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Transtek Pty Ltd

Transtek was formed in 1988 as a Western Australian business-to-business supplier of industrial calibration, configuration & hazardous area maintenance equipment. Our online catalogue and store, launched in 2005, is a major part of our business, allowing current and potential clients 24 hour access to our products and services. Our focus is to provide manufacturer-direct access to specialised equipment for clients on the western side of Australia and into South East Asia. Our clientele includes mining, oil and gas, processing, chemical, public utility, consulting, contracting and engineering companies.

Phone: 08 9331 7500
Fax: 08 9331 7103
Suite 5, 42 Ladner Street , O'Connor WA 6163 (Directions)


Ralston Field Gauge LC10-TA thermal probe

The Ralston Field Gauge LC10-TA thermal probe is a battery-operated, general-purpose digital temperature probe with a wide temperature range of -30 to 150°C.

Onsight Ex-Cube 800 intrinsically safe camera

The Onsight Ex-Cube 800 Zone 1/21 certified intrinsically safe camera allows users to stream HD quality images and video in potentially hazardous gas and dust environments.

Crystal Engineering HPC50 pressure calibrator

The intrinsically safe HPC50 pressure calibrator is the successor to the IS30 series, and offers an updated interface to make the instrument easy to use without sacrificing features.

Ralston Instruments Field Gauge LC10 pressure gauge

The Ralston Instruments Field Gauge LC10 pressure gauge is compact and features a large LCD display that shows numbers and bar graphs clearly.

Softing MobiLink process communication modem

Transtek has extended its capabilities in the field of process instrument communications by entering into a partnership with Softing Industrial.

Ralston DCAP-PV hand pump

Calibrating pressure transmitters in the field requires a hand pump that can generate pressure and vacuum easily and then control pressure to precise test points.

ProComSol DevCom HART communicator app

ProComSol's DevCom app replaces a dedicated HART Communicator by turning a smartphone or tablet into a HART communicator at a lower cost.

Ralston FieldLab weatherproof long-term outdoor pressure logging

The FieldLab Weatherproof Outdoor Enclosure offers a digital solution for logging pressure data in the field. It utilises an IP66 weatherproof enclosure with a solar panel and pole mount option, allowing the unit to be installed permanently.

Ralston Instruments DCAP calibration test pump

The DCAP pneumatic hand pump from Ralston Instruments is specifically designed for use in pressure calibration and test applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, maritime, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.

Ralston FieldLab 3-in-1 gauge, calibrator and reference recorder

The Ralston FieldLab is a 3-in-1 gauge, calibrator and reference recorder, providing a measurement uncertainty of 0.1% of reading. It is fully temperature compensated from -10°C to 50°C.

Crystal Engineering XP2i intrinsically safe pressure gauge

Crystal Engineering's rugged, intrinsically safe XP2i pressure gauge is available for pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Crystal Engineering GaugeCalHP 15,000 psi pressure comparator

The GaugeCalHP from Crystal Engineering (Ametek) is suitable for test and calibration use with water or oil, either in the field or the laboratory.

Industrial PDA

The i.roc 410 industrial PDA from ecom instruments is made to withstand falls of up 1 m onto a concrete surface without damage. It carries a rating of IP65 for moisture and dust ingress.



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