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Moore Industries Pacific Inc

Established in 1984 to serve Australia and the Asia Pacific region, we are perhaps best known for product quality and exceptional customer service, Moore Industries - The Interface Solution Experts - is a world leader in the design and manufacture of interface instruments for industrial process control, system integration, and factory automation.

Phone: 02 8536 7200
Fax: 02 9525 7296
Unit 3, 1 Resolution Drive , Caringbah NSW 2229 (Directions)


Moore Industries TMZ Modbus transmitter

The TMZ PC-programmable Modbus transmitter with dual universal input channels accepts most industry standard temperature, current or voltage signals.

Moore Industries custom instrument panels and systems

Moore Industries is offering turnkey custom solutions for process, automation or SIS monitoring, and control applications.

Moore Industries NCS I/O system multipoint analog alarm

The NET Concentrator System (NCS) now has a Multipoint Analog Alarm (–MAA) option that allows users to quickly set up simple or dynamic alarming schemes.

Moore Industries ECT-DIN isolator/converter

The Moore Industries ECT-DIN isolator/converter is now available in a narrow 15 mm aluminium housing.

Moore Industries THZ3 dual input HART temperature transmitter with IS inputs

The THZ3 compact dual input smart HART temperature transmitter with intrinsically safe AIS option allows direct connection of sensors located in hazardous areas since it includes an internal intrinsically safe barrier in the front end of the device.

Moore Industries SLD Functional Safety Programmable Loop Display

The SLD is part of Moore Industries' FS Functional Safety Series range. The loop-powered SLD displays real-time process status in mA, per cent or any designated five-character engineering units.

Moore Industries TMZ Dual Modbus temperature transmitter

The TMZ Dual temperature transmitter allows users to increase density with dual RTD, thermocouple, mV, resistance or potentiometer inputs by doubling temperature monitoring capability in a single unit.

Moore Industries SPA2 programmable alarm trip with updated alarm functions

The Moore Industries SPA2 standalone alarm trip now offers updated alarm options that allow the user to set up more specific alarm functions.

Moore Industries SFY functional safety frequency-to-DC transmitter

The 2-wire loop-powered SFY is suitable for use in safety instrumented systems in a wide range of process and factory automation monitoring applications, providing reliable and accurate monitoring of frequency or pulse signals in an SIS.

Moore Industries surge suppressor kit

A surge suppressor kit is now available for use with Moore Industries' field-installed instruments enclosed in its BH and SB housings.

Moore Industries SPA2IS programmable alarm trip with IS field connections

The SPA2IS is a combination alarm trip and temperature transmitter solution that includes built-in intrinsically safe field connections for current/voltage, RTDs and thermocouples.

Moore Industries STZ dual-input smart HART temperature transmitter

Moore Industries has released the SIL 3-capable STZ functional safety smart HART temperature transmitter family, which offers a dual sensor input that reduces process interruptions.

Moore Industries THZ3 and TDZ3 dual sensor temperature transmitters

The dual sensor input allows the THZ3 and TDZ3 to offer backup and failover protection, or to provide average or differential measurements.

Moore Industries THZ WirelessHART temperature solution

The THZ WirelessHART temperature solution combines the Moore Industries THZ Smart HART temperature transmitter and the Bullet WirelessHART adapter by MACTek into one reliable, self-powered package.

Moore Industries IPH2/IPX2 current-to-pressure transmitter

Along with updated certifications, the updated version of the IPH2/IPX2 features 22 direct and reverse output ranges, with switch-selectable reverse output standard on the IPX2.

Moore Industries low-voltage power supplies for CPA, CPA, ECT and TMZ

Moore Industries has added low-voltage power supply options to many of its products, making them suitable for use in remote applications such as oil and natural gas wellheads where power supplies are limited.

Moore Industries SSX and SST safety isolators and splitters

The SSX (2-wire loop-powered) and SST (4-wire) safety isolators and splitters provide reliable isolation and signal conversion for HART data in functionally safe process control settings.

Moore Industries flameproof temperature transmitters and assemblies

Moore Industries’ temperature transmitter assemblies are certified ANZEX Ex d IIC T6 for use in flameproof (explosion-proof) applications.

Moore Industries SRM Safety Relay Module

The SRM Safety Relay Module from Moore Industries is a versatile relay repeater module that has been certified by exida for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL2.

Moore Industries Bullet WirelessHART adapter

Moore Industries and MACTek Corporation have worked together to jointly supply the Bullet WirelessHART adapter.

SIL 2 safety trip alarm

The STA safety trip alarm is certified to IEC 61508: Parts 1, 2 and 3 by TÜV Rheinland and exida for single use in safety instrumented systems up to SIL 2. The STA firmware is suitable for a SIL 3 system, which allows the STA to be used in a redundant architecture (1oo2, 2oo3, etc) up to SIL 3.

MooreHawke Trunkguard Series 200 fieldbus device couplers

The MooreHawke TG200 fieldbus device couplers allow for the fast and easy connection of devices to a main fieldbus trunk in a Foundation fieldbus or Profibus PA network.

Moore Industries HCS HART Concentrator System

The HCS HART Concentrator System from Moore Industries converts HART digital signals to the serial (RS485 or RS232) Modbus RTU communications protocol.

MooreHawke Route-Master fieldbus system

The MooreHawke Route-Master fieldbus system has a new ATEX approval (FM pending) as a redundant intrinsically safe fieldbus system permitting the connection of any mix of FISCO and Entity devices.

Moore Industries HIX HART loop isolator

The HIX HART loop isolator provides loop isolation while allowing the HART signal to pass through uninterrupted.

MooreHawke Trunksafe Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System

The Trunksafe Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System from MooreHawke protects against single points of failure.

Moore Industries HIM HART loop interface and monitor

The HIM HART loop interface and monitor helps to unlock the full potential of new and in-place smart HART multivariable transmitters and valves by allowing trusted smart devices to be left in place, while still taking advantage of the additional information they can provide.

Moore Industries TCS temperature concentrator system

The TCS temperature concentrator system is designed to reduce the cost of transmitting multiple temperature sensor measurements by concentrating up to 32 signals onto a single twisted wire pair.

Moore Industries BH explosion-proof field-mount instrument enclosures

CSA International has certified Moore Industries’ BH field-mount instrumentation enclosures as explosion-proof.

Fieldbus power supply

MooreHawke has introduced the Trunkguard TPS400 fieldbus power supply for general-purpose and non-incendive applications.

Small footprint signal conditioners

In the instrumentation world, panel space equals money. Moore Industries has addressed this requirement for narrow instruments with the miniMoore family of multi-channel analog signal conditioners. These signal conditioners deliver up to four low-cost I/O channels in a 25.4 mm footprint, which equates to 6.35 mm per channel.

Four signal isolator channels in a 1" footprint

Moore Industries has addressed the requirement for very narrow instruments with the miniMOORE family of multichannel analog signal conditioners. The signal conditioners deliver up to four low-cost I/O channels in a 1" footprint.

Compact Modbus RTU master

The microNCS Modbus RTU master and distributed I/O system can be used to send just a few, or hundreds of, process signals between the field or factory floor and a control system.

Fault-tolerant fieldbus system

MooreHawke has announced the availability of the Trunksafe brochure, which contains technical details on the world's only redundant fieldbus system.

Voltage-to-pressure transmitter

The EPX2 E/P transmitter is designed for use with normal instrument air, but can also be used with natural gas, making it possible to use the transmitter in remote locations where no electrical power is available to drive air compressors. Its extremely low power requirement of 3 mA at 12 VDC allows it to be powered by a battery or solar panel at remote sites. Applications include offshore oil platforms, natural gas wellheads, oil wells, pipelines and similar locations that are far from electrical power.


Moore Industries mourns passing of its founder

Moore Industries has announced the passing of its founder, Leonard W Moore.

Moore Industries celebrates 50 years

Starting with only three staff in 1968, Moore Industries has enjoyed international success in the design and manufacture of interface technologies for industry.

Moore Industries joins PACTware Consortium

Moore Industries has joined PACTware Consortium and has released DTMs for its THZ3 and TDZ3 HART temperature transmitters.

Moore Industries-International promotes Scott Saunders to CEO role

Moore Industries-International has promoted Scott Saunders to the position of chief executive officer. Saunders was previously COO and vice president, sales and marketing at Moore Industries, a manufacturer of instrumentation for the process control industry.

HART efficiency for remote wellhead applications

Moore Industries has released a new video showing how its HCS HART Concentrator System saves money and time by consolidating wiring and reducing power consumption at remote natural gas and oil production sites.

Video from Moore Industries highlights wireless I/O solutions

Moore Industries shows engineers the advantages of wireless I/O in web video.

The WORM has turned: Moore Industries wins Palmares Technologique

Moore Industries has been honoured for its WORM Flexible Sensors for thermowell temperature assemblies by Mesures.

Safety Trip Alarm video released by Moore Industries

Moore Industries has produced a new video showing how its STA Safety Trip Alarm serves as a logic solver that goes beyond what would be expected from a standard alarm trip.

Moore Industries' founder receives ISA's highest honour

The highest honour bestowed by the International Society of Automation (ISA) — Honorary Member — has been given to Moore Industries’ founder and President, Leonard W Moore.

White Papers

Simplify your fieldbus installation

Download this white paper for guidelines to keep in mind when ordering your fieldbus system and when dealing with your installation subcontractor.

Safety instrumented systems: the "logic" of single loop logic solvers

Today, there are solutions for SIS strategies with hundreds of I/O and there are those for systems with just a handful of I/O – and everything in between. The “new generation” in safety-certified single loop logic solvers fits into this scenario nicely.



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