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SMC Pneumatics (Aust) Pty Ltd

SMC Corporation has established a position as the world leader in pneumatic technology, with sales offices and manufacturing facilities located strategically throughout the world, SMC supports a range of over 600,000 product variations. With manufacturing centres positioned strategically around the globe SMC supports its customers with both standard and specially modified and designed products.

Phone: 1800 763 862
Fax: 02 9354 8252
14-18 Hudson Avenue , Castle Hill NSW 2154 (Directions)


SMC LE series motorless electric actuators

The LE series of motorless electric actuators is compatible with motors from 16 different manufacturers.

SMC ZP3P series vacuum pads

SMC's ZP3P series vacuum pads feature a blue-coloured, silicone rubber pad to prevent wrinkles.

SMC AS-R and AS-Q flow and pressure valves

The AS-R and AS-Q flow and pressure valves are designed to reduce energy consumption in air systems by cutting internal air consumption by up to 25%.

SMC ZP3P vacuum pad

Designed to offer optimum absorbing performance and efficient handling, the ZP3P vacuum pad from SMC features a blue-coloured silicone rubber pad that prevents wrinkles and is compliant with FDA regulations.

SMC VHK Series finger valves

Despite continuous developments in the manufacturing sector, manually operated valves still have their place in production.

SMC MHM-X6400 gripper

SMC has added to its gripper range with the launch of the MHM-X6400, which uses a magnet for the handling of steel plate, without the need for vacuum.

SMC JXC series direct-input step motor controller

The JXC series direct-input step motor controller now offers three additional communication protocols, namely DeviceNet, EtherCAT and Profinet, in addition to the EtherNet/IP fieldbus protocol that was available on previous models.

SMC VP544/744-X555/585 dual residual pressure release valves

The VP544/744-X555/585 pressure release valves feature an integrated soft start-up function that gradually builds the pressure of the pneumatic system, delivering performance consistency and improved safety.

SMC Pneumatics IP69K valve manifolds

SMC has launched an addition to the SY series of valve manifolds with an IP69K rating, targeted at the food and packing market.

SMC IZN10 nozzle-type ionisers range

The IZN10 range of nozzle-type ionisers is designed to remove the static charge (often many thousands of volts) from small work pieces and products. Generating ions at a rate of 60 kHz, the unit can render a static charge on plastic, paper, films, powder, electrical components, glass and plastic lenses, metals and other materials to an ion balance of ±10 V or less. Fast elimination of static electricity removes the potential for damage, dust adhesion or other problems.

SMC Pneumatics ZP2V suction valve units

ZP2V suction valve units are used where multiple suction cups are run off a single vacuum source. They are used to help prevent excessive vacuum leakage through the suction cups that do not correctly seat on a work piece.

SMC Pneumatics CP96 profile and C96 tie-rod design cylinders

Designed to meet the latest ISO 15552 standard, the CP96 profile and C96 tie-rod design cylinders are available in up to 125 mm bore with stocked standard strokes from 25 up to 800 mm in both designs. Non-standard strokes up to 2000 mm and made-to-order specials are locally manufactured in Australia.

SMC Pneumatics Series VXK process valve with built-in filter

The Series VXK process valve with built-in filter is designed to improve valve performance and to stop leakage. The unit’s integral stainless steel 100 mesh filter unit effectively removes most foreign matter in the circulating fluids thereby protecting downstream equipment as well as ensuring longer valve life.

SMC Pneumatics Series C55, double-acting, single-rod cylinders

Series C55, double-acting, single-rod, air-operated cylinders offer high performance and ISO 21287 compliance.

SMC Pneumatics Series D-P3DW magnetic field-resistant auto switch

Designed for use in welding gun applications in the automotive industry, SMC’s compact magnetic field-resistant auto switch, Series D-P3DW, offers improved maintenance, smaller bore size capabilities and high magnetic field resistance.

SMC Pneumatics VBA pressure boosters

SMC’s range of VBA pressure boosters is designed to offer long life, reliable operation and a more energy-efficient way to increase the pressure to a machine application without increasing the compressor pressure.

SMC Pneumatics Series EX600 I/O system

The Series EX600 I/O system now includes the EtherNet/IP protocol.

SMC series MY3M rodless cylinder

The series MY3M from SMC is a space-saving, lightweight, mechanically jointed rodless cylinder with a high load capacity. Designed to complement the MY3 range, it features a slide bearing which improves both load weight and load movement performance.

SMC LVN series chemical needle valves

The LVN series of chemical needle valves from SMC has been developed to overcome bubble generation when using light liquids in the fluid circuit, during the manufacturing process.

SMC Pneumatics MY3M rodless cylinder

The MY3M rodless cylinder features a slide bearing that improves both load weight and load movement performance. With the ability to put work pieces directly onto the work table, the need to select and install external guides is no longer necessary, resulting in further time savings.

SMC Pneumatics LVN needle valves

Developed to overcome bubble generation when using light liquids, LVN valves are manufactured from a type of lightweight PFA material that is highly compatible with acids, bases and ultra-pure water.

SMC Pneumatics HRS series thermochillers

The lightweight and portable HRS series thermochillers are available in three cooling ranges at 1300, 1900 and 2300 W, in both air- and water-cooled models. Temperature stability is ±0.01°C through the range of process temperature requirements from 5 to 40°C.

SMC series TUZ tubing range

Plastic energy chains used in general machine applications are often referred to as the umbilical cords of modern machines. However, according to some recent findings from SMC, this continual energy chain movement can often lead to increased abrasion when using conventional polyurethane tube. SMC has developed the Series TUZ tubing range which is designed specifically to help combat this problem.

SMC Pneumatics VXK Series 2-port solenoid valve

Designed to improve valve performance and to stop leakage, the VXK 2-port solenoid valve has an integral stainless steel 100 mesh filter unit that effectively removes any foreign matter in the circulating fluids, thereby protecting downstream equipment and, at the same time, ensuring longer valve life.

Series ZP2V vacuum saving valves

Developed initially for the semiconductor market, the Series ZP2V vacuum-saving valves are designed to shut down the suction line when any leakage is detected from the vacuum pad not being fully aligned with the work piece or when the work piece is missing.

SMC Series PVQ proportional solenoid valve

The Series PVQ proportional solenoid valve is designed for a wide range of applications - including vacuum 0.1 Pa.abs - and accurately adjusts the flow rate smoothly and precisely by varying the electrical input current.

SMC rotary joints

With the current trend for automation systems to include operations involving rotation and horizontal transfer, SMC Pneumatics has added the MQR16 option to its range of low torque, metal seal type, MQR rotary joints.

Fluid connection couplings

The KK series fluid connection coupling provides a quick-release coupling that not only incorporates a locking function (for safer operation) but, through design, provides a minimum pressure drop.

Food-grade tubing

Suitable for temperatures up to +260  °C and with high chemical compatibility, the TD series flexible tubing has been independently tested to comply with food sanitation standards (US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) test 177-1550). Therefore, it is suitable for food, pharmaceutical and other life science environments.

Compressed air filters

Mainline filtration provides the source of clean air direct from compressor installations. It is essential that correct filtration is installed to ensure clean compressed air is provided to processes.

Compact serial valve manifold

When available space is at a premium, as is often the case on machines and in control cabinets, the ability to source a compact, fully centralised, serial controlled valve manifold is essential. The EX250 serial interface provides a compact solution and can use either of the proven SV and VQC series of valves that are available in a number of sizes and flow rates. The EX250 is easily configured with digital input and digital output modules to suit additional control requirements and supports many serial protocols including ethernet, EtherCat, Profibus, DeviceNet, AS-i and Modbus. The EX250 has an IP67 enclosure rating as standard for those wet and dusty areas, which also makes it suitable for out-of-cabinet installation.

Serial valve manifold

The EX500 serial interface is a cost-effective solution that can use up to four decentralised input blocks and four output blocks to position control where it is most effective.

Abrasion-resistant tube

SMC Pneumatics has released an abrasion resistant tube for use in areas where movement of the tube can be expected. The TUZ range of tube is designed to withstand abrasion that comes from tube flexing and movement especially within a flexible cable train environment.

E-Rodless electric actuators

The E-Rodless range of electric actuators is designed to reduce the installation and commissioning time normally associated with some electric actuators.

Vacuum ejectors

Many applications require the use of a vacuum ejector (generator) to develop the vacuum pressure for pick and place and other applications. Using compressed air to create the vacuum pressure often places a high demand on valuable compressed air resources.

Pressure sensor

The Series PSE 560 sensor is a copper-free, corrosion-resistant fluid pressure sensor. Designed to withstand the often harsh environments encountered in industry, this stainless steel fluid pressure sensor has an IP65 enclosure and conforms to both CE and UL/CSA standards.

Serial interface manifold system

The IP67-rated EX600 serial interface manifold system offers up to 512 digital inputs and 512 digital outputs, and also offers analog inputs, diagnostics, Speedcon connectors and current industry protocols.

Pressure switches

The ISE80 (pressure) and ZSE80 (vacuum) ranges of pressure switches are compatible with fluids including air and water. Stainless steel wetted parts make this switch suitable to many pressure monitoring applications.

Positive pressure gripper

Many applications requiring materials handling techniques employ the use of a vacuum pump, vacuum ejectors and vacuum pads. Often it is not possible to employ vacuum pick-up due to the material or the sensitive or physical nature of the product.

Clean air filter

Providing clean air and nitrogen gas to process applications is possible with the Series SFD clean air filter.

HACCP flow control valves

SMC Pneumatics has developed a range of cost-effective stainless steel flow control valves that now carry HACCP endorsement. They are available in thread sizes from M5 to ½" BSP and catering for tube sizes from 4 to 12 mm OD in both straight and elbow configurations.

Cassette valve manifolds

The SQ series ‘stacking’ style cassette valve manifold range is ideally suited to process industry applications. This compact valve system is available in 10 and 15mm valve widths providing high flow rates of up to 820 L/min (SQ2000 size), making these valve terminals suitable for process applications such as rotary actuators and cylinder operation.

Rotary air couplings

With the current trend for automation systems to include operations involving rotary transfer of air and fluids, SMC Pneumatics has addressed the problems of tube rotation with its range of MQR rotary joints.

Cassette control valves

The VQC series cassette valves are available in three body sizes and with flow capacities ranging from 180 to 2000 L/min and are suited to many applications.

Shock absorbers

Absorbing the energy produced by moving masses, especially at slow speeds, has long been an issue for machine designers. A shock absorber with a design that absorbs energy at slow speeds has been developed by SMC.

SMC Pneumatics cassette valve manifolds

SMC Pneumatics has released the SV series valves manifold segments with multipin connectors. The new style of design provides an easy platform for style and configuration changes to suit most applications. With energy efficient low-power solenoid coils (25 mA at 24 VDC),

Modular clean air control

SMC has introduced the series LLB Clean Air Module to modularise the components necessary for the preparation and control of the air supply, pressure and flow to a machine or control system where space is at a premium.

Fluid connectors

SMC has released a range of nickel-plated brass fittings. The KQB nickel-plated brass fitting has a 304 stainless steel release collar with a high-temperature rating.

Filter regulators

The ARG/AWG range of regulators and filter regulators are designed to meet the demands of machine builders who are working to save building and maintenance costs on their machines.

Pneumatic rotary actuator

SMC Pneumatics has available pneumatic rotary actuators capable of stable speeds as low as 5 s to complete a 90° of rotation.

Low-torque rotary air connectors

With the current trend for automation systems to include operations involving rotary transfer of air and fluids, SMC Pneumatics has addressed the problems of tube rotation with its range of MQR rotary joints.

Static electricity management

Static electricity is a major problem in packaging, processing and materials handling. Static electricity attracts dust, and affects efficient paper and plastic handling and also label adhesion.

Conveyor valve

SMC has released its series VFD direct operated poppet valve for use in zero pressure accumulation conveyor systems. When incorporated with a conveyor system's control logic and sensors, the valve controls the air pressure that is used for roller actuation and roller braking, creating space between products on the conveyor line.

High flow valves

The series VQ5000, 5-port solenoid valve is designed to drive large bore actuators in applications requiring rapid movement of heavy loads. A significant feature of the series is the simplicity of valve replacement.

Air dryers

The Refrigerated Air Dryers series IDFB*E is suitable for use in general industry, including the packaging, printing, machine tool, medical and semiconductor industries, to provide dry and clean compressed air to extend the life of the machinery and reduce the down time and maintenance cost.

MY2 and MY3 rodless cylinders

SMC has released the series MY2 and MY3 rodless cylinders with low profile designs to save space.

Pressure relief valves

The VHS pressure relief 3-port valve from SMC has been developed to isolate main air supply lines in almost any application where compressed air is used.

Serial interface

The EX250 serial interface unit's integrated assembly comprises a digital serial interface and a user-defined number of solenoid control valves mounted on a manifold.

Compact manifold regulators

SMC Corporation has announced the release of the compact manifold regulators series ARM10/11. These regulators provide maximum space efficiency when multiple units are used.

Process pumps

SMC Pneumatics has released the PA3310 and the cleanroom PAP33135 compact process pumps.

Rotary joint

The MQR rotary joint is claimed to simplify the manufacture, operation and maintenance of machines using rotary action.

Foundation level bus

SMC has widened the potential uses for bus technology with the introduction of the AS-interface module.

Rotary joint

SMC's MQR rotary joint is now available to local manufacturers.


SMC and Outsource Institute launch blended learning programs

SMC Corporation Australia New Zealand (ANZ) has partnered with Outsource Institute (AUS) to develop a blended learning initiative for SMC's customers.

SMC to exhibit at the WIOA Virtual Water Exhibition

The WIOA Water Exhibition will take place virtually on 22 July 2020 and is now called Virtual Water.

SMC to host its Dynamic Technology Show in Auckland

SMC's Dynamic Technology Show is being presented as a platform for education and engagement around SMC technologies.

SMC partners with the EtherCAT Seminar Series

This year's EtherCAT Seminar Series takes place on 11, 13 and 14 February in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney respectively.

SMC appoints new Sales & Marketing Director

SMC Corporation has appointed Tim Keech as the company's new Sales & Marketing Director for Australia and New Zealand.

SMC opens new Southern Australia distribution centre

SMC in Victoria recently held an open day to mark the official launch of their Southern Australia distribution centre.

SMC signs RS Components as APAC distributor

SMC Pneumatics has signed RS Components as its distributor in the Asia-Pacific region, including South-East Asia.



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