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Top 5 robot trends for 2024: IFR

16 February, 2024

The International Federation of Robotics has identified five key trends in robotics for 2024.

ABB acquisition adds AI-enabled 3D vision to AMRs

15 January, 2024

AI-based navigation technology by Sevensense enables higher levels of speed, accuracy and autonomy for mobile robots.

Universal Robots launches a cobot with a 30 kg payload

06 December, 2023

Danish cobot manufacturer Universal Robots has announced that it will expand its range with a new 30 kg payload cobot.

GMV and ANYbotics partner on industrial inspection technology

27 November, 2023

Strategic partnership to increase efficiency in automated inspections through the use of autonomous robots.

Report gives first overview of Australian robotics industry

24 November, 2023

A new report reveals how Australia's robotics industry is leveraging the country's unique strengths in the global robotics race.

University launches robotics hub to automate asset management

06 November, 2023

The University of Sydney has launched the Australian Robotic Inspection and Asset Management Hub with the aim of transforming the way important assets are handled.

ABB Robotics launches industrial education robot

30 October, 2023

ABB Robotics has launched the IRB 1090 industrial education robot, authenticated by STEM.org, designed to upskill students.

Tiny, self-driving robot powered by light, radio waves

24 October, 2023

The MilliMobile, developed by researchers at the University of Washington, is a tiny self-driving robot that requires no external power source or batteries.

Researchers design algorithm to stop cyber attacks

12 October, 2023

Australian researchers have designed an algorithm that can intercept a man-in-the-middle cyber attack on an unmanned military robot and shut it down in seconds.

Spot gets new hardware and capabilities

12 October, 2023

Boston Dynamics has announced that it is adding a new set of features and hardware to its well-known Spot robot.

World Robotics report 2023: Asia further ahead than ever

04 October, 2023

While there has been growth in industrial robot installations in all regions and major markets, Asia continues to outpace the rest of the world.

ADLINK ROScube RQX-59 Series robotics controller

21 September, 2023

ADLINK Technology has announced the ROScube RQX-59 Series, designed for robotics, AMRs and autonomous driving.

Rockwell Automation to acquire Clearpath Robotics

12 September, 2023

Acquisition to allow Rockwell to provide integrated AMR solutions for manufacturing environments.

Dual-arm robot achieves bimanual tasks by learning from simulation

11 September, 2023

An innovative bimanual robot displays tactile sensitivity close to human-level dexterity using AI to inform its actions.

AI helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodies

05 September, 2023

MIT robotics researchers have found a way to make a robot manipulate large objects with its whole body, rather than just an end effector.

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