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HMI firmware

01 December, 2008

Omron Electronics has released firmware version 8 for its NS series HMIs. NS firmware v8 provides a host of features, including web serving, PictBridge and EtherNet/IP. The new CJ2H PLCs are now also supported, as are new drivers for Modbus-RTU and devices from other vendors.

Touch screen HMI

01 December, 2008

Omron Electronics has announced NS15 HMI. Measuring 15" diagonally across its colour touch screen, the NS15 offers a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, which is the equivalent of an XGA computer monitor. The unit itself is silver in colour and measures 405 x 304 mm.

Component HMIs

01 November, 2008

Suitable for OEMs and other industrial operators, the Allen-Bradley PanelView Component operator interface provides the right amount of control at a cost-effective price.

IP65 HMI bezels

01 November, 2008

Human machine interfaces (HMIs) often need to be designed to protect them against water, cleaning materials and grease during production. Wincomm’s IP65 stainless steel bezels provide this protection.

Operator panel

01 November, 2008

The Simatic HMI TP 177B 4" widescreen operator panel has a fully graphical 4.3" touch screen and four tactile function buttons. This screen from the 170 family of panels is notable for its compact format and a visualisation screen that is one-third larger than that of comparable devices.

Delta widescreen HMI

19 August, 2008

The Delta DOP-B07S200 is a 7" widescreen (16:9) 65K colour TFT LCD touch screen HMI that claims to provide 45% more editable area than similar sized 4:3 screens.

The advantages of small form factor HMI

15 May, 2008 by Hector Lin*

As embedded computers have become ubiquitous, so too the need for human machine interfaces has grown. Now small form factor HMIs appear headed for inclusion in nearly every part of human existence.

15" TFT operator interface panel

21 January, 2008

Red Lion's latest addition to the G3 series of operator interfaces is the G315C touchscreen. The G315C offers a 15" TFT active matrix 32K colour XVGA 1024 x 768 pixel LCD and a 10-button keypad for on-screen menus.

Human management interface

17 December, 2007

The PV series from MyTek is an HMI equipped for various applications. Display sizes from 3.7 to 12.1" are available, and it can be used with most popular programmable logic controllers, inverters, temperature controller etc. With a rugged plastic housing and IP65-rated front panel, the PV series can be used in most harsh environments. The hardware features include a built-in ethernet port, a USB port, a serial interface, a parallel interface, a CF slot, real-time clock and an optional Profibus extension port. The HMI comes with a touch or keypad type screen and consists of a 32 bit RISC processor with the option of a CCFL backlight/LED backlight/Colour TFT LCD screen.

15" TFT operator interface panel

19 September, 2007

Red Lion's latest addition to the G3 series of operator interfaces is the G315C touch screen. The G315C offers a large 15" TFT active matrix 32K colour XVGA 1024 x 768 pixel LCD and a 10-button keypad for on-screen menus.

Web technology makes automation solutions easy

18 June, 2007

The crucial benefit of basing control and monitoring on web technology is that an HMI application for an automation device only has to be edited once. It can then be called from all Windows PCs, PDAs and Saia Web panels. This saves duplication of expenditure and, with that, a lot of time.

Touch screen HMIs

17 April, 2007

The Delta Electronics DOP-A and AE series HMIs are now available from Mechtric electric and mechanical engineering products. The DOP series are available in a wide range of screen types and sizes ranging from 3.8" blue screen to 10" 64K colour screen.

Compact operator terminal

15 November, 2006

The Mitsubishi Electric GT1155-QSBD is a 256-colours compact graphic operation terminal for controlling factory-automated machinery.

C-more operator panel

07 August, 2006

C-more touch panels from Automation Direct are fully programmable and provide power and flexibility. The panel displays are available in either greyscale (15 shades of grey) or full colour (256 to 64,536 colours, depending on model). STN greyscale and colour displays are available in a 6" touch screen. Colour TFT touch screens are available in 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15" versions.

Programmable measurement controller

06 March, 2006

The A&D Mercury AD4820 is an HMI and PLC measurement and control system all rolled into one complete compact package. The instrument runs a 32 bit RISC processor and uses a real-time operating system, RT Linux. The AD4820 utilises a GUI front end known as virtual console (VC), together with a PLC ladder for controlling all I/O known as measurement and control ladder (MC).

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