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Norgren Pty Ltd

Norgren are world leaders in motion and fluid control technologies, focusing on improving machine performance, efficiency and reliability.

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IMI Norgren ISOLine pneumatic actuators

The ISOLine pneumatic actuator range is designed to offer a 'fit and forget' system that simplifies installation, increases service life and reduces maintenance costs.

Norgren IVAC integrated pneumatic actuators

Norgren IVAC is an integrated unit which combines the valve, flow controls, cushioning and sensors in a single actuator package.

Compressed air preparation unit

The Excelon Pro 92 FRL series consists of a general-purpose filter which is available with a ¼ turn manual or automatic drain, a coalescing filter which includes a pressure drop indicator and automatic drain as standard. The series has a standard regulator featuring a built-in pressure gauge with both bar and psig ranges and a second filter/regulator which includes all the features of the standard regulator and filter in one unit.

Modular filter components

The Excelon Pro 92 series FRL is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, due to its flexibility and simplicity.

Pressure switch

The 50D is an IP65-rated electronic pressure switch suitable for use in pressure ranges -1 to 0 bar, -1 to 1 bar, 0 to 6 bar and 0 to 10 bar. It has two electric outputs with four output options: 2xPNP, 2xNPN, PNP+analog and NPN+analog.

Glandless spool

Most pneumatic solenoid valve manufacturers provide solenoid valves with nitrile seals. The seals are either in the form of O-rings, disc seals or bonded to the spool then surface ground. Over the years, nitrile seals have proved satisfactory. In addition to nitrile (soft seal) valve ranges, Norgren produces a range of ISO Standard valves with 'glandless spool' technology. The glandless valves use a hardened anodised teflon-coated spool and sleeve. The glandless spool and sleeve have no dynamic seals. The spool operates on an air bearing principle that offers several benefits over conventional nitrile soft seal valves. The spool and sleeve are hardened to 62-70 Rockwell C.

ISO standard valves

The Norgren five-port valves can now incorporate twin 3/2 valves in the valve body, effectively having two three-port valves in a five-port body yet still conforming to ISO 15407. This enables water treatment plants to control twice as many spring return actuated process valves in an ISO valve. For example, 20 activated valves could be controlled by 20 3/2 solenoid valves that are mounted in a 10 station valve island. Alternatively, a combination of twin 3/2 valves and standard 5/2 valves can be configured enabling double acting activated valves to be controlled.

Rack and pinion actuator range

Obtaining rotary movement from rotary actuators is generally achieved by either rotary vane or rack and pinion drive. Both have their own advantages, however rotary vane units are generally more common in 90° (quarter turn). A range of rack and pinion actuators has been introduced recently by Norgren that cover 90, 180, 280 and 360° rotations.

Valve islands

Norgren has extended its VM valve island family to include the VM15. With a flow-to-size rate of 1000 L/min the 15 mm VM15 allows customers to specify a compact valve island solution.

Valve range

The VS valve range has similar flow characteristics to the older and larger 43 mm ISO Standard, up to 1350 L/min flow can be obtained from a 26 mm width Norgren ISO 15407-standard valve.



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