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NBE integrated bulk material handling system

17 March, 2014

NBE has introduced an automated bulk material handling and packaging system built on the NBE integrated construction and controls infrastructure.

Griffith seed company contains dust with equipment from Flexicon

03 March, 2014

South Pacific Seeds is one of the world's largest vegetable seed companies, producing 2.930 tonnes of seeds in the 2011-2012 crop year. Atmospheric dust generation was a problem until better handling of bulk gypsum was introduced.

Automated PAC bag discharge improves water plant safety

17 February, 2014

Until recently, operators at a water treatment plant in Colorado were feeding powdered activated carbon (PAC) from 20 kg bags, manually carrying them up a flight of stairs to dump them into a storage hopper above a feeder - risking injury and creating excessive dust. The problem was solved with a bulk bag discharger.

Flexicon dust hood for its bulk bag dischargers

06 December, 2013

Flexicon has released a dust hood for its bulk bag dischargers, designed to contain spillage and dust that can escape through seams in the bag and folds in the spout.

Boral's Peppertree quarry achieves an industry-leading mobile crushing solution

12 November, 2013

In-pit crushing has been common in Europe for some time, but is relatively new in Australia. Following an extensive design consultation process for its Peppertree Quarry, Australia's largest building and construction materials supplier, Boral, is now leading the way in world's best practice for in-pit crushing.

Flexicon ultraheavy-duty bulk bag filling system

30 October, 2013

Flexicon has released a bulk bag filling system for ultraheavy-duty applications that can fill bulk bags with aggregates, abrasive minerals, powdered metals, dry chemical additives, filter press cake and other difficult-to-handle bulk materials.

NBE sanitary bulk container dumper

25 October, 2013

The construction of this NBE sanitary bulk container dumper meets the FDA, cGMP definition for cleanability according to 21CFR110.40, with design features that proactively facilitate thorough cleaning and meet or reduce target cleaning times.

ACS Valves Aero-Flow Series rotary feeders

08 October, 2013

The Aero-Flow Series of rotary feeders is designed specifically for pneumatic conveying of dense materials such as fine powders used in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, food and bakery processing, plastics, and milling.

ACS Valves BT Series blow-through feeder/airlock for pneumatic conveying

26 September, 2013

The BT Series blow-through feeder/airlock is designed to ensure optimal bulk density and throughput of hard-to-convey materials, such as fine powders and flakes, in high-pressure pneumatic conveying applications.

National Bulk Equipment bulk bag filling systems

23 September, 2013

National Bulk Equipment (NBE) bulk bag filling systems are engineered, fabricated and constructed to speed inspections, simplify integration and ensure qualification for start-up into food processing and packaging operations.

NBE bulk bag filling process system

20 September, 2013

NBE has introduced a bulk bag filling process system that includes an automated pallet introduction, automated metering of material supply, NTEP-certified, precision bag weighing and automated, filled-bag accumulation conveyors.

Flexicon Flexi-Disc tubular cable conveyors

09 July, 2013

The Flexi-Disc line of tubular cable conveyors is designed for the gentle transfer of friable food and non-food products.

Flexicon Bag Dumping System with glove box, bag compactor and flexible screw conveyor

27 May, 2013

The Flexicon Bag Dumping System with glove box, bag compactor and flexible screw conveyor, isolates bulk material from the operator and plant environment throughout opening, dumping and compaction of bags, and the conveying of material downstream.

Munson Machinery Model SK-24-MS attrition mill

10 May, 2013

The Model SK-24-MS attrition mill reduces friable chemicals and minerals, as well as metal powders, wood flour, fertilisers, insecticides and fibres, producing particles within relatively narrow size ranges from 10- down to 100-mesh.

Multimillion yearly benefits flow to early adopters of green energy from wastewater

06 May, 2013

Early adopters of anaerobic technology used to convert wastewater into green energy are now reaping millions of dollars a year in benefits by replacing fossil fuel, producing less pollution as a result, and achieving much cleaner effluent water into the bargain.

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