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Amalgamated Instrument Co Pty Ltd

Amalgamated Instrument Co Pty Ltd (AIC) is a wholly Australian owned and operated company specialising in the design and manufacture of intelligent microprocessor based process control instrumentation.

Phone: 02 9476 2244
Fax: 02 9476 2902
Unit 5/28 Leighton Place , Hornsby NSW 2077 (Directions)


Amalgamated Instruments TP488 scanning monitors

The TP488 range of scanning monitors offers eight channels of input with eight configurable setpoint relays. These products are suitable for multipoint monitoring of analog transducers or temperature sensors.

Amalgamated Instrument RM3 range of isolators/transmitters

The RM3 range of isolators offers isolation and scalable retransmission in a DIN rail mount, 2-wire, loop-powered enclosure.

Amalgamated Instrument TP4-WT4 load cell monitor

The TP4-WT4 monitor is designed to be suitable for silo weighting/contents display, weighbridges or other applications where multiple load cells or pressure transducers are used. The TP4-WT4 accepts up to four independent inputs from load cells, pressure transducers or other strain bridge transducers. Each channel can be individually calibrated.

pH/ORP monitor

The TP4-PH monitor accepts two channels of pH/ORP input as well as a temperature input. Each channel can be individually configured to accept a pH electrode, an ORP electrode or a 4-20 mA analog input. This makes the TP4-PH suitable for those applications where multiple inputs need to be monitored and control applied.

Rain and spill detectors

Amalgamated Instrument Co has announced a flood/liquid detection and alarm system and a rain/precipitation detection and alarm system. The systems consist of a common detection and alarm module and specialised sensors for each function.

Wind speed and direction transducers

A wide range of wind monitoring transducers by Mierij Meteo is now available. The range includes models suitable for most applications where wind speed and direction need to be monitored.

Chlorine-resistant pH and ORP electrodes

Amalgamated Instrument Co has released pH and ORP electrodes with replaceable cartridges and a chlorine-resistant PVC housing.

pH and ORP electrodes

Amalgamated Instrument Co has released its pH and ORP (redox) electrodes with replaceable cartridges with a chlorine-resistant PVC housing.

Annular load cells

Amalgamated Instrument Co now offers a range of annular ring or ‘washer’ load cells.

Amalgamated Instrument differential pressure transmitter

The WS-TPDPT7 transmitters are available in three models with selectable ranges. The high accuracy model measures ranges from 0-25 Pa to 0-100 Pa in four selectable ranges, the standard model measures ranges from 0-50 Pa to 0-2500 Pa in eight selectable ranges and the high-pressure model measures ranges from 0-5000 Pa to 0-10000 Pa in six selectable ranges.

Panel mount rate and total display

The PM6-TR is a ratemeter/totaliser and supersedes both the PM6-FX and PM6-FC models. This single 1/8 DIN panel meter offers the ability to monitor and indicate rate and count (or total) from a wide variety of pulse output sensors. The display can be toggled between rate and total using a remote input.



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