TeSys island — a smart, new load management system

Schneider Electric
Monday, 14 December, 2020

Schneider Electric’s TeSys island is a smart, digital multifunctional load management system. Designed to prevent unplanned stoppage, it can switch, protect and manage motors and other electrical loads of up to 80 A in an electrical control panel. Fully digital, TeSys island gives users easy and remote access to predictive application data, leading to early diagnostics and preventative maintenance. For system integrators and end-users, this enables better equipment management and detection of potential faults before any costly breakdowns occur.

Easy to use

TeSys island is easy to install with simple plug-and-play wiring for fast connection. Once installed, embedded algorithms detect abnormal load behaviours and generate alarms before the abnormality becomes a problem and production is forced to stop. Pre-trip warnings can also be set on the system for scheduled maintenance, and predictive alarms provide users with more information about application status so they can take appropriate actions to avoid machine outages. For example, users can identify issues such as starter end-of-life, problems with motors, poor ventilation and reverse wiring. Users can also monitor energy at the load level, easily check health status, troubleshoot and diagnose issues and take action either on site or remotely. To enable this smart system to control loads independently from the PLC, TeSys island also has an autonomous mode option.

TeSys island encompasses the complete lifecycle of the machine by connecting to Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure machine architectures, connecting to edge control, apps analytics and services. It improves full system performance through remote monitoring and leverages digital insight to avoid the risk of machine stoppages. TeSys island can also be integrated into third-party automation solutions with open communications via fieldbuses such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet and Profibus. Along with this access, TeSys island also has the highest cybersecurity and safety levels embedded into the system.

Uses across all segments and industries

TeSys island for food and beverage

At a spring water bottling facility in the USA, TeSys island is being used to help fill 45,000 bottles of water every hour. The food and beverage operator was having problems with their previous electrical system and needed a solution that would help them reduce downtime through access to relevant data for troubleshooting. They were also looking to increase efficiency for maintenance personnel and to move to a more digitised system.

Integrating TeSys island digital load management system into the solution has meant the customer has been able to utilise data that indicates warnings, protections and load tripping. It also lets them monitor energy levels and to remotely troubleshoot problems that come to hand. Operators can also run testing and visualisation exercises remotely on their smart phone with the Operation and Maintenance tool.

Manufacturing and automation

At Israel’s largest manufacturer of canned fruit and vegetables, TeSys island helped to simplify installation and operations. Designed to reduce wiring and enable EtherNet/IP communication, this load management system generated space savings and allowed operators to easily control systems. Integration with third-party PLCs and software as well as remote management options also meant that TeSys island provided operators with greater flexibility and control.

The best option for mining

When a large mining customer in Australia required a new ore sampler to be built, electrical protection within the switchboard was needed. Looking for a digital load management system that would provide them analytics and remote communications, the switchboard builder requested TeSys island.

Although it is designed to provide protection, analytics and management for up to 10 motors, the mining site application required the switchboard to be built in Form 4, meaning each motor needed to be protected and controlled from its own module within the switchboard. This equated to duplicating each TeSys island’s EtherNet/IP module, digital, analog and power monitoring modules for each of the 10 motors. The configuration, even in duplication by a factor of 10, proved to be more than economical due to TeSys island’s time-saving features, which meant a reduction in time-to-market and faster machine integration.

More applications in conveying and pumping

In applications where conveyor belts are being used, TeSys island can secure systems and provide early indication of a potential broken belt or excess loading. With customisable warning levels, TeSys island can help maintain uptime by speeding up troubleshooting. Through the Conveying avatar, TeSys island detects issues to protect conveyers and optimise equipment lifetime. Some common issues that can be detected include belt breakage or slippage, excess loading, and any excess material preventing rotation. To simplify commissioning and maintenance, users can also access conveyor information remotely.

In a pumping application, TeSys island can help detect early indications of potential dry running or cavitation in the pump. With predictive alarms, TeSys island can also help users become more informed with pump status and take appropriate actions to avoid machine outage — thereby detecting pump issues without the need of traditional sensors. With the Pumping avatar, TeSys island can identify issues such as low or no flow, debris on the impeller, debris that prevents rotation, deadline detection, reverse flow and leakage.

For more information about TeSys island, visit se.com/au/tesysisland or speak with a local Schneider Electric representative.

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