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Flexicon Dual Bulk Bag Filling System

25 January, 2012 by

The Dual Bulk Bag Filling System from Flexicon integrates two Swing-Down bulk bag fillers with a Flexicon Pallet Dispenser and powered roller conveyors, allowing safe, high-capacity filling of bulk bags of all popular sizes. Programmable controls allow the fillers to operate separately or simultaneously, filling bags of the same size or two different sizes.

Containing toxic dust in fluoridation plants

09 January, 2012

For many years various Australian authorities have been slowly installing water-fluoridation plants in a general endeavour to promote dental health. In the last few years, though, the pace of fluoridation has quickened as various states have introduced fluoridation programs, backed by state government subsidies.

Flexicon skid-mounted bag discharge system

28 October, 2011 by

The Flexicon Bulk Bag Discharging System with integral Pneumatic Conveying System transfers material from bulk bags to silos and other storage vessels. Unlike most discharging systems that move material from bulk bags to smaller storage vessels and process equipment, this positive pressure pneumatic system is designed to fill bulk storage facilities on islands, or other locations unable to receive large volumes of bulk material by rail or bulk truck.

Moving difficult-to-handle bulk materials with flexible screw conveyors

26 October, 2011

Flexible screw conveyor systems can be engineered to transport bulk materials that tend to pack, cake, smear, break apart or fluidise, and can prevent the separation of blended products. This article looks at the how flexible screw conveyors can be designed to convey such problematic materials.

Schenck Process Disocont Tersus continuous feeder control

28 July, 2011 by

Schenck Process has added intuitive touch-screen operation, intelligent interfaces and optimised modularity to its Disocont Tersus measurement, control and regulation for device continuous feeding.

Flexicon bulk bag filling line

22 July, 2011 by

Flexicon is supplying a bulk bag filling line that automatically dispenses pallets, fills bulk bags and accumulates filled bags for removal by forklift.

Flexicon plant-wide weigh batching system

10 June, 2011 by

An automated plant-wide weigh batching system engineered by Flexicon simultaneously weighs up to seven major ingredients received in bulk bags and unlimited minor ingredients received in 23 kg sacks, pails or boxes, and conveys weighed batches to a downstream blender that feeds a bulk bag filler and a paper sack filling machine.

Donaldson PowerCore CP Series filter packs

28 May, 2011 by

PowerCore CP Series filter ‘packs’ can replace traditional baghouse technology for dust collection in a variety of industries including general industrial, grain handling, cement, plastic and wood.

New mixing technology increases production capacity for body-care products

28 April, 2011

Urtekram International A/S is the largest Danish manufacturer of organic body-care products such as cream, shampoo and liquid deodorant. Recently the company has achieved an increase in its production capacity by installing new batch-mixing technology.

Flexicon single-trip bulk bag unloader

21 March, 2011 by

Flexicon has released a single-trip bulk bag unloader that allows rapid, low-cost discharging in low headroom areas, and conveying of the material at any angle to downstream processing, storage or packaging equipment.

Flexicon Tip-Tite high-lift box/container tipper

17 January, 2011 by

The Tip-Tite high-lift box/container tipper discharges dust free into vessels 183 to 305 cm above the plant floor.

DAF system achieves highly efficient solids separation

15 November, 2010

An innovative DAF (dissolved air flotation) system for treating or refining wastewater, engineered in Europe to EU standards, has been introduced to Australia by CST Wastewater Solutions.

Flexicon self-contained bag dump system

14 October, 2010 by

A self-contained bag dump system from Flexicon collects dust generated during manual dumping and compaction of bags, and conveys bulk material downstream. The unit is intended to reduce material waste and eliminate the need to clean a remote dust collection site, while protecting workers and preventing plant contamination.

Copa SAF packaged submerged aerated filter (SAF) wastewater system

17 August, 2010 by

EIMCO Water Technologies has launched a packaged submerged aerated filter (SAF) wastewater system in Australia. EWT say the Copa SAF is a well-proven product, having been adopted by every major UK water company, and has has been modified by EWT to suit Australian requirements.

Automated handling of activated carbon in bulk bags

13 August, 2010

Automation reduces dust and labour for municipal water treatment plants.

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