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Duff & Macintosh Pty Ltd

Specialists in training and education equipment for vocational and degree courses. Suppliers of a comprehensive range of OEM pressure transducers.

Phone: 02 9482 1411
Fax: 02 9482 1489
14/45 Leighton Place , Hornsby NSW 2077 (Directions)


Deltaflux orifice flowmeter

The Deltaflux orifice flowmeter is designed for measuring gas and liquid flows and suitable for high flow rate measurement and control in process flows, water treatment and gas furnace applications.

Influx FloTrak metal VA flowmeter

The Influx FloTrak metal VA flowmeter is designed for the measurement of gas and liquid. Fluid passing through an orifice within the tube causes a profiled float to assume a position where the forces created by flow are balanced by the weight of the float. A magnet in the float is sensed by the FloTrak system, providing a direct reading flow rate scale, optional alarms or a 4-20 mA output.

Zeck Z9000 Natural Gas Odorisation System

The Zeck Z9000 Natural Gas Odorisation System is centred around the task of odorising natural gas, simply and accurately, for low-volume applications.

Bedia capacitive level sensors

Bedia’s capacitive level sensors are designed to be practically maintenance free and have a wide operating temperature range. They respond to the change of capacitance occurring when an electrode surrounded by air is immersed into the medium to be monitored. The various versions can be used as MIN/MAX sensors with closed circuit principle.

Alicat Scientific PC and PCR Series digital electronic pressure controllers

Alicat Scientific’s line of PC Series and PCR Series digital single valve electronic pressure controllers offer a variety of output options including 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA and RS-232.

Full range of flow

Duff & MacIntosh has introduced a new flowmeter manufacturer from the UK, Influx.



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