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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO) offers a diverse range of measuring instruments, NATA and IANZ calibration services helping our customers to achieve excellence in productivity and quality control. We are committed to providing cutting edge technology and customer service.

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Thermo Scientific Orion 7070iX TRO Analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a total residual oxidant (TRO) analyser to address the needs of the wastewater industry.

DataTaker DT80 series multipurpose data logger

The DataTaker DT80 series is a multi-purpose measurement and control data logger compatible with most meteorological, hydrological, environmental and industrial sensors.

Honeywell SmartLine pressure transmitters

The Honeywell SmartLine pressure measurement systems are designed around a high-performance piezoresistive sensor and have a modular design.

BHGE TransPort PT900 clamp-on flow meter

The TransPort PT900 is a clamp-on flow meter that measures flow within the pipe without cutting into the pipe or shutting down the process.

Baker Hughes 4Sight2 calibration and asset management software

4Sight2 calibration and asset management software from Baker Hughes is designed to make calibration management easy to use, cost effective and scalable.

MTS Sensors Temposonics T-Series magnetostrictive sensors with SSI output

The Temposonics T-Series magnetostrictive position sensors now offer an SSI output, and also now conform to the NEC standards 500, 505 and 506, as well as CEC, ATEX, IECEx.

Angelantoni Flower climatic test chamber

Test chambers simulate and replicate the conditions under which machinery, materials and components might be exposed, and are commonly seen in industrial R&D labs and used to accelerate the effects of exposure to the environment or pre-programmed special conditions.

GE Druck DPI 612 calibrator for pressure instrumentation

The DPI 612 provides flexible pressure ranging by virtue of high-accuracy interchangeable pressure modules covering pressures up to 1000 bar.

Microflown Technologies Scan & Paint acoustic visualisation system

The Scan & Paint system from Microflown Technologies is a simple tool that will allow end users to visualise any stationary sound field in almost any measurement environment, regardless of the background noise level.

MTS Sensors Temposonics E-Series EP2 position sensor

The MTS Sensors Temposonics E-Series EP2 position sensor provides high durability and precise position measurement feedback in harsh industrial environments.

Larson Davis SoundExpert LxT sound level meter

The Larson Davis SoundExpert LxT sound level meter is a full-featured meter designed for general product evaluation and noise-monitoring applications.

Thermo Sarasota FD950 density meters

Thermo Sarasota FD950 density meters detect any density variation of process constituents or final product quality in near real time.

GE AT600 ultrasonic flow meter

With a new epoxy-coated aluminium industrial design, the GE AT600 ultrasonic flow meter is designed to deliver quality flow measurements in a clamp-on configuration.

GE Measurement & Control PACE 5000 and 6000 pneumatic pressure controllers/indicators

PACE 5000 and 6000 pneumatic pressure controllers/indicators are high-precision modular instrumentation for rack-mounting or benchtop applications from GE Measurement & Control.

GE DM5E wall thickness gauges

The GE DM5E series is claimed to provide improvement in performance over previous corrosion thickness gauges in terms of thickness measurement and stability and repeatability at normal and elevated temperatures. It is designed for operation in harsh working environments, performing wall thickness measurements on pipes, pressure vessels and storage tanks.

GE DPI 620 IS Intrinsically safe calibrator/communicator

The GE DPI 620 IS intrinsically safe calibrator, HART communicator and PDA system is now ATEX and IECex approved for use in hazardous zones where explosive atmospheres are likely to occur.

Thermo Fisher UNIK 5000 pressure-sensing platform

The UNIK 5000 pressure-sensing platform combines silicon technology and analog circuitry with modular design. Typical applications are in the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and power generation sectors, as well as in test equipment, pneumatics and hydraulics, and other process industries.

Modular calibration system

The Advanced Modular Calibration System from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is a handheld test and calibration system that combines an advanced, multifunction calibrator with pressure measurement and generation capability.

Multi-gas monitoring system

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the Model 70 FTIR Multi-Gas CEMS, a single analyser, continuous monitoring system capable of measuring up to 10 gases or more for almost any incineration or co-incineration application. The real-time integrated stack gas monitoring system possesses a high level of sensitivity, specificity and dynamic range, with a dynamically aligned interferometer that provides long- and short-term stability.

Differential piston gauge

GE Sensing has introduced its Ruska Model 2482 differential piston gauge in response to market demand for an accurate and easy-to-use differential pressure standard for use at high static line pressures. Featuring a triple-piston assembly, this primary standard has been designed to calibrate virtually any differential pressure sensing device from 0 to 850 in H2O (2100 mbar) at line pressures up to 2900 psi (200 bar).

Calibration software

Intecal is a calibration management software platform developed to maintain and control a calibration environment. The software has been adapted for both the calibration laboratory and the process industry where digital pressure calibrators and/or portable calibrators are used to calibrate and validate pressure sensors, transducers, gauges, pressure switches and plant instrumentation.


Thermo Fisher Scientific now distributing Fluke in Australia

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced it will now be offering Fluke's range of professional electronic test tools as an authorised distributor.

Thermo Fisher Scientific to distribute Honeywell instrumentation

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Honeywell Process Solutions to distribute Honeywell's process control instrumentation.

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Replacing linear encoders with magnetostrictive sensing

Designing with magnetostrictive sensors opens many options. Engineers are increasingly finding that magnetostrictive linear position sensors can replace their linear encoders in applications while improving productivity and reducing cost of ownership.

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