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When it comes to automation, your requirements are unique. So are our solutions. We listen to you, then apply our resources to build cost-effective, results-based solutions. It could be a single, powerful component. An information or asset management solution. Or an enterprise-wide, integrated system. Whatever your automation requirement, you'll find the answer by partnering with us.

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ProSoft IEC 61850 client communication module

The ProSoft IEC 61850 client communication module gives industrial operators visibility into their IEC 61850 intelligent electronic devices.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SafeZone 3 laser scanner

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SafeZone 3 laser scanner from Rockwell Automation is now enabled with Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Safety over EtherNet/IP.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000T medium-voltage drives

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000T medium-voltage drives now include TotalFORCE technology, which is designed to provide precise control of speed and torque.

Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock I/O modules

Rockwell Automation has updated its range of On-Machine I/O modules to support smart machines used in harsh applications.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GuardLink safety system

Rockwell Automation has introduced a safety-based communications protocol known as the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GuardLink safety system.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 100-E IEC universal contactors

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 100-E IEC contactors feature a universal coil, which offers operators more flexibility when controlling with multiple voltages.

Allen-Bradley SMC-50 smart motor controller with internal bypass

The Allen-Bradley SMC-50 smart motor controller with internal bypass is intended to bring greater operational control over motor starts and stops.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View version 10.0

Updated features in the FactoryTalk View software version 10.0 include greater access to information, mobile device support and better cross-software integration to improve productivity.

Allen-Bradley PanelView 5310 graphic terminals

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 5310 family of graphic terminals are designed to help machine builders increase productivity through tighter integration between controller and HMI.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 871FM miniature, metal, flat-pack, inductive proximity sensors

The Bulletin 871FM sensors’ 8 mm and 14 mm stainless steel rectangular housings can be installed in low-profile, space-critical applications.

Rockwell Automation Project Sherlock artificial intelligence module

Rockwell Automation has announced its Project Sherlock artificial intelligence (AI) module, in which a data-driven analytics algorithm is provided that fits directly into a controller chassis.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 medium-voltage AC drives

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 medium-voltage AC drives, from Rockwell Automation, offer expanded, user-friendly control for variable and constant torque applications, as well as a wide voltage range.

Allen-Bradley VersaView 5000 computers, thin clients and monitors

Offering an open architecture design, the VersaView 5000 industrial computers, thin clients and monitors are designed to help manufacturers modernise their standalone or distributed HMI applications to support smart manufacturing.

Allen-Bradley GuardShield 450L modular light curtains

Unlike traditional safety light curtains based on predefined transmitter and receiver units, this modular light curtain system features a transceiver design that employs plug-in modules to establish each unit's function as a transmitter or receiver.

Allen-Bradley Stratix 2500 lightly managed Ethernet switch

The Stratix 2500 lightly managed switch is designed to provide the security, resiliency, segmentation and bandwidth-optimisation benefits of a managed switch without the need for extensive configuration.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster Lifeline 5 cable-pull e-stop switch

The Guardmaster Lifeline 5 cable-pull switch from Rockwell Automation is a solid-state, cable-pull e-stop with microprocessor-based technology.

Allen Bradley Kinetix VPC servo motor

The Allen Bradley Kinetix VPC servo motor is designed to provide high continuous torque at high speeds over long periods of time.

Allen-Bradley Stratix 5950 security appliance

The Stratix 5950 security appliance uses Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewall and FirePOWER technology to create a security boundary between cell/area zones or to help protect a single machine, line or skid.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T AC drives

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755T drives provide harmonic mitigation, regeneration and common bus system configurations.

Rockwell Automatiopn FactoryTalk TeamONE app

The FactoryTalk TeamONE app for iOS and Android smartphones is designed to seamlessly connect to the technology that manufacturers adopt during their digital transformation.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 140G moulded-case circuit breakers

Industrial automation users can improve their short-circuit protection with an updated line of current-limiting, moulded-case circuit breakers from Rockwell Automation.

Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock IO-Link master

The Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock IO-Link master stores up to 40 timestamps of sensor events on each channel.

Rockwell Automation SequenceManager batch solution

In today's processing environment, modern batch systems must account for the growing need for flexible, scalable solutions, true distribution of control and responsive functionality.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk AssetCentre v7.0

FactoryTalk AssetCentre v7.0 software is designed to automate discovery and track the status of devices, network switches and software on workstation computers across an entire facility or production operation.

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5380 controller

The CompactLogix 5380 controller improves the accuracy and performance of high-speed applications.

Rockwell OptiSIS pre-engineered safety instrumented system

Rockwell Automation has introduced its OptiSIS solution, a pre-engineered safety instrumented system that can help ease deployment and reduce lead times for small and mid-sized process applications.

Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix 5370 controller

The Compact GuardLogix 5370 controller allows users to combine safety and motion applications with up to 16 axes without the need for separate networks.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk VantagePoint v7.0

The latest FactoryTalk VantagePoint software is claimed to give users a seamless way to access their Logix-based data by providing a simple, guided workflow to store and visualise information.

Allan-Bradley ControlLogix 5580 controller

Rockwell Automation has expanded its Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of controllers to enable faster system performance and support the growing use of smart devices in manufacturing and industrial operations.

Rockwell Software Studio 5000 development suite

Rockwell Automation has added three applications to its Rockwell Software Studio 5000 development environment to help engineers speed up development of automation systems.

Rockwell Software Inventory and Enterprise Installed Base evaluation services

Rockwell Automation has released software and enterprise evaluation services designed to help manufacturers and industrial operators better manage their assets and reduce risk.

Allen-Bradley Stratix 5410 industrial distribution ethernet switch

With four 10 Gb Ethernet ports, the Stratix 5410 switch provides a high-performance connection to the rest of a facility's network architecture.

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5700 servo drive

Used in place of multiple servo drives, the Kinetix 5700 servo drive can help machine builders reduce cabinet-space requirements by up to 70%.

Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance terminal

The Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Performance terminal expands on the recently released PanelView Plus 7 Standard model with a larger screen option, more processing power and expanded connectivity.

Rockwell Automation Pavilion8 MPC v5.0

Pavilion8 Model Predictive Control (MPC) software now delivers a more user-friendly configuration environment, step-by-step prompts, warning diagnostics and flexible workflows to simplify building, maintaining and adjusting highly complex process models.

Allen Bradley MobileView tethered operator interface

The MobileView tethered operator interface allows operators to make real-time changes to out-of-view machine applications, reducing the back and forth travel between the machine and a remote interface.

Rockwell anti-counterfeiting serialisation solution

The holistic serialisation solution, powered by Rockwell's PharmaSuite MES software, is fully integrated across all four enterprise and control system levels of the ISA-95 data model.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk AssetCentre v6.0 asset management software

Rockwell has added a custom-device plug-in capability to its FactoryTalk AssetCentre v6.0 asset management software.

Allen-Bradley Stratix 5400 all-gigabit switch

The Stratix 5400 switch is an all-gigabit switch that helps manufacturers achieve higher network speeds for their increasingly high bandwidth applications. It also supports both Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing for a range of network configurations.

Allen-Bradley PanelView 800 graphic terminals

The Allen-Bradley PanelView 800 family of graphic terminals feature an 800 MHz CPU processor, up to 256 MB of flash and dynamic memory to reduce boot-up time, making it two times faster than the previous PanelView terminal.

Rockwell Automation PharmaSuite v7.0

The PharmaSuite v7.0 software extends its batch track-and-trace capabilities into the discrete environment, providing hybrid capabilities for the growing market of combination products that require both batch and discrete-assembly processes.

Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 7 Standard operator interface

The PanelView Plus 7 Standard terminals provide connectivity to one controller, and up to 25 screens and 200 alarms along with ATEX Certification.

Allen-Bradley Studio 5000 Logix Designer v24

The Allen-Bradley Studio 5000 Logix Designer v24 software is used to configure Allen-Bradley Logix5000 controllers from Rockwell Automation for discrete, process, batch, motion, safety and drive control.

Rockwell Automation Motion Analyzer Web tool

Rockwell Automation has rebuilt Motion Analyzer software as a cloud-based tool, allowing users to access, update and collaborate on projects stored in a single location.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 medium-voltage drives

PowerFlex 7000 drives offer a safe torque-off option to help industrial manufacturers and equipment builders simplify their functional safety design.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1494U visible-blade disconnect switch

The Bulletin 1494U visible-blade disconnect switch provides visible confirmation that the switch is in the 'on' or 'off' position as it isolates motors, motor controllers and other loads from a supply circuit.

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive with integrated safety

The Kinetix 5500 servo drive with integrated safety builds on the foundation of the recently released Kinetix 5500 servo drive.

Allen-Bradley ArmorStratix 5700 on-machine switch

Built with IP67 protection, the Allen-Bradley ArmorStratix 5700 Layer 2 managed industrial ethernet switch can be mounted directly onto a machine or application, shrinking the machine footprint.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 configurable safety relay

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C-CR30 is a configurable safety relay suitable for applications requiring 4-10 safety circuits and control of up to five zones.

Allen-Bradley 871P VersaCube inductive proximity sensors

The 871P VersaCube inductive proximity sensors are 4-wire DC sensors that integrate both standard and specialty features into a redesigned 40 mm rectangular housing suitable for a wide range of general-purpose and welding applications.

Rockwell Automation Safety Automation Builder software

The Safety Automation Builder software tool automates the safety-selection process, and now supports 16 additional languages.

Allen-Bradley Stratix 5100 wireless access point

The Stratix 5100 wireless access point features a workgroup bridge, enabling up to 19 IP addresses to be connected simultaneously.

Rockwell Software PharmaSuite v5.2

PharmaSuite v5.2 system (MES) is designed to help manufacturers execute electronic batch records in new and more efficient ways.

Rockwell Automation Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit and Connected Components Workbench software

Rockwell Automation has enhanced its free Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit (CCAT) and Connected Components Workbench software tools to integrate the entire machine-control development process.

Allen-Bradley 842E Ethernet/IP absolute encoder

The Allen-Bradley 842E absolute encoder comes standard with dual port ethernet and M12 connectors as well as an embedded Ethernet/IP switch.

Allen-Bradley IntelliCenter software

The latest version of IntelliCenter integrates added features - IntelliCenter Integration Assistant and IntelliCenter Energy - designed to reduce configuration time and enhance data-driven energy decisions.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 523 AC drive

The PowerFlex 523 AC drive is designed to be suitable for builders of simple, stand-alone machines, balancing the need for ‘just enough’ control with a design that lowers total costs to design, develop and deliver machines.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) and Machine Edition (ME) 7.0

FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) and Machine Edition (ME) 7.0 applications, released in early 2013, offer more efficient alarm management, simplified installation, improved user experience and integrated data sharing.

Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 managed industrial ethernet switches

The Allen-Bradley Stratix 5700 managed industrial ethernet switch range now includes an optional integrated network address translation (NAT) feature.

Rockwell Automation Safety Automation Builder (SAB) configuration software

The SAB tool is available as a free download and guides manufacturers through the safety system design process by providing options for layout, safety performance level (PL) analysis based on ISO 13849-1 using IFA’s SISTEMA.

Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drive

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 AC drive is designed to help machine builders and end users simplify equipment design and operation, and speed installation and configuration, for applications from 0.4 to 22 kW.

Allen-Bradley SMC-50 smart motor controller

The SMC-50 smart motor controller includes a newly designed three-phase, fully solid-state, silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) power structure.

Allen-Bradley Micro850 and Micro830 PLCs

Rockwell Automation has released the Allen-Bradley Micro850 and enhanced Micro830 PLCs, both featuring embedded motion capabilities for up to three axes of motion.

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6000M integrated drive motor

The Kinetix 6000M integrated drive motor combines servo drive and motor technologies in a compact, on-machine package.

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 24 VDC high-speed I/O modules

The ControlLogix 24 VDC I/O modules can be used with the ControlLogix 5570 PAC or any other Rockwell Automation programmable controller.

Allen-Bradley 1794-AENTR and 1794-AENTRXT dual-port EtherNet/IP adapters

These EtherNet/IP adapters support a device-level ring (DLR) topology to provide robust network infrastructure and fast recovery time.

Allen-Bardley 1794-AENTR FLEX I/O Dual Port EtherNet/IP Communication Adapter Module

The 1794-AENTR includes two EtherNet/IP ports configured as embedded switches that support not only the conventional star and tree topologies but also the daisy chain and Device Level Ring (DLR) topologies.

Allen-Bradley 900 kW PowerFlex 755 AC drives

Rockwell Automation has extended the power range of its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 900 kW and added 600/690 V ratings.

Allen-Bradley 1715 redundant I/O platform

Rockwell Automation’s 1715 redundant I/O platform requires no user programming code or add-on instructions, special wiring or additional hardware to operate. It supports multiple configurations and applications in standard and harsh environments.

Allen-Bradley Guard I/O range

Guard I/O can be used with any safety controller that communicates on DeviceNet or EtherNet/IP networks.

Allen-Bradley Dynamix 2500 prtable data collector for predictive maintenance and vibration diagnostics

The Dynamix 2500 is a real-time, multichannel, Fast-Fourier Transformer (FFT) signal analyser and data collector used for predictive maintenance and machinery vibration diagnostics.

Allen-Bradley CompactLogix programmable automation controllers

The latest Allen-Bradley CompactLogix programmable automation controllers include support for Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP and Device Level Ring network topologies.

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 single-axis servo drive

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 single-axis servo drive provides motion scalability. It connects and operates with CompactLogix controllers, supporting integrated motion on EtherNet/IP.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series Profibus DPV1 module

The PowerFlex 750-Series Profibus DPV1 module enables users to integrate the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750-Series AC drives with Profibus networks through a standard D89 connector.

Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system

Rockwell Automation has extended the reach of its PlantPAx process automation system to integrate critical rotating assets such as compressors, pumps, turbines and fans, giving users the ability to manage plant-wide operations with a single platform. The system combines the company’s core process automation capabilities and technologies with those of partners and acquisitions to deliver an integrated control and information solution.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 900 kW

Rockwell Automation has extended the power range of its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 900 kW and added 690 V ratings. The new drives are suitable for a variety of heavy industrial applications and provide users with increased application flexibility, advanced diagnostics and a common DC bus option.

Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 6 HMI range

The Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 6 range of human machine interfaces (HMIs) is designed for applications that require monitoring, controlling and displaying information in dynamic ways, where operators must quickly understand machine status in order to make better decisions.

Rockwell Automation Centerline motor control centres with ethernet.

EtherNet/IP capabilities have been added to Rockwell Automation’s Centerline motor control centres (MCCs). The EtherNet/IP-enabled MCCs allow users to access more detailed production data, ultimately resulting in higher asset availability, improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays

Rockwell Automation has launched a new generation of Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays that includes basic units capable of supporting a range of safety devices in various applications such as single- and multizone configurations.

Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1609 range of uninterruptible power supplies

Designed specifically for the industrial market, the Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1609 range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) includes three distinct series to meet worldwide industrial application requirements up to 10 kVA.

Allen-Bradley Micro800 controllers and Connected Components Workbench

Allen-Bradley Micro800 controllers and Connected Components Workbench software offer fully customisable solutions for nano- and micro-level controller applications. Together, the controllers and software are easy to configure, install and maintain. Designed to be used with other Allen-Bradley component class products, such as drives, motion control and operator interface products, the controllers are part of a solution bundle that offers machine builders easy selection, installation and commissioning of their low-cost, stand-alone machines.

Rockwell Automation safety relays

Rockwell Automation is introducing a new generation of safety relays that will be designed to address the majority of safety-related applications. Existing Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety relays will not become obsolete, but customers who wish to simplify their inventory and usage will have the choice of a smaller family of safety relays.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Batch version 11

The application development capabilities of FactoryTalk Batch software have been expanded to help users design and run batch applications more rapidly. Version 11 features intelligent recipe capabilities, secure operator overrides, expanded data collection and reporting and improved material management capabilities.

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SensaGuard RFID-based safety switches

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster SensaGuard range is designed to provide secure safety switching, diagnostics and monitoring in one package. Combining RFID coding with an M23 Safety Distribution block, SensaGuard is designed to simplify the integration of multiple sensors.

Allen-Bradley 42CS family washdown photoelectric sensors

The Allen-Bradley 42CS family sensors are engineered to address high-pressure and harsh chemical cleaning conditions.

Rockwell Automation Motion Analyzer software v5.0

Rockwell Automation has released a new version of its Motion Analyzer software, designed to help machine builders obtain the full benefits of a mechatronic design approach by making it faster and easier to analyse, optimise, simulate and select motion control systems.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives

Rockwell Automation has expanded the power range of its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 450 kW. Featuring advanced diagnostics and a roll-out design, the drive is suitable for motor control applications in a variety of heavy industries, including oil and gas, tyre and rubber, refining, materials handling, metals and mining. This power range extension expands the PowerFlex 755 AC drive offering from 0.75 kW up to 450 kW at 400 VAC input.

Rockwell Software ERP Integration Gateway

The Rockwell Software ERP Integration Gateway application is designed to allow plants to more easily and cost-effectively exchange transactions and execute business processes across the plant floor and business systems in real time.

Allen-Bradley ControlLogix L73 and L75 PACs

Rockwell Automation has made two additions to its Allen-Bradley ControlLogix family of controllers, both leveraging the single design environment and networking protocol within the company’s Integrated Architecture system. The ControlLogix L73 and L75 programmable automation controllers (PACs) provide advanced memory, speed and processing capabilities for a wide range of control demands, from high-performance logic and motion to information-intensive process applications.

Allen-Bradley TÜV-certified e-stop buttons

All styles of Allen-Bradley emergency-stop push buttons are now available with TÜV-certified B10d Functional Safety ratings. This provides users with published certified safety product data for calculating the safety level of their entire control safety system, helping to ensure control safety system reliability.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI software

FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI business intelligence software for manufacturing provides information in web-based dashboards and reports on key performance indicators from multiple manufacturing and business data sources to allow manufacturers to better monitor and manage productivity in real time. The software also allows them to make more insightful decisions about business priorities such as product quality, equipment utilisation and supply-chain management.

Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Historian ME

FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition (ME) is a machine-level historian that collects data directly from the backplane of the controller. This solid-state, embedded historian module is hardened for on-machine data collection and features a limited software footprint, no moving parts and reduced risk of data loss due to network or other system interruption.

Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix L43S and L45S PACs

The Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix programmable automation controllers (PACs) L43S and L45S are designed to provide capabilities previously available only in the larger Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform.

Allen-Bradley Stratix 8300 Layer 3 managed ethernet switches

The Allen-Bradley Stratix series of managed industrial ethernet switches has been extended to include a Layer 3 model. The Stratix 8300 includes the same capabilities as the Layer 2 Stratix 8000, but supports Layer 3 functionality such as routing between subnets and VLANs. In this way, Stratix 8300 provides communication between segmented networks for better performance, security and protection from broadcast storms on the network.

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 EtherNet/IP indexing servo drives

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 is a range of EtherNet/IP indexing servo drives, designed to eliminate the need for a dedicated motion network, allowing easier commissioning, configuration and start-up of servo drives, motors and actuators. It is also designed to enable the integration of a control solution over EtherNet/IP, including HMI, PACs, I/O and motion, while maintaining reliable, high-speed connectivity.

Allen-Bradley 193-EC5 E3 Plus solid-state overload relay

The Allen-Bradley 193-EC5 E3 Plus solid-state overload relay features voltage protection and energy monitoring. Part of the E3 Plus family, the overload relay combines current and voltage protection with enhanced power monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 753 AC drive

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 753 AC drive has been optimised for general-purpose induction motor control applications, while maintaining the functionality of the PowerFlex 750 series.

Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 EtherNet/IP indexing servo drive

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 is a range of EtherNet/IP indexing servo drives designed to eliminate the need for a dedicated motion network, allowing easier commissioning, configuration and start-up of servo drives, motors and actuators.

Ethernet physical media components

Rockwell Automation has introduced an expanded range of industrial-grade ethernet physical media components. Specially engineered for high performance in harsh industrial environments, the expanded ethernet component range includes four- and two-pair cable varieties with RJ45 and/or M12 connectors, spools of cable, as well as a variety of accessories.

Servo drive with advanced safety

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6200 servo drive has advanced safety features that are designed to help manufacturers protect personnel and improve production efficiency.

Linear servomotors

The Allen-Bradley LDC-Series and LDL-Series of linear servomotors are designed to provide machine builders with precise, reliable linear motion capabilities at a cost-effective pricepoint. With no ‘wear items’, such as bearings, gears and belts, that routinely need to be maintained or replaced, theses linear motors are claimed to feature improved reliability over other linear actuation methods.

Safety switches

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440P range of safety limit switches comprises 14 models and features a 2 m pre-terminated side- or bottom-entry cable and a rugged, compact 22 mm metal housing.

Ethernet switch upgrade

Rockwell Automation has upgraded its Allen-Bradley Stratix 8000 modular managed industrial ethernet switch line with features that include the implementation of Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) per port and the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Sync Time Protocol.

Light array sensors

The Allen-Bradley 45DLA discrete light array sensors and Allen-Bradley 45MLA measuring light array sensors utilise optical synchronisation and a small profile.

42CA Series C photoelectric sensors

The Allen-Bradley 42CA Series C is an improved and expanded line of 18 mm cylindrical photoelectric sensors. Featuring rapid 0.5 and 1 ms response times, these presence sensors are suitable for general-purpose and high-speed applications in the packaging, assembly and materials handling industries.

Speed sensor and safety controller

Rockwell Automation has released the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR57P speed monitoring safety relay, the speed sensor and safety controller in a single device.

Integrated speed sensor and safety controller

The Allen-Bradley Guardmaster MSR57P speed monitoring safety relay effectively combines the functionality of a speed sensing module with a configurable safety controller. The MSR57P is suitable for safety applications where access is required to guarded areas, under defined and controlled conditions, while a machine is still running.

Photoelectric sensor

The Allen-Bradley Photoswitch 42JS VisiSight features a visible light source for ease of alignment and a rapid 1 ms response time, and is suitable for general purpose detection applications in the packaging, assembly and materials handling industries.

AC drive delivers more options

The Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drive from Rockwell Automation has a range of sophisticated features, which the company says allows it to deliver more options for intelligent motor control and integration flexibility than any other drive in its class.

Process automation solution

The PlantPAx solution from Rockwell Automation is designed to provide a single platform for a unified plant process control system. Featuring a process control core based on the company's integrated architecture, PlantPAx provides a scalable portfolio of enhanced process technologies, solutions and services for plant-wide control.

Safety light curtain

With a 15 mm by 20 mm housing profile, the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster GuardShield Micro 400 light curtain is claimed to be the smallest Type 4 safety light curtain on the market.

Safety I/O module

The Allen-Bradley Point Guard I/O module is a modular, 24 V DC I/O system that is designed to fit into the standard Point I/O system, offering both automation and safety functionality in a maximum-density I/O solution.

Low-power RTU

Rockwell Automation has introduced an all-in-one controller with SCADA capabilities which is suitable for remote and harsh environments.


Representing the first drive from the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 series, the PowerFlex 755 AC drive is available in power ranges from 7.5 to 250 kW at 400/480 VAC and 540/650 VDC input. It supports multiple languages, meets global standards and certifications, and is suitable for many industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, water/wastewater, materials handling, metals, mining and automotive.


Rockwell Automation has launched the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix L23 controller. The latest addition to the CompactLogix family of controllers extends the functionality and flexibility of Rockwell Automation’s Logix control platform to small machine-level control applications.

Stratix series ethernet switches

Rockwell Automation has joined forces with Cisco to develop a comprehensive portfolio of industrial ethernet switches. The pairing provides businesses with improved access to solutions that optimise network integration throughout the enterprise — from the manufacturing floor through to the boardroom.

Component HMIs

Suitable for OEMs and other industrial operators, the Allen-Bradley PanelView Component operator interface provides the right amount of control at a cost-effective price.

Controller engineering software

Rockwell Automation has released version 17 of its RSLogix 5000 engineering software, with significantly expanded process control and automation functionality for the Allen-Bradley Logix family of controllers.

Industrial intelligence software

IncuityEMI version 2.6 is enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software. This software tool is specially designed to access the data from many disparate sources throughout a manufacturing facility, then organise, analyse and present that information via user-friendly web browsers or similar remote interfaces.

Asset management software

FactoryTalk AssetCentre is an asset management software package which enables users to securely and centrally manage ever-changing process automation production environments.

Historian software

FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition (SE) is a software package that allows manufacturers to quickly and automatically identify, gather and analyse detailed process data from any plant floor control system or networked device.

Compact I/O modules

High-density Allen-Bradley Compact I/O modules are now available from Rockwell Automation. The additions to the Allen-Bradley Compact I/O range include new high-performance analog, digital and ASCII modules that accommodate a range of applications while conserving panel space.

Terminal blocks

Rockwell Automation has extended its Allen-Bradley IEC terminal block range with the addition of new models to target faster installation, increased installation flexibility and panel space savings. The range expansion encompasses the 1492-J series of screw terminal blocks and the 1492-L suite of spring-clamp variants, as well as coloured and interlinked terminal block markers.

Liquid-cooled drive

The energy-efficient liquid cooling of the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 700L drive allows it to be installed in conditions where air-cooled drives simply could not operate. These include dusty environments or those where increases in climate control costs would be excessive. Applications, which can benefit from this technology include HVAC and chillers, pumping applications, oil and gas, and marine propulsion.

Solid-state relay

Rockwell Automation has expanded its range of Allen-Bradley 700SH solid-state relays with the addition of increased load capacities up to 100 A and 660 V. This extends the applicability of the 700SH series for a wider range of precision-controlled, high switching frequency applications, such as temperature control in packaging, food processing, plastics and HVAC industries.

Allen-Bradley VersaView industrial computers

The Allen-Bradley range of VersaView industrial computers has been expanded with the addition of light industrial and heavy industrial range variants. The rugged and cost-effective family is designed to provide the open computing platform for Rockwell Automation’s integrated architecture-based applications.

Solid-state relay

Rockwell Automation has expanded its range of Allen-Bradley 700SH solid-state relays with the addition of increased load capacities up to 100 A and 660 V.

VersaView industrial computers

The Allen-Bradley range of VersaView industrial computers has been expanded with the addition of light industrial and heavy industrial range variants. The rugged and cost-effective family is designed to provide the open computing platform for Rockwell Automation’s integrated architecture-based applications.

Ethernet safety I/O modules

Rockwell Automation has introduced I/O modules equipped with Ethernet/IP connectivity - the CompactBlock Guard I/O on Ethernet/IP series

Industrial controllers with enhanced communications

Enhancements to the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 family of industrial controllers from Rockwell Automation provide users with increased speed, power and communication capabilities. The Series B MicroLogix 1100 and MicroLogix 1100 DWD controllers deliver improved control and communications in one compact system.

Industrial controllers with enhanced communications

Enhancements to the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 family of industrial controllers from Rockwell Automation provide users with increased speed, power and communication capabilities. The Series B MicroLogix 1100 and MicroLogix 1100 DWD controllers deliver improved control and communications in one compact system.

Safety relays

With multi-output capabilities, the MSR142RTP and MSR144RTP relays are designed to meet a variety of safety application requirements, including those incorporating safety interlock switches, E-stops, light curtains and safety mats.

Dual-receiver sensors

The 44B photoelectric sensor incorporates adjustable background or foreground suppression. The sensor is designed for industrial applications requiring reliable detection of targets close to a surface - such as a conveyor - that must be ignored by the sensor.

Ethernet controller

The latest generation of Allen-Bradley SLC-5/05 controller offers enhanced ethernet/IP communications functionality. Featuring 10/100 Mbps ethernet connectivity and an increased number of available ethernet connections, the series C with firmware revision (FRN) 9 can be utilised in larger, more demanding high-throughput applications.

Small controller

The Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1200 small controller is available with two communications ports. The programming/human-machine interface (HMI) port enables the connection of a local computer for the upload, download or monitoring of programs, while still maintaining network connectivity. Alternatively, it can provide an interface to a local display terminal, increasing application flexibility and helping to reduce system cost.

Bright HMIs

Rockwell Automation has added 'high-bright' touch display modules to its Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus operator interface and VersaView CE industrial computer families. The modules are designed for easier reading in bright locations and are rated to withstand harsh, outdoor environments.

Safety feature

Known as DriveGuard, the Rockwell Automation safety architecture consists of an internally mounted electronics card that equips the drive with a 'safe off' function, preventing it from delivering rotational energy to motors.

Process and motor control

Rockwell's exhibit will include the company's Integrated Architecture - a control architecture that enables total integration of logic and process control (Logix controllers), seamless linking from field devices through to enterprise systems (DeviceNet, ControlNet and EtherNet/IP communications), plus scalable visualisation throughout the plant (ViewAnyWare human-machine interface (HMI) architecture). Also on display will be the company's range of intelligent motor control products, plus its offerings in condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Safety monitoring relays

Rockwell Automation has released additions to its line of Allen-Bradley Guardmaster Minotaur safety relays, offering greater safety monitoring functionality at lower cost.

MES Solution

Rockwell Software is designed to improve manufacturing effectiveness, order flow management and manufacturing information visibility. It supports FactoryTalk for interoperability among shop-floor solutions and information-sharing among enterprise applications.


Rockwell Automation launches new service offering in Asia–Pacific

New services brand LifecycleIQ Services offers expanded professional services.

Rockwell Automation holds 29th Automation Fair At Home

The first hybrid live and virtual Automation Fair At Home saw over 40,000 participants registered from 146 countries.

Rockwell Automation acquires CMMS company Fiix Inc.

Rockwell will now offer a cloud-based, AI-enabled, computerised maintenance management system as part of its Software & Control operating segment.

Rockwell Automation releases PlantPAx 5.0

Updated DCS offers new process functionality native to controllers, cyber-secured architectures, and improved system availability and workflows.

Rockwell and Microsoft partnership to simplify digital agility

The expanded partnership aims to empower manufacturers with agility, intelligence and scale to deliver digital transformation initiatives.

Rockwell and PTC announce enhancements to productivity suite

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite has been enhanced to improve OT/IT integration and cloud analytics.

Rockwell updates linear motion control system for packaging

The iTRAK 5730 small-frame intelligent track system is said to improve throughput in multi-product applications.

An intuitive shift towards greater automation

Rockwell's recent 'Rockwell Automation on the Move' event in Auckland allowed its customers to engage with new trends, new technology and each other.

Rockwell Automation appoints new Asia-Pacific President

Rockwell Automation has announced that Scott Wooldridge has been appointed as Regional President, Asia Pacific, succeeding Joe Sousa.

Rockwell Automation to acquire Israel-based Avnet

Acquisition intended to enhance Rockwell Automation's ability to deliver IT/OT cybersecurity services globally.

Rockwell Automation launches Digital Partnership Program

Program announced and record attendance celebrated at Rockwell Automation's 27th annual Automation Fair.

Rockwell Automation and Accenture announce partnership

Rockwell Automation and Accenture have announced a partnership that they say will improve supply chain management.

Rockwell and Schlumberger enter into joint venture

Joint venture entity Sensia to be a fully integrated automation solutions provider for the oil and gas industry.

Rockwell's TechED NZ revealed the latest in manufacturing tech

Unlocking the value of digital manufacturing.

Explosives manufacturing plant invests in latest motor control technology

Systems integrator Auto Control Systems is the first in the world to implement a complete motor control centre solution using an Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE 2500 MCC, to be shipped as a complete containerised unit for an explosives manufacturer in Eastern Europe.

Rockwell Automation acquires Odos Imaging

Imaging technology to enable further leveraging of 3D and time-of-flight for sensing and safety applications.

SAGE launches new headquarters at Advanced Manufacturing Precinct in SA

SAGE Automation has opened its new corporate headquarters and advanced manufacturing facility at the Tonsley Innovation Precinct in Adelaide, a state government initiative that has transformed the former Mitsubishi manufacturing site into a hub that combines advanced manufacturing, research, industry, skills development and the community.

Rockwell Automation invests in AI

Rockwell Automation recently announced its investment in The Hive, a Silicon Valley innovation fund and co-creation studio, to gain access to an ecosystem of innovators and technology start-ups with a focus on applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to industrial automation.

Rockwell launches cybersecurity threat detection service

A new threat detection service from Rockwell Automation alerts operators of potential security threats to their industrial networks.

Rockwell Automation announces Blake Moret to become chairman

Rockwell Automation has announced that its board of directors has elected president and CEO Blake D Moret as chairman of the board effective 1 January 2018.

Rockwell Automation TechED to return to Melbourne in August

With a variety of training settings, including hands-on labs, technical sessions and discussion forums, Rockwell Automation TechED will provide a venue for attendees to learn about the latest techniques and technologies to maximise their manufacturing and production operations.

Scott Wooldridge appointed MD of Rockwell Automation for ANZ

Rockwell Automation has announced that Scott Wooldridge has been appointed managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

Rockwell Automation releases Safety Maturity Index tool for machine builders

Online assessment tool can help machine builders optimise and differentiate machine designs.

Australian FIRST: recognition for commitment to STEM outreach

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) team Thunder Down Under won the Chairman's Award at the world championship event.

Rockwell Automation PowerTechED on the Gold Coast in June

This year's event will feature many never-before-seen live demonstrations, provide access to global specialists and reveal insights into the future direction of products.

ACS to be first Rockwell LV MCC Recognised System Integrator for South Pacific

Rockwell Automation has announced that Auto Control Systems (ACS), a provider of industrial automation, control systems and services in Australia, has been appointed as the first Recognised System Integrator in the Power Discipline for the South Pacific region.

Rockwell Automation to showcase digital technologies and IIoT at Hannover Messe 2017

Rockwell will showcase technologies and solutions within the Microsoft, Cisco, Endress+Hauser and ODVA booths.

Rockwell invests $12m to bring STEM to next generation

Rockwell Automation has announced a US$12 million, four-year commitment to FIRST — For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology — founded to inspire young people's interest and participation in science and technology.

PowerTechED showcases latest energy and motor control technologies

Held in collaboration with Rockwell Automation Authorised Distributors, NHP Electrical Engineering and Rexel Industrial Automation, PowerTechED highlighted the latest advances in the areas of network integration with drives and overloads, energy management software, safety considerations for motor control and network security.

Rockwell Automation TechED to be held in Sydney this month

Rockwell Automation TechED will be held at the Novotel Sydney Olympic Park from 30 August to 1 September 2016.

Addressing the global skills shortage

Rockwell recommends five key steps for protecting productivity and safety as workers retire and new technologies redefine roles.

Rockwell Automation expands motion control business

Investment in independent cart technology strengthens offering for packaging, automotive and medical device manufacturers.

Rockwell to launch Best Future Machine Award at interpack 2017

New award to highlight and reward outstanding machine technology and celebrate creativity and innovation within the packaging industry.

Rockwell appoints new NZ country manager

Rockwell Automation has announced the appointment of Nigel Williams to the role of country manager for New Zealand.

Rockwell Automation to acquire MagneMotion

Advanced motion technology will complement the iTRAK motion solution.

Rockwell Automation announces mobility co-innovation with Microsoft

Mobility developments support the vision of a connected enterprise: the convergence of operations and information technology that will deliver the next wave of manufacturing productivity.

Rockwell Automation powers hands-on motor control technology event

Rockwell Automation recently held its inaugural Power TechED event on the Gold Coast — an educational event focused on the latest integrated MCC, safety and energy monitoring trends and technologies.

White paper from Cisco and Rockwell helps simplify IP address management

Deploying network address translation helps resolve complications of duplicate IP addresses.

Rockwell Automation wins three Asian Manufacturing Awards

Rockwell emerges as the Best Internet of Things Provider, Best Programmable Control Systems Provider and Best Machine Safety Systems Provider in Asia.

Rockwell announces new Power TechED education event

Rockwell Automation has announced its inaugural educational event focused on power and energy, Power TechED, to be held 8–9 September 2015 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, Queensland.

Rockwell and Cisco launch new architectures to reduce security risk

As industrial markets evolve to unlock the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT), Rockwell Automation and Cisco recently announced new additions to their Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) architectures to help operations technology (OT) and information technology (IT) professionals address constantly changing security practices.

Rockwell Automation TechED to be held in Melbourne

Rockwell Automation TechED will feature the latest technology trends in a hands-on learning environment.

Weak password encryption used in Rockwell HMI software

Encryption algorithms for protecting user credentials in Rockwell's RSView32 software are outdated and sufficiently weak to be decrypted.

Rockwell introduces anti-counterfeiting serialisation solution

Proliferation of dangerous counterfeit medication is a global concern. Impending regulations across markets will require pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer packaged goods manufacturers to trace products down to the individual saleable unit across the supply chain.

Turning the vision of a connected enterprise into a reality

Establishing an information-enabled connected enterprise can help manufacturers become more competitive, flexible and sustainable, which is of paramount importance in the current global market.

Rockwell Automation and Cisco to deliver networking technologies training course

Rockwell Automation together with Cisco has launched a new training course - Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS).

Connectivity and automation: productivity solutions in challenging times

The challenges posed by a high Australian dollar and slower economic growth should inspire manufacturers to focus their attention inwards in the quest to remain competitive.

Rockwell wins Cisco IoE Partner of the Year 2013

Rockwell Automation has been announced as Cisco Internet of Everything Partner of the Year at the Cisco Australia and New Zealand Partner Insight Awards.

Rockwell Automation recognised as one of World's Most Ethical Companies

Rockwell Automation has been named as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for the sixth time. The company has also announced its 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report is available.

Rockwell names new state manager for Vic and Tas

Tim Keech has been appointed to the role of state manager for Victoria and Tasmania for Rockwell Automation. Keech will be responsible for planning, directing and controlling the operations in the two states.

Rockwell Automation on the Move back by popular demand

Rockwell Automation on the Move is returning to Melbourne in 2014. To be held at Melbourne Park Function Centre on 25 and 26 March 2014, the event will demonstrate how the latest industry practices are turning marketplace challenges into advantages.

Automation Fair celebrates Allen-Bradley's 110th anniversary

The recent Automation Fair event, held in Houston on 11-15 November, attracted more than 100 exhibitors and more than 9700 manufacturing and industrial professionals.

Online community discusses IP infrastructure

A new online community that extends the Industrial IP Advantage website has been launched. Cisco, Panduit and Rockwell Automation are sponsoring the online community, in cooperation with ODVA.

Rockwell launches Safety Maturity Index tool

The Safety Maturity Index (SMI) tool is a self-guided assessment that gives manufacturers visibility into the effectiveness of their safety programs and the ability to optimise plant performance.

Rockwell to host 22nd annual Automation Fair

The event offers learning and networking opportunities for attendees to hear about the latest in discrete and process control technologies that enable effective and energy-efficient global automation solutions.

TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Program training comes to Australia

In the coming months, Rockwell Automation will provide specialised TÜV Rheinland Functional Safety Program training to machinery engineers across the country.

DSME awards $6.7m order to Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation has been awarded an order in excess of $6.7 million by South Korean company DSME. Rockwell will deliver fully integrated safety solutions for Transocean, a leading provider of offshore contract drilling services.

Rockwell launches industrial security initiative

Rockwell Automation has launched an initiative to help manufacturers better protect their control systems from cybersecurity threats. Automation and IT professionals will be able to more effectively secure their industrial processes with the initiative, which uses control system design and best practices, contemporary technologies and professional services from Rockwell and its strategic partnerships.

Free plant-wide control and information system workshops

Rockwell Automation on Tour will visit multiple locations in both metropolitan and regional centres around Australia delivering its free educational workshop series.

Engineering program a FIRST for Australia

Rockwell Automation has extended its support of the global FIRST program to Australia and New Zealand, opening up new opportunities for school students aspiring to become engineers.

New Managing Director Australia New Zealand for Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation has appointed a new Managing Director Australia New Zealand. David Hegarty was appointed to the position on 5 November 2012 and will maintain his previous role of Regional Sales Director for the region.

Rockwell to purchase assets from Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co

Rockwell Automation has announced it will purchase the assets of the medium-voltage drives business of Harbin Jiuzhou Electric Co for approximately US$83 million.

Rockwell Automation to host Safety Automation Symposium

Rockwell Automation is hosting a Safety Automation Symposium in Adelaide on 8 August, highlighting the latest developments in safety technology and automation.

MG Bryan pilots cloud computing system to remotely manage equipment

With help from Rockwell Automation, heavy-equipment OEM MG Bryan Equipment is using cloud computing to remotely manage its high-tech fracturing equipment.

RSTechED 2011 Sydney offers a forum for education, inspiration and discussion

The recently held RSTechED 2011 presented by Rockwell Automation in Sydney, brought together OEMs, system integrators and industry partners in a forum for education, inspiration and discussion.

Rockwell receives Frost and Sullivan award

Rockwell Automation has received a 2011 Frost and Sullivan Company of the Year Award for the South Pacific and South East Asia region.

Rockwell Automation names new Industry Solution Manager for South Pacific

Rockwell Automation has appointed Paul McRoberts as Industry Solution Manager - Initiatives, South Pacific Region.

Rockwell Automation names new leaders for its two operating segments

Rockwell Automation has elected two new corporate executives who will lead the company’s Control Products and Solutions (CP&S) and the Architecture and Software (A&S) segments.

Rockwell Automation to focus on partnering at AUSPACK PLUS 2011

At the AUSPACK PLUS 2011 exhibition in March, Rockwell Automation will focus on furthering cooperative partnerships with machine-builders and OEMs, emphasising a consultative approach to helping companies achieve their business goals.

Rockwell appoints new sustainability manager

Rockwell Automation has appointed Michael Loke to the position of Industry Manager, Sustainability.

Rockwell Automation appoints new Customer Support and Maintenance Business Manager

Steve Lawlor becomes Customer Support and Maintenance Business Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Rockwell Automation named one of the world’s most ethical companies

The Ethisphere Institute has recognised Rockwell Automation as one of the ‘world’s most ethical companies’.

Rockwell beefs up project management services

Rockwell Automation has established a dedicated team of professional project managers across Australia.

Rockwell Automation supports VMware

Rockwell Automation is supporting the use of its automation software with virtualisation solutions from VMware.

RSTechED 2009 well received

Rockwell Automation has announced the success of its 10th annual RSTechED educational forum.

White Papers

A design guide: deploying Resilient Ethernet Protocol in a converged plantwide Ethernet system

This CPwE-REP design guide explores deploying the Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) within the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) reference architectures. REP delivers better convergence characteristics and functions as an alternative to the resiliency protocols described in the CPwE Design and Implementation Guide (DIG).



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