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Efficient control of compressed air technology with reliable valve solutions

01 August, 2021

For a manufacturer of compressors or compressed air systems, the flawless end product comes first.

HYDAC EHCD-AM005XXXU universal digital power amplifier

01 July, 2021

The EHCD-AM005XXXU universal digital power amplifier has been designed for actuating hydraulic proportional valves.

Bürkert Type 8653 AirLINE Field valve island

01 March, 2020

The Type 8653 AirLINE Field valve island makes an important contribution to decentralised automation.

SMC AS-R and AS-Q flow and pressure valves

18 May, 2018

The AS-R and AS-Q flow and pressure valves are designed to reduce energy consumption in air systems by cutting internal air consumption by up to 25%.

SMC VP544/744-X555/585 dual residual pressure release valves

12 July, 2017

The VP544/744-X555/585 pressure release valves feature an integrated soft start-up function that gradually builds the pressure of the pneumatic system, delivering performance consistency and improved safety.

Alfa Laval valve matrix solutions

28 June, 2017

Compared to traditional flow plates, a valve matrix is designed to allow simultaneous circulation of liquids — including CIP — on several levels, with the exact number of lines and rows to match the specific requirements of the process.

Bifold PICO zero-bleed pneumatic controller

23 March, 2017

Bifold has developed a control system that is claimed to transform pneumatic actuation in positional control as well as on/off and ESD valves.

Bürkert types 3360 and 3361 electromotive process valves

21 July, 2016

The Bürkert types 3360 and 3361 electromotive process valves offer precision control without the need for compressed air.

Festo DFPD quarter-turn actuator

01 July, 2016

The DFPD quarter-turn actuator can be used with ball valves, shut-off valves or air dampers in the chemical, pharmaceutical or beverage industry or for water treatment and other areas of process automation.

Burkert safety shutdown valves

11 March, 2016

Bürkert has expanded its Type 8640 valve island and the Type 8644 automation system to include new versions of the Type 6524 and 6525 pneumatic valves for safety-related shutdown.

Bürkert diaphragm valve bodies

10 December, 2015

Bürkert's diaphragm valvebbodies, manufactured with hydroforming technology, have a lightweight, sustainable and hygienic design which offers a high-performance alternative to forged and cast valve bodies.

Burkert Type 6164 cartridge valve

24 November, 2015

The Type 6164 cartridge valve is designed to simplify pneumatic piloting control through optimal integration of a pilot valve in block solutions and plastic injection-moulded components.

Piezo technology in pneumatic valves

31 August, 2015 by Hannes Wirtl and Ulrich Sixt*

Piezo valves are often a better alternative to conventional solenoid valves, especially in the areas of flow and pressure control and as directly controlled proportional valves.

Festo VZQA pinch valves

26 August, 2015

Pneumatic pinch valves are a clean and technically straightforward solution for controlling and shutting off a wide range of media.

Festo VSNC pilot valve

05 June, 2015

Widely used for distributed control systems, NAMUR-style pilot valves can be found in a variety of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater and food processing.

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