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Ablerex Enerbatt 3G wireless battery monitoring system

29 July, 2014

The Enerbatt 3G wireless battery monitoring system is based on short-range radio linking of individual battery block monitoring units, allowing battery characterisation and detection of incipient problems.

MSR Electronics MSR165 shock and vibration data logger

25 July, 2014

The MSR165 shock and vibration data logger from MSR Electronics features 1600 shock measurements per second in all three axes, and the capacity to store over 1 billion measured values.

Schneider Electric Power Outage Insight system

27 June, 2014

POI is a crisis prevention and recovery system that maximises continuous access to safe electricity across critical power applications.

Daniel DanPac Version v3.0 process acquisition controller

16 May, 2014

DanPac Version v3.0 builds on the system's ability to reduce measurement uncertainty, facilitate remote monitoring and control high-precision oil and gas custody transfer and fiscal metering systems.

Matrikon Industrial Data Logger

15 April, 2014

The Matrikon Industrial Data Logger is an intelligent automation data gateway that provides third-party connectivity, onboard data collection and intelligent data forwarding in a single box.

Hydac HMG 3010 portable measuring and data-logging device

12 March, 2014

The HMG 3010 is a portable measuring and data-logging device with automated setting procedures and simple, self-explanatory operator guidance that enables the user to carry out a wide range of measurement tasks in a short amount of time.

Fluke 2638A Hydra Series III data acquisition system

25 November, 2013

The Fluke 2638A Hydra Series III data acquisition system features a full-colour display with an easy-to-use menu system, DC measurement accuracy of 0.0024%, 6.5 digit DMM mode and CAT II safety ratings.

Fluke 1730 three-phase energy logger

18 October, 2013

The Fluke 1730 energy logger offers a straightforward, intuitive design that lets technicians load studies and energy logging right out of the box, without specialised training.

National Instruments cDAQ-9188XT rugged data acquisition system

16 October, 2013

The NI cDAQ-9188XT is a rugged, 8-slot NI CompactDAQ ethernet chassis that is designed for distributed or remote measurements in extreme environments.

Onset Hobo UX120 thermocouple logger

16 October, 2013

The Onset Hobo UX120 thermocouple logger is a 4-channel LCD data logger for measuring and recording temperature in a broad range of monitoring applications.

Phoenix Contact wind rotor blade tension monitoring solution

11 October, 2013

The RTBM monitoring solution uses strain gauges glued into the rotor blades to provide measurement data for calculating the mechanical stress imposed on the rotor blades.

Delta Ohm HD35 series wireless data loggers

24 September, 2013

The Delta Ohm HD35 series of wireless data loggers are available for a variety of parameters and feature an internal memory of up to 74,000 readings along with a secure, robust wireless system with RF interference checking and automatic channel selection.

Interworld Electronics MSR145 compact data logger

30 July, 2013

The MSR145 compact data logger from Interworld Electronics offers five internal sensors, four analog inputs and user-friendly software.

Weidmüller Varitector Logger 30 surge logger

29 May, 2013

The Varitector Logger 30 is designed to register and document large current pulses, as well as the frequency and time of incidents, by counting current pulses greater than a set threshold value which are discharged by PE conductors on surge protection devices.

Hioki 8860 8-channel high-speed memory recorder

22 March, 2013

Available to rent, the Hioki 8860 8-channel high-speed memory recorder provides quick and easy waveform observations using a multichannel logger function to capture trend graphs in real time.

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