian Journal of Instrument Technology, management of the journal being arranged by ASIT. Over time, a South Australian division was also formed, and in November 1957 it was decided that the separate organisations were amalgamated to create the Society of Instrument Technology Australia (SITA). The two founding bodies ceased to exist on 1 January 1959 and Mr R B Pearson of ICIANZ became the first President of the new amalgamated SITA.

On 10 November 1966, the name of the amalgamated body was officially changed to the Institute of Instrumentation and Control Australia (IICA).

The IICA is an open arena for members to build their network and knowledge, to enhance their professional career and make some lifelong friendships. Among its many purposes is the promotion and encouragement of technical education in the science of instrument technology and to establish events and exhibitions aimed at the advancement of the knowledge of instrument technology and the latest advancements in the field.

As such, it holds regular technology expos in each state, TÜV training courses, technical evenings, site visits and social events by which members can stay up to date and network.

Standardisation efforts

The IICA also aims to promote, support and encourage the standardisation of scientific and industrial instruments and accessories, and as such, the IICA is playing an active part in the development of Australian Standards.

Those efforts include promoting the standardisation of measuring instruments and determination of standard technology, and promoting improvements in Australian Standards affecting the practice of instrumentation and control. It is currently involved in more than 10 Standards Australia working committees.

Supporting ongoing education

Continuous education today is a must-have part of any career and the IICA assists professionals involved in instrumentation and control in three areas:

  • Assisting in professional development: Fostering high standards for the design and manufacture of instrumentation and control techniques.
  • Providing a knowledge base: Encouraging education in the theory and practice of instrumentation and control, and allied studies.
  • Keeping up with future trends: Furthering the science and practice of measurement, instrumentation and control.
Functional safety

The IICA also provides functional safety training though its Functional Safety Engineer SIS training course, which has been developed for automation and control professionals and risk engineers in the process industries. IICA is an accepted course provider in the TÜV Rheinland FS Program, and TÜV Rheinland will award qualified participants who pass the exam at the end of the course an FS Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certificate.

ISA training

The IICA also offers a range of 1-day ISA (International Society of Automation) Professional Development Courses. These internationally recognised courses, updated to Australian Standards, are offered by accredited instructors with industry experience, non-biased and vendor-neutral.


The IICA also runs seminars Australia-wide in capital cities and regional areas, providing technical presentations and workshops in a friendly, relaxed environment, interspersed by networking opportunities with other members and registered non-members.

The seminars are open to all, including managers, engineers, apprentices and students. The technical presentation, presented by an industry expert, is followed by an optional workshop in the afternoon.

During its 75th year, IICA will continue holding its regular technology expos in each state, TÜV training courses, technical evenings, site visits and social events, culminating with a gala black tie event in October.

Longevity is often associated with success and there is no better time to be an IICA member than now.

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