Advanced compressor technology for major aquaculture operations

Kaishan Australia Pty Ltd
Thursday, 06 June, 2024

Advanced compressor technology for major aquaculture operations

When deciding it was time to replace multiple diesel-powered industrial compressors throughout their salmon farming operations, one of Australia’s leading aquaculture companies chose electrically-powered Kaishan PMV 2-stage rotary screw compressors to increase the efficiency and reliability of their marine-based operations.

Wanting to increase capacity and allow for future growth, feasibility studies indicated that by replacing the old diesel models with the new compressors they would gain greatly in both efficiency and energy cost savings. The advanced design, engineering and technology built into each Kaishan 2-stage PMV compressor also offered far lower maintenance requirements meaning considerably less downtime. The study indicated that capital investment in the advanced compressors would be returned in cost savings over a relatively short operating time.

The new compressors ranging between 132 to 200 kW capacities were specifically designed and adapted to operate in the harsh ocean-based environment, with stabilised mountings in marine-grade cabinets and stainless steel components to operate 24/7 in gale force winds and stormy seas. The compressors operate from on-site barges throughout the huge salmon pen complexes using compressed air to power various operations including blow feeding, water conditioning and stock movement from the barges.

Variable speed and advanced flow technology allows the compressors to operate at the required output for any application demand at any time, meaning there is no excess or wasted energy use and the exact pressure is generated to match real-time needs. Kaishan’s advanced variable speed drive coupled with the company’s IT systems allows for fully programmed, remote or on-site operational control.

Through systemic optimisation of the air end, the permanent magnet motors (utilising rare earth technology), plus integrated variable speed drives, the new PMV, 2-stage compressors run smoother, cleaner, quieter and with much lower energy input for volume air output than diesel equivalents. Eliminating fossil fuel emissions also greatly assists in achieving the company’s environmental goals.

While compressed air has been used in aquaculture applications for many years, it is due to recent advances in compressor technology and engineering that the true value is being realised. Kaishan’s world-class, energy-saving technology and seaworthy engineering means that compressed air will be an efficient and effective power source for many aquaculture applications for years to come.

Scott Tamlyn, National Sales manager for Kaishan Compressors said: “By matching the right compressor type to client needs in almost any application, we are gaining big inroads into the supply of innovative compressor technologies that offer a viable power source now and well into the future. With our vast Australian experience and global resources, we are confident in both specifying and sourcing compressors and systems that meet and exceed customer demands.”

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