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Emerson launches digital solutions for corrosion and erosion

01 April, 2021

Emerson has introduced what it says is a complete corrosion and erosion monitoring portfolio with digital capabilities and full integration with Plantweb.

Instrumentation — it's not just for process control

29 September, 2020 by Bruce Hawkins CMRP, Director of Technical Excellence, Emerson Reliability Consulting

A large amount of operating condition information can come from process instrumentation that is already being used for process control purposes.

Lord Sensing G-Link-200 wireless 3-axis accelerometer

15 August, 2019

The G-Link-200 is a battery-powered wireless 3-axis accelerometer with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure.

ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors and pumps

04 July, 2019

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors and pumps makes preventive maintenance possible by accurately monitoring and analysing data on motor operation.

Dytran Model 3262C high-temperature accelerometer

20 June, 2019

Dytran Instruments has released the model 3262C, a high-temperature differential output accelerometer that operates at up to +649°C.

MOVUS and Denver partner on industrial asset management

31 May, 2019

The strategic partnership aims to automate the input of real-time asset condition data into EAM systems.

Omron K6CM motor condition monitors

20 May, 2019

Omron has released a series of motor condition monitoring devices as part of a range of IoT components.

MOVUS/AMGC joint project to help with machine monitoring

12 April, 2019

Brisbane-based start-up MOVUS, developer of FitMachine, and the AMGC are partnering to offer 50 Australian manufacturers a machine monitoring solution trial.

Dytran Instruments VibraScout 6DoF USB sensor

25 October, 2018

The VibraScout 6DoF is a plug-and-play, portable data acquisition system that contains an 8-pole elliptical anti-aliasing filter and measures x, y, z acceleration, along with roll, pitch and yaw.

Emerson Roxar FSM Log 48 Area Corrosion Monitor

16 October, 2018

The Emerson Roxar FSM Log 48 Area Corrosion Monitor is a pipeline integrity management system that provides permanent, continuous online corrosion and erosion monitoring.

SCAIME OBAC-002 fibre-optic accelerometer

30 April, 2018

The SCAIME OBAC-002 is a fibre-optic accelerometer that offers precise and reliable low-level vibration and DC acceleration measurement.

Managing corrosion to create margin

01 July, 2017

For many industries, raw materials are natural products that vary in quality, creating risk to output quality, risk to plant efficiency and risk to plant reliability. If you can manage the risks, then you can create a profit margin where competitors cannot.

Heat-resistant ultrasonic transducers

30 June, 2017

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute have demonstrated special high-temperature piezo sensors can continuously monitor components that are as hot as 900°C. Potential applications include the detection of cracks and corrosion in hot power station components.

BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D Wi-Fi accelerometer and data logger

31 May, 2017

The BeanDevice Wilow AX-3D is an ultralow-power Wi-Fi accelerometer with a built-in data logger. It can be triggered by a built-in shock sensor.

Mettler-Toldedo Thornton 3000CS chloride and sulfate analyser

04 May, 2017

Mettler-Toledo Process Analytics is launching an online instrument for direct measurement of corrosive ions found in power plant water and steam.

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