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Lorenz RH10x compression load cell

01 October, 2022

The Lorenz RH10x compression load cell has a low-profile design to allow easy installation into industrial weighing systems for silos or tanks.

Acromag TT351 strain gauge and load cell transmitter

28 April, 2022

The TT351 is a 4-wire transmitter that converts a 4- or 6-wire strain gauge bridge or load cell signal to an isolated voltage or current output signal.

Interface WTSSHK-B-HL telemetry load shackles

01 May, 2021

The WTSSHK-B-HL range of telemetry load shackles is suitable for providing a robust and effective method of measuring large tensile loads.

Interface load button load cells

22 April, 2020

Interface load button miniature stainless steel load cells are small in size but have a wide range of measuring capacities, from 22 N to 220 kN.

Futek LSM300 load cell

31 January, 2017

The LSM300 precision load cell offers a lightweight design with an easy side-mounting feature, making it suitable for OEM applications.

Futek IDA100 digitally configurable strain gauge amplifier

20 October, 2016

The Futek IDA100 is a digitally configurable strain gauge amplifier that provides both analog and digital output via USB.

Futek Model LCM200 miniature tension and compression load cell

27 September, 2016

The Futek Model LCM200 is a miniature tension and compression load cell built for endurance or inline tension or compression applications.

Futek Model LLB250 miniature button load cell

22 September, 2016

The Futek Model LLB250 is a miniature load button built for press or inline compression applications.

FUTEK LCM300 miniature load cell

22 July, 2016

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology has announced the LCM300, a miniature inline threaded load cell with a capacity range from 22 to 453 kg.

Instrotech IQ810 load cell transmitter

14 March, 2016

The IQ810 transmitter from Instrotech combines load cell amplification, digital display and alarm relays with both analog retransmission and serial outputs.

Interface 3AXX series load cells

09 January, 2014

The Interface 3AXX series load cells measure force in x, y and z directions and come in a wide range of capacities from 10 N to 50 kN.

Siemens Siwarex WP231 weighing module

19 November, 2012

Siwarex WP231 is a weighing module suitable for monitoring filling levels in silos and bins and for use with goods being weighed on platform scales.

Red Lion PAX2S strain gauge meter

21 April, 2012

The PAX2S provides advanced control and communication for weight measurement applications in environments that include food processing, truck scales, material storage and other weighing scenarios.

Futek CSG110 strain-gauge signal amplifier

28 December, 2011 by

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has released its upgraded CSG110 strain-gauge signal amplifier. 95% of the amplifier’s parts have been revised, reducing noise output, increasing bandwidth and implementing co-amps.

Vega WeighTrac radiation-based belt weigher

03 November, 2011 by

WeighTrac is a radiation-based sensor for precise determination of the feed rate of bulk solids. It measures contactlessly with the help of gamma radiation and is suitable for mass flow measurement on conveyers. Its frame construction allows simple installation and retrofit.

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