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Delta Ohm HD50 series data loggers

01 April, 2020

The Delta Ohm HD50 series of web-based data loggers feature a large graphic display and internal memory for up to 1 million readings.

Dewesoft KRYPTON ONE high voltage DAQ modules

20 February, 2020

The latest addition to the KRYPTON ONE range are two modules made for high voltage and thermocouple temperature measurements with high isolation.

Dewesoft KRYPTON ONE data acquisition modules

05 September, 2019

The latest KRYPTON ONE series allows the placement of the conditioner as close to the sensor as possible, even in extremely hostile environments such as engine compartments.

Dewesoft IOLITE data acquisition system

02 August, 2019

The Dewesoft IOLITE data acquisition system has two fully redundant EtherCAT bus systems that work in parallel.

Testo Saveris 2 T3 Wi-Fi Data Logger System

01 October, 2018

The Testo Saveris 2 T3 Wi-Fi Data Logger System is a modern solution for monitoring temperature.

DataTaker DT80 series multipurpose data logger

01 October, 2018

The DataTaker DT80 series is a multi-purpose measurement and control data logger compatible with most meteorological, hydrological, environmental and industrial sensors.

Achieving predictive maintenance using an oil condition monitoring system

14 September, 2018

Monitoring the condition of lubricating oils is an important part of predictive maintenance.

ICP DAS DL-100-E and DL-101-E data loggers

29 August, 2018

The DL-100-E and DL-101-E data logger devices can be used to record temperature, humidity and dewpoint information, and are able to store up to 600,000 downloadable records.

Maximising monitoring: three key ways to improve profitability

17 July, 2018 by Clinton Hommel, Product Marketing Specialist, Phoenix Contact USA

Energy monitoring is generally sold as a money-saving technology, but when properly utilised it can provide insights to improve a plant's overall efficiency in other areas.

Innovative pipeline monitoring system under development

04 May, 2018

The system will provide one of the world's first intelligent pipeline monitoring and repair sensing solutions.

Australian company helps grain farmers with sensor technology

23 April, 2018

An Aussie company is helping farmers across the world increase the yield and protein in their wheat and barley crops using sensor technology on the harvester.

Fluke 1740 Series power quality loggers

23 November, 2017

The compact Fluke 1740 Series 3-phase power quality loggers are used for studying and monitoring utility power quality and demand to industry standards.

Ralston FieldLab weatherproof long-term outdoor pressure logging

03 November, 2017

The FieldLab Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure offers a digital solution for logging pressure data in the field. It utilises an IP66 weatherproof enclosure with a solar panel and pole mount option, allowing the unit to be installed permanently.

Omron KM-N2 and KM-N3 power monitors

19 October, 2017

Omron's KM-N2 and KM-N3 power monitors offer a choice of both panel-mounted installation and DIN rail mounting for control panels.

dataTaker DT80M data logger

29 September, 2017

The dataTaker DT80M logger is a low-powered, internet-ready platform, suitable for applications in remote environments.

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