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Wherever access or danger areas need to be reliably and cost-effectively protected, SICK safety systems are in demand. State-of-the-art sensor technology, modular design, compact dimensions and a broad range of applications form the basis for safe and efficient manufacturing processes. SICK's comprehensive expertise in the planning, implementation and operation of safety systems has made them number one in this sector.

SICK Articles
Bicycles and cars on the same plant?

Bicycles and cars on the same plant?

A high speed camera from SICK verifies components in the KUKA SmartProduction Center.

Sponsored 01 June, 2021
SICK Products
SICK TiM240 2D LiDAR sensor

SICK TiM240 2D LiDAR sensor

SICK has expanded its 2D LiDAR sensor...

SICK safeRS 3D radar protective device

SICK safeRS 3D radar protective device

SICK safeRS is a non-contact 3D protective...

SICK outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner

SICK outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner

The SICK outdoorScan3 is an...

SICK microScan3 Pro safety laser scanner

SICK microScan3 Pro safety laser scanner

The microScan3 Pro safety laser scanner is...

Sick Ranger3 3D streaming camera

Sick Ranger3 3D streaming camera

The Ranger3 is a 3D streaming camera can...

SICK KTS and KTX contrast sensors

SICK KTS and KTX contrast sensors

SICK KTS and KTX contrast sensors utilise...

SICK MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor

SICK MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor

The MZCG magnetic cylinder sensor is...

SICK ZIRKOR series oxygen analysers

SICK ZIRKOR series oxygen analysers

The ZIRKOR series provides an oxygen...


SICK announces next-generation 3D vision

The SICK Ruler3000 can process up to 15.4 GP/s to enable up to 7000 full-frame 3D profiles per second, with better than 15 micron Z-resolution.

Factory automation 16 July, 2021

SICK launches 2D vision camera with onboard deep learning

SICK has launched its first vision camera with a pre-installed deep learning app on board.

Factory automation 26 April, 2021

TRUMPF and SICK develop the first industrial quantum sensor

The two companies have announced the successful functional test of the world's first quantum optical sensor for serial production.

Factory automation 10 November, 2020

Smart motor sensors enhance condition monitoring for servos

SICK has introduced an add-on to its EDS/EDM35 motor feedback system, designed to allow condition monitoring of drives right down to each servo axis.

Factory automation 04 November, 2020

SICK launches sensor-based people-counting system

A novel application of industrial LiDAR sensing helps maintain safe occupancy in facilities.

Factory automation 02 October, 2020

New MD for SICK Australia & New Zealand

David Crossley, formerly of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has been appointed Managing Director of SICK Australia & New Zealand.

Business 03 September, 2018

SICK White Papers

How to harness smart factory innovations for modern production logistics

Supplied by SICK Pty Ltd on 18 June, 2021

Learn how to leverage smart factory technology and achieve high degree of automation, self-organisation and flexibility; broad transparency in production and logistics processes; and greatest possible elimination of manual operations.

Industry 4.0, sensor intelligence and smart factories — an eBook

Supplied by SICK Pty Ltd on 15 February, 2016

Predicting the convergence of industrial systems with the power of advanced computing, analytics, low-cost sensing and new levels of internet connectivity, Industry 4.0 promises to be the next great step in industrial advancement.

Bioenergy production and monitoring - an eBook

Supplied by SICK on 29 May, 2015

Bioenergy, produced by biomass and biogas combustion, is the world’s most common form of renewable energy production. It is a carbon-fuel energy source, but the difference when compared to coal and natural gas is that the fuel is captured from the earth’s biosphere, making it a carbon-neutral process if the fuel is supplied from a renewable source.

SICK Case Studies

Photoelectric sensors in a hot glass production line

During peak production periods, well over one million glass bottles per day are made on production lines that use machines manufactured by Heye International.

Factory automation 25 September, 2018

RFID technology ensures accurate paper production

To maintain an overview of its production process, Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper utilises an RFID-based identification solution, with a wireless transmission system.

Shell's mobile gas measurement system for small fields

On the coast of the Netherlands, Shell mobile gas measurement stations allow gas reservoirs to be pumped out down to the last cubic centimetre.

Instrumentation 07 March, 2018

Level measurement and protection for PCB electroplating

The cutting-edge Galvabau AG electroplating system running at the circuit board specialist Varioprint features sensor solutions by SICK for level measurement and safe area...

Factory automation 03 September, 2015

Söderenergi in Sweden: How biomass is turned into green energy

Not only is the Igelsta plant one of Sweden's largest biomass power plants - the plant also received recognition as the 'Building of the Year' in 2009. It...

Instrumentation 22 June, 2015

Anti-collision systems ensure safe container-terminal operations

Container terminals operate on a 24/7 basis, so the demand on availability is extremely high. Collisions involving the boom of ship-to-shore cranes and the ships themselves...

Factory automation 11 August, 2014

SICK Videos
SICK Safety-IQ

SICK Safety-IQ

Industry 4.0 ready with SICK Safety-IQ.

Video 03 September, 2018
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