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Phoenix Contact is a leading developer and manufacturer of electrical connection, electronic interface and industrial automation technologies. Founded more than 80 years ago in Germany, our diverse product range includes components and system solutions for industrial and device connection, automation, electronic interface, and surge protection. With seven locations across Australia and New Zealand, Phoenix Contact has been providing our customers with inspiring innovations and local support since 1996.

Phone: 1300 786 411
Fax: 1800 046 102
130-140 Parraweena Road , Miranda NSW 2228 (Directions)


Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON pro hybrid motor starters

Phoenix Contact CONTACTRON pro hybrid motor starters have additional simple safety integration and modular extension options.

Phoenix Contact TC ethernet extenders

Phoenix Contact TC extenders extend simple point-to-point Ethernet paths and can be easily monitored remotely using a single managed device via IP.

Phoenix Contact FDX 20 series fibre-optic splice boxes

The FDX 20 series fibre-optic splice boxes provide ample interior space for the secure connection of fibre optics.

Phoenix Contact Heavycon EVO M1 plastic housings

The Heavycon EVO M1 plastic housings from Phoenix Contact accommodate a modular contact insert.

Phoenix Contact TRIO combined UPS and power supply

Phoenix Contact has released a TRIO UPS module and power supply combined in a single housing.

Phoenix Contact PSRmini safety switch system with IO-Link

The PSRmini safety switch system from Phoenix Contact consists of a contact-free, coded PSRswitch safety switch and the PSRmini safety relay with IO-Link.

Phoenix Contact AGK pick-off terminals

The AGK pick-off terminals for high-current bolt terminal blocks of the HV and RBO series from Phoenix Contact provide a simple option for potential distribution or collection.

Phoenix Contact Topmark NEO laser marker

The Topmark NEO laser marker offers compact dimensions and easy operation via the integrated colour touch display.

Phoenix Contact relay modules with lockable manual operation

Relay modules with a PLC interface from Phoenix Contact now also include modules with lockable manual operation in a 14 mm overall width.

Device circuit breakers with IO-Link technology

The CBMC electronic circuit breakers with integrated IO-Link can be incorporated into a process control and monitoring system.

Phoenix Contact PT and PTU potential terminals

Phoenix Contact's compact PT and PTU potential collective terminals offer a wide range of application options.

Phoenix Contact PT 4-HE-ILA 100 current indicator terminal

The PT 4-HE-ILA 100 current indicator terminal with push-in connection technology helps to clearly identify malfunctions and line breaks in the operating state.

Phoenix Contact Heavycon standard housings

Heavycon standard housings from Phoenix Contact are made using high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F Profinet bus coupler

As Phoenix Contact's first Profinet bus coupler, the TPS version of the device offers certification in accordance with Profinet Spec. 2.3.

Phoenix Contact Quint Power 12 and 48 V power supplies

The Phoenix Contact Quint Power range has been expanded with three devices including a 12 V unit with an output current of 15 A and two 48 V units with output currents of 5 and 10 A.

Phoenix Contact PROFIBUS PA I/O gateway

The PROFIBUS PA device from Phoenix Contact comes in five profiles and bundles simple digital and analog inputs and outputs into one PROFIBUS PA telegram.

Phoenix Contact Mini Analog Pro signal conditioners

The Mini Analog Pro signal conditioners from Phoenix Contact feature bus and network connection, allowing users to combine the advantages of safe electrical isolation and digital communication.

Phoenix Contact PTFIX potential distribution system

The Phoenix Contact PTFIX potential distribution system is now available with a 4 mm2 push-in connection.

Phoenix Contact Proficloud IoT Gateway

Using the Proficloud IoT Gateway, the connection to the Proficloud can be established without the need to interfere with the automation technology.

Phoenix Contact 1000 Series and 4000 Series PoE switches

Phoenix Contact is expanding its selection of PoE switches with the 1000 Series unmanaged and 4000 Series managed switches.

Phoenix Contact QUINT4 DC UPS

The QUINT4 DC UPS uninterruptible power supply is the first QUINT UPS for integration into established industrial networks.

Phoenix Contact Ethernet patch panels

Eight DIN rail devices from Phoenix Contact provide various connection options for Ethernet connectivity, including PoE.

Phoenix Contact FL Switch 2000 16-port switches

Phoenix Contact is extending the range of managed switches in its FL Switch 2000 range with 16-port versions to accommodate the increasing number of Ethernet-capable devices in automation networks.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F power measurement module

The AXL F PM EF 1F power measurement module is the latest addition to the Axioline F I/O system range from Phoenix Contact.

Phoenix Contact QUINT AC UPS

Due to the VFI-SS-111 online topology, the QUINT AC UPS ensures seamless transfer and returns a pure sine curve in mains and battery operation.

Phoenix Contact Quint Power power supplies

Phoenix Contact's Quint Power power supplies now offer high system availability in the power range up to 100 W.

Phoenix Contact Checkmaster 2 surge protection tester

The Checkmaster 2 mobile test case lets technicians quickly test all Phoenix Contact pluggable surge protection devices to prevent unexpected failures.

Phoenix Contact WellControl remote groundwater control

WellControl is a preconfigured, configurable solution from Phoenix Contact that carries out all the necessary control and regulation tasks for groundwater wells.

Phoenix Contact ECS outdoor equipment housings

The ECS series housings offer an IP69 degree of protection and a broad operating temperature range of -40 to +100°C to protect installed equipment.

Phoenix Contact M12 circular connectors

The Phoenix Contact range now includes push-pull circular connectors with cross-manufacturer connection-compatible fast locking system.

Phoenix Contact PTCB compact electronic circuit breaker

At 6 mm wide by 106 mm high, the PTCB electronic circuit breaker offers space-saving circuit protection and potential distribution.

Phoenix Contact THERMOMARK PRIME mobile thermal printer

The THERMOMARK PRIME is a transportable, mobile marking centre with integrated marking software.

Phoenix Contact Rifline force-guided coupling relay module

The Rifline industrial relay system range now includes a force-guided coupling relay module with 24 VDC coil voltage.

Phoenix Contact Axioline E modular IO-Link interfaces

The Axioline E IO-Link master can be set up as a modular I/O station.

Phoenix Contact PLCnext Control controller

Based on Phoneix Contact's PLCnext Technology, the PLCnext Control controller is said to combine the robustness and security of a classic PLC with the openness and flexibility of the world of smart devices.

Phoenix Contact FL Mguard RS4000 TX/TX-P security router

The FL Mguard RS4000 TX/TX-P security router offers an extended temperature range as well as ATEX and IECEx approval. As of firmware 8.5, several security functions are activated by default.

Phoenix Contact Quint CAP buffer module

The maintenance-free Quint CAP buffer module from Phoenix Contact bridges cyclical failures lasting up to 30 s.

Phoenix Contact PTTB 2,5-ILA 100 current indicator terminal block

The PTTB 2,5-ILA 100 current indicator terminal block detects interruptions or line breaks during operation. Voltage drop is evaluated at a Zener diode in the reverse direction and is indicated by an LED so that the technician can see the operating status of the system.

Phoenix Contact PT 4-WE panel feed-through terminal blocks

The PT 4-WE panel feed-through terminal blocks with Push-in spring connection from Phoenix Contact are suitable for current transformers and voltage transducers such as protective devices.

Phoenix Contact UW95 panel feed-through terminal blocks

The UW95 screw connection panel feed-through terminal blocks are suitable for large conductor cross sections from 25 to 95 mm2.

Phoenix Contact MP micro terminal blocks

Designed to accommodate the increasing miniaturisation in machine building and switchgear and control cabinet manufacturing, MP micro terminal blocks offer a connection capacity from 0.14 to 1.5 mm2.

Phoenix Contact QUINT ORING active power redundancy modules

The active redundancy modules in the QUINT product range from Phoenix Contact increase the availability of a system through decoupling and monitoring.

Phoenix Contact IL EC BK-PAC and IL CO BK-XC-PAC bus couplers

The modular Inline I/O system product range from Phoenix Contact has been extended with two bus couplers supporting EtherCAT and CANopen.

Phoenix Contact TERMITRAB complete surge protection devices

The TERMITRAB complete range provides surge protection starting at an overall width of 3.5 mm, representing a space saving of up to 50% in comparison with 7 mm installations.

Phoenix Contact Valvetrab SEC-DC type 2 surge protective devices

The Valvetrab SEC-DC type 2 surge protective devices are only 12 mm wide and provide protection for all standard 120/220 VDC applications.

Phoenix Contact CBMC multichannel electronic circuit breakers

The CBMC compact multichannel electronic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact are now available with NEC Class 2 approval according to UL 1310.

Phoenix Contact Network Manager software

The latest version of Network Manager from Phoenix Contact offers a software solution for the quick and easy start-up of managed switches, wireless components and security appliances.

Phoenix Contact Proficloud IoT SDK

Proficloud is an open IoT system that can be used to create cloud-based or local IoT solutions.

Phoenix Contact surge protection configurator

Phoenix Contact has launched a "Surge protection for signal applications technology" configurator to guide users to find a suitable surge protection product.

Phoenix Contact serial device servers and gateways

Phoenix Contact has released a range of device servers and gateways that make it easy to integrate serial devices in Ethernet-based automation networks.

Phoenix Contact M12 power cables

The assembled M12 power cables from Phoenix Contact offer high power in a compact design, and offer IP65/IP67 ingress protection.

Phoenix Contact Valueline VL2 9000 panel PCs

Phoenix Contact Valueline box and panel PCs now include a performance class for high-end applications.

Phoenix Contact PTFIX ready-to-connect distribution blocks

PTFIX ready-to-connect distribution blocks allow users to connect pre-treated or rigid conductors by simply aligning and inserting the colour-coded wire to the block.

Phoenix Contact Valvetrab-SEC VF protective devices

With their compact design and high performance, the Valvetrab-SEC VF protective devices offer comprehensive protection in a minimum amount of space.

Phoenix Contact panel mounting frames for RJ45 and SC-RJ

Phoenix Contact is extending its range of robust data connections with device panel mounting frames.

Phoenix Contact Advance series power connectors for Profinet applications

The push-pull Advance series connectors from Phoenix Contact safely transmit power up to 16 A/24 V.

Phoenix Contact Trio Power 40 A power supply

The Phoenix Contact Trio Power supply range now includes a 40 A device.

Phoenix Contact PT-TWIN push-in contact inserts

In addition to offering push-in connection technology, the PT-TWIN contact inserts come with a double conductor connection.

Phoenix Contact mGuard security appliance firmware v8.4

Phoenix Contact has released firmware 8.4 for the mGuard security appliances, extending the functional scope of the devices to include functions such as Modbus/TCP inspection and DNS name-based firewalling.

Phoenix Contact 19″ fibre-optic splice boxes

The splice boxes for fibre classes OM2 and OM4 feature a compartment that can be pulled out at the front with 12 or 24 LC duplex connections.

Phoenix Contact RJ45 socket modules

Phoenix Contact's RJ45 socket modules are available in a compact design and suitable for industrial applications.

Phoenix Contact universal M12 distributor boxes

With the universal M12 distributor boxes from Phoenix Contact, actuator connectors, such as for solenoid valves, can be connected quickly and easily.

Phoenix Contact PC Worx UA OPC server

The PC Worx UA server from Phoenix Contact enables users to access all variables of PC Worx programmable controllers via the OPC UA communication protocol.

Phoenix Contact M12 connectors with push-in technology

Phoenix Contact has released M12 connectors featuring push-in connection technology, complementing the existing M12 connector range.

Phoenix Contact QUINT POWER IV power supplies

The QUINT POWER IV includes added features that allow the user to tailor it to suit their required output behaviour and preventive function monitoring.

Phoenix Contact Valvetrab SEC Type 2 surge arresters

At a narrow 12 mm wide per module, the Valvetrab SEC Type 2 surge protective device is highly compact and reduces the need for installation space to a minimum.

Phoenix Contact TRIO2G AC-UPS compact UPS

The Phoenix Contact TRIO2G AC-UPS is a space-saving DIN rail mount UPS designed to deliver uninterruptible AC power to critical loads in automation and shipping environments.

Phoenix Contact Radioline RAD-RS485-IFS I/O system

Phoenix Contact has upgraded its cable-based Radioline RAD-RS485-IFS stations to accommodate both wireless and cable-based modules to deliver far greater flexibility and choice for users requiring a highly reliable I/O system.

Phoenix Contact CBM multichannel electronic device circuit breakers

With a choice of either a 4- or 8-channel CBM electronic device circuit breaker, users no longer need to stack single 18 mm-wide circuit breakers together in a control cabinet to protect 24 V loads.

Phoenix Contact TRIO 2 series power supplies

Phoenix Contact has released its next-generation TRIO 2 power supply range, designed for machine building as well as water operations, industrial and manufacturing plants, building services, renewable energy, shipbuilding and process technology.

Phoenix Contact multichannel device circuit breakers

The four- and eight-channel devices can be installed quickly and tool-free, and can be easily set, with easy-to-maintain restart options.

Phoenix Contact TRIO POWER supply range

The latest generation of the TRIO POWER supply range has been designed for use in machine building.

Phoenix Contact combiner boxes

Moving the fuses to the outside makes the design of the new connection boxes significantly smaller, the lower volume reducing transportation and storage costs.

Phoenix Contact Combi pluggable terminal range

The Combi range now includes PT 2.5-HEXA multiconductor terminals with up to six contact points, making the terminals suitable as compact, pluggable marshalling distributors.

Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Complete relay system

Whether isolation, multiplication or amplification signals are required, the field of application of the RIFLINE industrial relay system ranges from coupling and timer relays to a replacement for small power contactors.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F I/O system for extreme conditions

The Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact for signal acquisition in the control cabinet now includes versions with an extended temperature range of -40°C to 70°C.

Phoenix Contact Mini Analog MCR-SL-IDS-I-I output signal conditioner

The Mini Analog MCR-SL-IDS-I-I output signal conditioner with a narrow 6.2 mm design transmits and electrically isolates 4-20 mA signals from the controller to a load in the field.

Phoenix Contact FL WLAN 5100 access point firmware update

The fastest WLAN data rate is now automatically used for transmission due to a modified transmission process for the EtherNet/IP multicast data.

Phoenix Contact UM1 universal material marking range

The UM1 universal material marking range provides markers for labelling terminal blocks manufactured by Weidmüller, Conta Clip, and Klemsan.

Phoenix Contact Basicline 2000 quad-core box PC

The Basicline 2000 box PCs for use in harsh industrial environments offer powerful third-generation quad-core processors (Bay Trail) in a fanless housing.

Phoenix Contact FL COM-Server serial device servers

Phoenix Contact has extended its FL COM-Server serial device server range with two special versions with an extended temperature and supply voltage range.

Phoenix Contact PSD signal towers

The multicolour LED element of the PSD signal tower from Phoenix Contact enables signalling of machine and system states with up to seven colours.

Phoenix Contact Mini Analog signal conditioners

Five signal conditioners from the Mini Analog product range from Phoenix Contact are now listed according to ANSI ISA 12.12.01 for the USA and Canada and can therefore be used worldwide in potentially explosive areas of Class I, Division 2.

Phoenix Contact Embeddedline panel PCs

Phoenix Contact has extended its range of Embeddedline panel PCs with 4:3 format displays.

Phoenix Contact PTTBS 2,5-2MTB and PTTBS 2,5-TGB double-level knife disconnect terminal blocks

The PTTBS 2,5-2MTB double-level knife disconnect terminal blocks with push-in connectors enable conductors to be wired directly and without using any tools, with up to 50% lower insertion forces.

Phoenix Contact Quint power supplies for Ex applications

Three power supplies and three DC/DC converters in the Quint Power series from Phoenix Contact are now approved for use in potentially explosive areas.

Phoenix Contact Mini MCR-2-UNI-UI-UIRO 4-way signal conditioner

Phoenix Contact has added a freely adjustable 4-way signal conditioner, the Mini MCR-2-UNI-UI-UIRO, to the Mini Analog Pro range.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F compact I/O modules

Phoenix Contact has extended its Axioline F I/O system with five compact analog I/O modules that are only 35 mm wide.

Phoenix Contact CAN and DeviceNet components with DNV approval

Phoenix Contact's infrastructure components for data transmission via the CANopen and DeviceNet protocols are now available with DNV approval.

Phoenix Contact QPD installation system

The QPD installation system with Quickon IDC fast connection technology now has GL approval for the complete QPD product portfolio.

Phoenix Contact VMT 7000 series panel PCs

The panel PCs in the VMT 7000 series from Phoenix Contact are now also available with a sunlight readable display.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F digital output module

The Axioline F digital output module allows coupling relays to be easily connected to I/O stations via pre-assembled system cabling.

Phoenix Contact UT 4-PE/L/HESI fuse terminal blocks

The UT 4-PE/L/HESI fuse terminal block range with screw connection offers a high degree of functionality on three levels with a pitch of 6.2 mm.

Phoenix Contact Quint Power power supply for frequency inverters

The latest Quint Power power supply is specifically designed for connection to frequency inverters, and is used as a compact buffer solution to ensure that the machine can be restarted quickly and without errors.

Phoenix Contact M12 power connectors

Phoenix Contact has extended its M12 power product range with a 2+PE version for the 230 V mains supply.

Phoenix Contact Embeddedline series panel PCs

Phoenix Contact has added panel PCs to the Embeddedline series for operation and monitoring tasks outdoors.

Phoenix Contact TC Mobile remote signalling and remote control system

With the TC Mobile remote signalling and remote control system, users can monitor digital and analog inputs cost efficiently and securely via the mobile phone network.

Phoenix Contact KMK HP range of cable markers

The KMK HP is a range of cable markers for marking and bundling conductors and cables that satisfy the stringent requirements of the rail industry with high fire resistance and a wide temperature tolerance.

Phoenix Contact QPD installation system for large cross-section litz wire

Phoenix Contact has extended its existing QPD installation system with a five-position version for the 2.5 to 6.0 mm2 cross-section range.

Phoenix Contact Uno Power decoupling diode

The Phoenix Contact Uno Power diode decouples power supplies connected in parallel, thereby increasing operational reliability.

Phoenix Contact PT 1,5/S-MT modular disconnect terminal block range

The PT 1,5/S-MT modular disconnect terminal block range includes 2-, 3- and 4-conductor terminal blocks as well as double-level versions.

Phoenix Contact Varioface Professional system cabling components

Varioface Professional system cabling components for universal use support fast and error-free wiring at the field and automation levels.

Phoenix Contact FL MC 2000E SM40 LC Ethernet media converter

The FL MC 2000E SM40 LC Ethernet media converter is an optical converter for use in energy technology, and is compliant with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613.

Phoenix Contact cable glands

The latest range of cable glands form Phoenix Contact is suitable for both normal industrial environments as well as for hazardous areas.

Phoenix Contact PRP redundancy modules

Using Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), a standardised protocol according to IEC 62439-3, Phoenix Contact's PRP modules enable the easy design of a parallel, high-availability network, without any configuration at all.

Phoenix Contact MACX Safety signal conditioners for safety systems

The MACX Safety product range is consistently SIL certified and equipped with a PL d performance level according to EN ISO 13849-1. As such, direct, safe switching of limit values is possible without an additional safety controller.

Phoenix Contact universal front wiring adapters for Simatic S7-300 controllers

The front adapters are available in four connection versions according to the application requirements.

Phoenix Contact Safe AI solution package

With the Safe AI TÜV-certified and software-based safety solution, safety-related analog I/O modules are no longer required.

Phoenix Contact Fame 2 test system

The test plug allows the switching sequence of the individual functions to be carried out with safe chronological disconnection supported by the patented safety twist grip.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F I/O system Profisafe modules

Phoenix Contact's Axioline F I/O system now includes Profisafe modules to enable the implementation of safety applications.

Phoenix Contact Radioline wireless system UL listed

The Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact is now listed by UL according to US and Canadian safety standards.

Phoenix Contact optical converters and copper repeaters with DNV approval

The optical converters and copper repeaters of Phoenix Contact's PSI and PSM product ranges now have DNV approval, so that they can be used in the maritime sector, such as in shipbuilding or offshore facilities.

Phoenix Contact valve plug-in connector with energy-reducing function

Phoenix Contact's valve plug-in connector with energy-reducing function can achieve a saving in energy costs of up to 50%.

Phoenix Contact 7000 series Ethernet/IP managed switches with DLR

The 7000 series managed switches are equipped with CIP and support DLR redundancy.

Phoenix Contact Designline Series 7000 industrial PCs

The Designline Series 7000 industrial PCs feature IP65 protection, LED technology, multitouch operation, and displays from 15 to 21.5″.

Phoenix Contact SHDSL surge protection

Phoenix Contact has launched a protection device for SHDSL systems designed to meet the special requirements of SHDSL data transmission.

EMC-protected housings for Phoenix Contact Heavycon EVO heavy-duty industrial connectors

The EMC protected housings for Heavycon EVO heavy-duty industrial connectors provide a shield attenuation of approximately 40 dB, which is sufficient for industrial EMC applications.

Phoenix Contact Axiocontrol AXC 3050 controller

The Axiocontrol AXC 3050 controller from Phoenix Contact is suitable for complex automation tasks due to the fast processing speed it offers.

Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid round plug-in connector

The M23 Hybrid round plug-in connector is an all-in-one connector that securely transfers signals, data, and power.

Phoenix Contact PLC logic modular PLC and switching system

Phoenix Contact's PLC logic is suitable for small automation tasks, combining the strengths of established relay technology with logic functions in a single package.

Phoenix Contact Plugtrab PT-IQ Ex IS surge protection system

The Plugtrab PT-IQ Ex self-monitoring surge protection system is specifically designed for intrinsically safe applications and can be installed directly in Ex zone 2.

Phoenix Contact Visu+ mobile visualisation app

The Visu+ mobile visualisation app brings system visualisation to smartphones or tablets.

Phoenix Contact PSK pressure sensors

The PSK pressure sensors with IO-Link record operating pressure levels in machines and systems. Pneumatic systems can therefore be monitored reliably and measured values continuously logged.

Phoenix Contact outdoor M12 cabling for CANopen and DeviceNet

Phoenix Contact has extended its range of M12 connectors for outdoor use with cabling for CANopen and DeviceNet applications.

Phoenix Contact PSR-MXF multifunctional safety relays

PSR-MXF multifunctional safety relays monitor up to three safety functions in one module and are therefore particularly suited to smaller machine applications.

Phoenix Contact Quint AC UPS

The Quint AC UPS uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology is designed to achieve high system availability for loads with 120 or 230 VAC and 500 VA power.

Phoenix Contact mGuard 3G security router

The mGuard security routers with integrated mobile phone network interface make industrial communication over mobile phone networks more secure, through integrated security technologies such as VPN and a built-in firewall.

Phoenix Contact PSK AFS volume flow sensors

The PSK AFS compact volume flow sensors are based on calorimetric measurement and can detect consumption quantities as low as 0.06 Nm3/h.

Phoenix Contact PWO 16-pot high-current feedthrough terminal

The PWO 16-pot high-current feedthrough terminal is a moulded terminal with a push-in connection, consisting of inner and outer parts which interlock through the housing panel without requiring any tools.

Phoenix Contact 19″ rack switches

Phoenix Contact has available rugged managed switches for deployment in 19″ racks, as used in control centres.

Phoenix Contact Rifline industrial relay system

The Rifline complete industrial relay system has now received CSA certification and has been approved as a UL-compatible component.

Phoenix Contact RAD-PT100-4-IFS PT100 expansion module

The RAD-PT100-4-IFS PT100 expansion module facilitates the transmission of up to four PT100 signals within the Radioline wireless system, and can be used to measure temperatures ranging from -50 to +250°C.

Phoenix Contact FL SWITCH SMN 8TX-PN Profinet-compatible ethernet switch

The Phoenix Contact FL SMN 8TX-PN switch, with eight 10/100 Mbps copper ports, can be configured and diagnosed using the Profinet Device function in the PC Worx and Step 7 engineering tools, and supports MRP and also EtherNet/IP.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F BK S3 Sercos bus coupler

As well as offering firmware extensions such as Sercos Energy, optional cross communication and configuration of up to eight connections, the housing design of the Axioline Sercos bus coupler has been optimised.

Phoenix Contact FL MC 2000E LC fibre media converter

Designed with a robust metal housing, the FL MC 2000E LC fibre media converter provides high EMC compatibility, making it possible to use the component in switching systems that require permits for IEC 61850-3 or IEEE 1613.

Phoenix Contact EMD-BL compact monitoring relays

The EMD-BL compact monitoring relays monitor current, voltage and phase sequence.

Phoenix Contact ethernet switches certified by ABB

Switches and security routers from the current Phoenix Contact product range are now certified by ABB as 'Industrial IT Enabled'.

Phoenix Contact FL Switch LM 8 TX-B Profinet switch

The FL Switch LM 8 TX-B is designed for use in Profinet networks and complies with the requirements of the Profinet Conformance Class A.

Phoenix Contact CBB multichannel circuit-breaker boards

The CBB multichannel circuit-breaker boards accommodate up to five devices for each protection path and thus help to reduce the installation effort.

Phoenix Contact PSR-URM4L safety contact extension device

The PSR-URM4L contact extension device allows users to efficiently process safety-related OSSD signals of a light grid as floating contacts, therefore supporting safety-relevant circuits up to PLe.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F 4-channel I/O modules

The Axioline F range now includes 4-channel modules for voltage, current and temperature.

Phoenix Contact wind rotor blade tension monitoring solution

The RTBM monitoring solution uses strain gauges glued into the rotor blades to provide measurement data for calculating the mechanical stress imposed on the rotor blades.

Phoenix Contact Heavycon-B and Heavycon-HV contact inserts

Rigid and flexible conductors with end sleeves of up to 2.5 mm² can be easily plugged directly into the inserts, while the orange pusher provides a defined, safe-to-use opening mechanism used to release the connection.

Phoenix Contact RIF-T3-24UC multifunction pluggable timer module

The multifunction RIF-T3-24UC pluggable timer module from Phoenix Contact upgrades a relay module to a timer relay.

Phoenix Contact Radioline RAD-DI8-IFS and RAD-DO8-IFS I/O expansion modules

Updated multichannel I/O expansion modules for the Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact now make it possible to transfer up to eight digital signals.

Central configuration for industrial WLANs

Phoenix Contact has equipped the WLAN 5100 series industrial WLAN access points with a cluster management function, making it easier to configure and manage access points (APs) in small and medium-sized WLAN networks.

Phoenix Contact MACX analog EX-i isolation amplifiers

The MACX Analog Ex-i isolation amplifiers from Phoenix Contact have successfully passed type testing in accordance with NAMUR NA 95.

Phoenix Contact PT Power 95 high current terminals

The PT Power 95 high current terminals from Phoenix Contact make it possible to easily connect and wire rigid or flexible ferruled conductors up to 95 mm² directly and without the need for tools.

Phoenix Contact M17, M23 and M40 round-plug connectors

The addition of M17, M23 and M40 round-plug connectors to the Phoenix Contact range means a full range of plug connectors from M5 to M58 are now available for signal, data and power transmission.

Phoenix Contact FL View network monitoring and diagnostics software

FL View is monitoring and diagnostics software that visualises the network topology and constantly monitors the network performance of all ethernet and WLAN devices.

Phoenix Contact Quint Oring active power redundancy module

The Quint Oring active redundancy module for an output current of 80 A is an addition to Phoenix Contact’s line that already includes 20 and 40 A models.

Phoenix Contact ILC 191 ME/AN and ILC 191 ME/INC mini-controllers, and TD 1030T HMI device

Phoenix Contact’s Easy Automation system now includes the ILC ME mini-controllers, designed specifically for mechanical engineering, and the compact, easy-to-configure TD 1030T HMI device from the Minitouch line.

Phoenix Contact Axioline F series I/O system

The Axioline F family of I/O products, designed for installation in control cabinets, is being expanded further with additional I/O components and function modules, and the devices can now be operated on additional key networks. Devices for connecting to EtherCAT and Modbus/TCP (UDP) networks now supplement the bus couplers for Profinet and Sercos 3. An additional bus coupler also enables connection to the Profibus fieldbus system.

Phoenix Contact Factory Line smart managed switches

Factory Line smart managed switches are designed for Profinet and EtherNet/IP applications and offer up to 16 ports.

Phoenix Contact Plugtrab PT-IQ surge protection devices

Phoenix Contact’s Plugtrab PT-IQ surge protection devices provide intelligent monitoring of every voltage-limiting component of a protective circuit, and the push-in connection technology enables significantly faster wiring of the individual protection modules.

Phoenix Contact Uno Power power supplies for compact cabinets

The high power density Uno Power supply units are designed to reliably supply loads of up to 100 W at 24 VDC or 12 VDC in compact control cabinets.

Phoenix Contact DL PPC 1000 series panel PCs

The DL PPC 1000 series panel PCs are sturdy IP65-compliant devices with high-resolution LED technology that support complex user interfaces.

Phoenix Contact PTIO series sensor/actuator terminal blocks

The PTIO sensor/actuator terminal blocks with push-in connection technology are part of the Clipline Complete terminal block product range and share the advantages of that system, including the use of the same range of accessories.

Phoenix Contact FL BT EPA MP Bluetooth wireless module

Phoenix Contact’s compact and rugged FL BT EPA MP Bluetooth module transfers ethernet data over a distance of up to 250 m at a rate of up to 3 Mbps.

Phoenix Contact Rifline industrial relay system

The Rifline modular relay system is based on Phoenix Contact’s push-in technology, with which wiring is performed by inserting the wire directly into the clamping sleeve, significantly reducing the installation time.

Phoenix Contact ME-PLC housing system

The ME-PLC housing system offers plenty of space for electronic components, a pluggable front connector and a mounting rail bus connector on the rear.

Phoenix Contact Crimphandy mobile powered stripping and crimping tool

The Crimphandy strips wires, fits end sleeves, and crimps in one single step in less than two seconds.

Phoenix Contact SafetyBridge I/O modules

The SafetyBridge I/O modules from Phoenix Contact expand the network-independent SafetyBridge system in flexibility, functionality and application areas.

Phoenix Contact Axiocontrol AXC 1050 controller

The Axiocontrol AXC 1050 controller is particularly suited for installation in harsh industrial settings, with an operating temperature range of -40 to +60°C.

Phoenix Contact PLD anti-glare LED machine lights

The LED machine lights from the Phoenix Lighting Devices (PLD) range illuminate the interior of the machine for start-up, maintenance and fault clearance, as well as during production.

Phoenix Contact FL Rugged Box sets for WLAN access points

In tandem with the FL WLAN 5100 WLAN access point, Phoenix Contact is offering a wide range of accessories with the FL Rugged box sets to make it easier to put together individual solutions for industrial field installations of WLAN systems.

Phoenix Contact Mini Analog 6.2 mm isolation amplifiers

The Mini Analog range of 6.2 mm isolation amplifiers provides a fault monitoring system function for easy error logging in multichannel applications.

Phoenix Contact Radioline Modbus RTU gateway

I/O signals from Radioline systems can now be connected directly to control units via the Modbus RTU protocol.

Phoenix Contact ELR 50xx IP PN distributed motor starters

The single- or two-channel motor reversing starters are available with power ratings of 0.06-1.5 kW and 1.5-3.0 kW.

Phoenix Contact Mini Analog isolation amplifier series

The Phoenix Contact Mini Analog isolation amplifier series has been expanded with new modules.

Phoenix Contact PSK AFS compressed air measuring devices

The PSK AFS compressed air measuring devices with IO Link interface monitor the consumption of compressed air and help optimise its use, measuring flow, volume and temperature.

Phoenix Contact Valueline P7000 configurable industrial PC

The Valueline P7000 IPC can be configured as a box PC with various mounting options or as a classic panel PC, and can be used in ambient temperatures up to 45°C.

Phoenix Contact AXL UTH 8 module for the Axioline I/O system

The AXL UTH 8 module is an 8-channel thermocouple module for the Axioline I/O system.

Phoenix Contact high pin-count M12 plug connector for PCB mounting

Phoenix Contact is expanding its M12 flush-type plug connector range with high pin-count designs for PCB mounting.

Phoenix Contact heavy-duty plastic plug connectors

Phoenix Contact has introduced cost-effective plastic versions to complement its range of heavy-duty, die-cast aluminium plug connectors.

Phoenix Contact WLAN ethernet adapter

Phoenix Contact now offers an industrial WLAN Ethernet adapter for integrating ethernet-capable devices into WLAN IEEE 802.11a/n networks in the 5 GHz frequency band.

Phoenix Contact FL Isolator 100-M12

The FL Isolator 100-M12 is a galvanic separator intended for heavy-duty use in all industrial ethernet applications using M12 connection technology.

Phoenix Contact HC-ALU aluminium housing for outdoor use

This aluminium profile is horizontally split for easy assembly of components and fully fitted PCBs, and the front surface has a 2 mm recess for flush-fit insertion of labels or membrane keyboards.

Phoenix Contact FL Switch IRT real-time switches

The FL Switch IRT real-time switches, part of the Factory Line from Phoenix Contact, are designed for use in Profinet networks.

Phoenix Contact M12 flush-type 1.4404 stainless steel plug connectors

Phoenix Contact has enhanced its range of M12 flush-type 1.4404 stainless steel plug connectors for applications with demanding requirements.

Phoenix Contact Quint UPS-IQ mounting rail UPS power supply

The Quint UPS-IQ mounting rail UPS power supply now has data communication capabilities for integration with control networks.

Phoenix Contact Heavycon CIF mounting frames

The robust aluminium die-cast construction of the CIF mounting frames is designed to support heavy-duty plug connectors and rigid cables, and meets the functional requirements of Heavycon plugs.

Phoenix Contact CES cable entry system

The CES cable entry system allows preassembled cables to be routed into control cabinets in a safe and space-saving manner.

Phoenix Contact VL BPC 1000 industrial PC series

With a thermal design power (TDP) of 6.5 W, the VL BPC 1000 series is energy efficient, and its compact design also allows it to be directly snapped onto DIN rails.

Phoenix Contact TP 5000 Series HMI devices

The TP 5000 Series HMI range is powered by the high-performance Intel Atom 1.6 GHz CPU.

Phoenix Contact Plugtrab PT-IQ signal interface surge-protection devices

The Plugtrab PT-IQ range provides proactive functional monitoring for signal interface surge-protection devices.

Phoenix Contact M17 series compact round plug connectors

Phoenix Contact has reduced the size of its standard connectors while maintaining the voltage rating at up to 630 V.

Phoenix Contact Mini MCR-SL-CVS-24-5-10-NC constant voltage source module

The Mini Analog family of 6.2 mm isolation amplifiers from Phoenix Contact has been expanded to include a constant voltage source.

Phoenix Contact Mini MCR-SL-UI-LP-NC isolation amplifier

The Mini Analog family of 6.2 mm isolation amplifiers from Phoenix Contact has been expanded to include a passive two-wire transducer isolation amplifier.

Phoenix Contact termination carriers

Its compact design, space-saving connection arrangement and integrated end mounts mean the carrier is up to 30% smaller than previous solutions.

Phoenix Contact IB IL RS Uni-Pac Inline terminal

The IB IL RS Uni-Pac Inline terminal integrates RS232, RS485 and RS422 serial interfaces in one terminal.

Phoenix Contact 13.3″ touch screen industrial tablet PC

The Phoenix Contact industrial tablet PC supports WLAN, Bluetooth, UMTS and GPRS connectivity.

Phoenix Contact hybrid motor starters

Phoenix Contact hybrid motor starters utilise Contactron switching technology that enables smooth switching and relieves the load on relay contacts.

Phoenix Contact terminal blocks for energy management

Phoenix Contact offers three terminal block types for the distribution, measurement and switching of energy.

Phoenix Contact Plugtrab PT-IQ monitored signal interface surge protection devices

The Plugtrab PT-IQ family from Phoenix Contact provides proactive functional monitoring for signal interface surge protection devices.

Phoenix Contact RFC 460R PN 3TX Profinet controller

The RFC 460R PN 3TX controller can be used to create a redundant control system for Profinet.

Phoenix Contact Radioline wireless I/O system

The Radioline wireless system from Phoenix Contact distributes signals via wireless from up to 250 stations without any software.

Phoenix Contact PSR Motionstop safety module

The PSR Motionstop safety module from Phoenix Contact is designed for monitoring safe shutdowns and the movement of drive components.

Phoenix Contact RBO Series open-style, ring lug bolt terminal blocks

The RBO Series open-style, ring lug bolt terminal blocks, from Phoenix Contact, are suitable for switchgear systems in telecommunications, HVAC and infrastructure.

Phoenix Contact RSC Series ring lug screw terminal blocks

The RSC Series ring lug screw terminal blocks with a screw connection from Phoenix Contact include terminal blocks with rated cross-sections of 4 mm2, 10 mm2 and 35 mm2.

Phoenix Contact Quint DC-DC converter power supplies

Quint DC/DC converter power supplies equipped with selective fuse breaking (SFB) technology now have approvals by Germanischer Lloyd and they can be used in hazardous zones.

Phoenix Contact SHDSL high-speed modems for ethernet and Profibus

Phoenix Contacts’s SHDSL high-speed modems for ethernet and Profibus have two DSL ports to quickly and simply commission point-to-point connections, link redundancy, as well as line and star topologies.

Phoenix Contact Bluemark CLED marking printers

The Bluemark CLED from Phoenix Contact is designed to make labelling standard UniCard materials for marking terminals, conductors and devices as easy as printing on paper.

Phoenix Contact Heavycon compact plug connectors

The compact design of the Heavycon compact plug is light and suited to weight-sensitive applications.

Phoenix Contact IB IL AO 2/UI-PAC compact automation terminals

With its narrow design, the analog inline terminal IB IL AO 2/UI-PAC from Phoenix Contact is a compact alternative for outputting current and voltage signal.

Phoenix Contact BT-1S-230AC/O type 3 surge protector

The BT-1S-230AC/O type 3 protector offers surge voltage protection for loads in single-phase power circuits with 230 VAC nominal voltage.

Phoenix Contact web-based operator panels

The Phoenix Contact range of web-based operator panels now comes in 10 and 15″ versions.

Phoenix Contact Factory Line range of compact ethernet switches for EtherNet/IP

The managed switches from Phoenix Contact’s Factory Line range have been expanded to include several types of switches that are preset for EtherNet/IP.

Phoenix Contact Trip Power 600 VDC power line buffer

The Trio Power power supply for 600 VDC links from Phoenix Contact is designed to offer a cost-effective power buffering unit in a compact 115 x 130 x 152.5 mm housing.

Phoenix Contact installation terminals

Phoenix Contact’s new generation of installation terminals is tailored to the requirements of electrical installation and distributor construction.

Phoenix Contact energy data logging packages

With the Basic and Flex energy data loggers, Phoenix Contact is offering package solutions that contain all the components users require for configuring a data acquisition system.

Phoenix Contact RFC 470 PN 3TX safety PLC

The compact safety PLC RFC 470 PN 3TX has been designed for installation in control cabinets and complies with safety categories SIL3 (EN ISO 61508), SIL CL3 (EN ISO 62061), PLe/Cat 4 (EN ISO 13849) and Cat 4 (EN 954).

Phoenix Contact industrial tablet PCs

Industrial tablet PCs from Phoenix Contact can be integrated into an existing network via IEEE 802.11 a/b/g WLAN or via Bluetooth Class 1 and Class 2.

Phoenix Contact PSR-ESAM 4 safety relay

The Phoenix Contact PSR-ESAM 4 safety relay is now available for various supply voltages

Phoenix Contact inline Profibus I/O communication terminal

The IB IL PB-MA-PAC inline I/O communication terminal enables the integration of Profibus devices into the Phoenix Contact automation solution. The terminal can be integrated into the I/O system either as a Profibus DPV0 master or slave.

Phoenix Contact DSL Profibus extender

The DSL Profibus extender from Phoenix Contact is designed to enable straightforward integration of remote Profibus devices at data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps. The extender has two DSL connections per device. This means that, in addition to point-to-point connections, the extender can also be used to establish line structures with up to 30 devices.

Phoenix Contact TP 3000 series touch panels

The TP 3000 series touch panels can be used with a wide range of fieldbuses. Profibus, MPI, CANopen or serial interfaces are optionally available.

Phoenix Contact hybrid motor connectors

Phoenix Contact has developed a square plug connector for electric motors. The terminal board and the terminal box have been moved to the external motor connector. The motor thus becomes a standard module that can remain untouched during installation or removal.Phoenix Contact has developed a square plug connector for electric motors. The terminal board and the terminal box have been moved to the external motor connector. The motor thus becomes a standard module that can remain untouched during installation or removal.

Phoenix Contact VMT 3000 panel PCs

Phoenix Contact has expanded its range of VMT 3000 panel PCs to include a device with a 10.4″ high-resolution display with IP65 protection.

Phoenix Contact 10 gigabit CAT6A connectors

CAT6A connectors from Phoenix Contact with the integrated Quickon and Piercecon quick-connection systems are designed to provide reliable data transfer rates of 10 Gbps.

Phoenix Contact Quint Power dip-coated power supply units

The dip-coated Quint Power power supply units have an adjustable output voltage from 18 to 29.5 VDC, output currents of 5, 10, and 20 A and are capable of tolerating 100% humidity.

Phoenix Contact CSMA-LAMBDA/4-2.0-BS-SET coaxial protective adapter for SMA connectors

The CSMA-LAMBDA/4-2.0-BS-SET coaxial protective adapter from Phoenix Contact protects radio system antenna connectors for narrowband signals with a frequency range from 1.7 to 2.3 GHz.

Phoenix Contact Quint UPS-IQ rail-mounting UPS

The Quint Power product range from Phoenix Contact now includes uninterruptible power supplies.

Phoenix Contact fibre-optic patch cables

Phoenix Contact is expanding its glass fibre-optics product line to include the M12 circular plug connector.

Phoenix Contact Gigabit Modular Switch layer 3 routing upgrade

The Gigabit Modular Switch from Phoenix Contact now also supports layer 3 routing in order to route communications between individual subnetworks.

Phoenix Contact RJ45 patch cable for Profinet

Phoenix Contact has developed an RJ45 crimp connector for Profinet. Profinet cables with conductor cross-sections of AWG 22 can be used as preassembled patch cables when using this connector.

Phoenix Contact Open Data Port (ODP) GPRS telecontrol station

Open Data Port (ODP) from Phoenix Contact is a solution to monitor and manage telecontrol stations with data transfer via GPRS. The advantages of this solution are claimed to lie in the reliable data transfer, the use of standard PLC and modem components, as well as standard industrial interfaces and protocols.

Phoenix Contact scalable fieldbus infrastructure solutions

Preconfigured field distribution boxes allow Profibus PA or Foundation fieldbus process devices to be directly connected in the field. The stainless steel or aluminium housing modules accommodate components that permit the connection and termination of the fieldbus trunk cable. Surge voltage protection and different shielding concepts can be subsequently added. Users can freely select which types and how many modular device couplers are connected, and can also expand these at a later date.

Phoenix Contact UT three-level terminal blocks

The UT three-level terminal blocks have external dimensions of 5.2 x 90 x 77.5 mm (width x length x height) and have a high connection capacity of up to 4 mm2 for rigid and flexible wires.

Programmable transducer

The eight loop-powered MCR temperature transducers from Phoenix Contact convert temperature signals from resistance thermometers, thermocouples, potentiometers, resistive encoders and from sensors with linear mV characteristic curves into analog 4-20 mA signals.


Phoenix Contact supports joint ongoing development of open-system smart grid platform

Phoenix Contact Energy Automation GmbH is continuing to work closely together with SAG GmbH on the iNES system solution to ensure energy grid optimisation.

Phoenix Contact acquires Swiss company NSE

Phoenix Contact has acquired Swiss company NSE, a developer and manufacturer of safety relays and control units for medium- and high-voltage applications.

Phoenix Contact takes over industrial communication technology specialist

Phoenix Contact has taken over the Taiwanese company Etherwan System Inc., a manufacturer of Ethernet communication technology for automation.

Phoenix Contact takes over specialist in network control technology

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co KG from Blomberg, Germany, has fully taken over Mauell Netzleittechnik GmbH.

Karl Haller joins Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact has appointed Karl Haller as Business Development Manager for the Automation and Process Control business unit, located in the Victorian branch.


Measurement data on the lookout for artificial intelligence

Networked intelligence is the key to taking the process industries to the next level.

Maximising monitoring: three key ways to improve profitability

Energy monitoring is generally sold as a money-saving technology, but when properly utilised it can provide insights to improve a plant's overall efficiency in other areas.

Steam generation with 2-in-1 relay modules

The production of agricultural and industrial chemicals frequently involves the use of steam-powered plants, and pure water is needed to generate the steam for such plants. SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz uses Phoenix Contact coupling relays to control their generators as they require less space in the control cabinet.

Oil refinery well isolated

As part of ongoing plant upgrades, Oil Refinery Oberrhein (MiRO) has recently introduced a new automation solution in its blending plant.

Building a bridge to safety: automation safety over a non-safe industrial network

Safety in today’s market has come a long way from the simple, single-function safety relays of the past. Now engineers are left to question which is best for the efficient implementation of the prevailing safety requirements in their process: programmable, network-enabled safety controllers or spatially limited, configurable safety relays?

Expanding plant networks with WirelessHART

With process instruments getting ‘smarter’ every year, their capabilities are often underutilised. Important data that could help save costs remains unused. This potential can be tapped by using WirelessHART.

Take advantage of communication opportunities provided by HART signals: consistent information flow increases availability

Every manufacturer and user active in the area of process engineering is familiar with the HART protocol but experience has shown that the procedure is commonly known but rarely used.

Network security for automated production

ZF Sachs, with 16,500 employees, has been a renowned partner in the automotive industry for more than 100 years. The traditional office network security solution, using VLANs, was rejected by ZF Sachs as being unsuitable in the harsh environment of the plant floor.

Single loop integrity: replacing devices while operational

Compared with parallel wiring, fieldbus systems have a negative impact on the availability of process-related plants and systems. This is because users have to isolate the entire bus segment from the network in order to, say, replace a defective component.

Wireless communication in track-guided transport systems

Track-guided transport systems have been used in highly automated production environments for some time now. Whether in automobile production, automation of material flow or warehouse logistics, rail-based mobile units transport the required parts in all of these areas. Normally, communication to the mobile units is established using contact lines and mechanical contacts.

Post-Stuxnet industrial security

By now, Stuxnet has become well known as the computer malware worm that allegedly infected Iranian organisations in 2010, most notably those plants alleged to be used for uranium enrichment. But regardless of its original purpose, Stuxnet now proves that insufficient IT security opens automation networks to a clear and present threat.

Machine safety design

There comes a point in machine safety design when the designer needs to decide if it makes more sense to use multiple safety relays or to upgrade to a safety controller.

OLD Machine safety design

There comes a point in machine safety design when the designer needs to decide if it makes more sense to use multiple safety relays or to upgrade to a safety controller. This point typically occurs when the application requires three or more safety relays. This article focuses on some of the issues that designers must consider when determining whether a safety relay or a safety controller is the best solution for a particular job.



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