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Motion Technologies Pty Ltd

We are a motion solutions company and have been in business for over 25 years. We specialise in custom rotary and linear solutions of all types and sophistication. We can just supply primary mechanical and electrical components or do complete turnkey installations.

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Trio Motion DX4 EtherCAT servo drive

The DX4 is an an EtherCAT servo drive that can be integrated with an existing motion control system.

Ametek stepper motors with built-in controllers

Ametek has released a stepper motor with an in-built drive and CANopen communications.

JVL all-in-one step-servo motors

JVL has released its all-in-one step-servo motor with built-in encoder, drive, controller, Ethernet switch and Safe Torque Off option.

Dart Controls DP10 multipurpose signal conditioner and generator

The panel-mounted DP10 has many uses in machine control applications and may be used in OEM equipment designs, plant operation or laboratory applications.

Nook ELZU belt-driven 3-axis actuator

The ELZU 3-axis actuator system consists of two y-axes and one x-axis that uses two motors and is driven by only one belt.

TER TOP rotary limit switch

The TOP rotary limit switch from TER is suitable for most environments due to its waterproof and heat-resistant aluminium case.

Trio Motion Flexslice series EtherCAT add-on modules

The Trio Motion Flexslice series of add-ons allow simple extension of an existing or new EtherCAT network.

JVL ServoStep integrated stepper motors

The latest generation of integrated stepper motors from JVL, ServoStep, advances previous designs, incorporating users' feedback.

Rollon robot seventh-axis system

Rollon Italy has developed a standardised seventh-axis system from its linear product range.

ELAP EtherCAT encoder

With a built-in certified EtherCAT interface, the latest ELAP encoder is fast and easy to integrate into a range of applications such as I/O systems, drives, sensors and actuators.

LinMot self-contained linear motor

The LinMot linear motor features an integrated drive that allows the controller to be eliminated from the electrical enclosure for linear direct drives.

JVL integrated stepper motors

JVL Industri Elektronik A/S has announced NEMA23 integrated stepper motors with a speed precision of 0.01 rpm and acceleration precision of 1 rpm/s.

Kollmorgen SFD3 servo cable system

Kollmorgen's SFD3 single servo cable system allows drive and feedback between motor and drive in a single cable.

ELAP HLS linear wire encoder

The ELAP HLS linear wire encoder provides a number of pulses proportional to the linear displacement of the wire.

Cone Drive range of IP69K right-angle gearheads

The Cone Drive IP69K gearheads are available in various sizes with standard NEMA flange options, as well as solid or hollow shaft options.

Haydon Kerk WGS wide guide linear screw/slide

The WGS linear slide utilises a screw-driven carriage that claims to offer reliable, continuous linear speed, while maintaining accurate positioning.

Servotronix CDHD servo drive

The CDHD servo drive has proprietary control algorithms that reduce the following error and the settling time of the load. The product offers safe torque off as standard.

Kollmorgen AKD-N distributed servo drive system

With the AKD-N system, Kollmorgen provides the flexibility to use any Kollmorgen motor technology, while still implementing a system that decentralises the drives into the machine chassis.

Zettlex IncOder range of harsh environment angle encoders

Zettlex has announced a massive expansion of its IncOder range, which now offers more than 4 million versions.

Dart Controls 125DV200E DC drive for washdown applications

The 125DV200E DC drive for washdown applications is available in both black and white NEMA 4X enclosures with speed and direction controls on the outer panel.

Atlanta HighForce ZTRS precision planetary rack and pinion drive systems

The Atlanta HighForce ZTRS precision planetary rack and pinion drive systems are offered in three different planetary drive styles; with helical or straight (spur) rack and pinion, to meet any application requirements.

Haydon Kerk sealed switches

Haydon Kerk sealed switches are filled with dry nitrogen and are variously rated for temperatures between -55 and +400°C

Zettlex IncOder range of inductive non-contact encoders

Zettlex IncOders are a range of inductive non-contact encoders designed for measuring absolute angle, with a range of over 30,000 variants.

Kollmorgen IP69K full stainless washdown servo motors

Kollmorgen USA IP69K full stainless washdown servo motors are available in five frame sizes and 16 frame/stack length combinations.

Kollmorgen stainless washdown servomotors

Available in five frame sizes and 16 frame/stack length combinations, the Kollmorgen stainless washdown servomotors supply torques up to 80 Nm (390 Nm peak) and speeds up to 7500 rpm.

EvaDrive range of motor-mounted stepper drives and controllers

The EvaDrive range of Australian designed motor-mounted stepper drives and controllers are available as either a packaged stepper motor/driver/encoder assembly or as a separate stepper driver module.

LinMot P10-70 series of linear actuators

The P10-70 series of motors can provide peak forces up to 2500 N, velocities up to 8 m/s and accelerations up to 90 g.

Haydon Kerk BGS04 linear rail system

The BGS04 linear rail system is designed specifically for high moment loads, with maximum roll, pitch and yaw moments of 7.75, 6.60 and 7.70 Nm respectively.

Motion Technologies slewing drives

Slewing drives or drive slew rings (DSRs) are made by manufacturing gearing, bearings, seals, housing and auxiliary components into an assembled finished gearbox.

LinMot IP69K linear motors

LinMot has released a series of stainless steel linear motors with an IP69K protection rating.

Elap WDS pull-wire absolute encoder with fieldbus

The Elap WDS absolute multiturn pull-wire encoder features Profibus, CANopen or SSI outputs.

Elmo analog servo drives

Elmo’s analog servo drives use a low-voltage DC input and are built to military standards for extreme environmental conditions.

Elap Mem-Bus absolute encoders

Elap Mem-Bus absolute encoders are available with direct interface for either a CANopen or Profibus network.

CPC miniature linear guides range

The CPC range of miniature linear guides is available in both standard and wide carriages in a full range of sizes.

Haydon Kerk programmable spline rail actuator

Haydon Kerk has created a spline rail actuator to provide a compact, programmable mechanical drive, with guidance on a single compact component.

JVL MAC 141 integrated servomotor

The JVL integrated servomotor MAC 141 is now available in a totally stainless steel version especially for the food and medical industries.

Leadscrew range

Conti’s range of precision rolled leadscrews is now available.

Linear actuators

The Linmot linear actuators were originally conceived to replace air cylinders where more than two positions were needed. Rated speeds over 3 m/s and peak forces up to 585 N are available now, with a 1200 N model coming later this year.

Trio differential pressure transmitter

The Trio MC464 can support up to 64 axes of motion in a unit the size of a small book. The MC464’s digital drive interface provides a plug-and-play connection between the motion controller and various digital drives. This significantly reduces wiring while providing a much higher axis count compared to what is available in comparable motion controllers.

Slew drive rings

Slew drive rings are a design concept that integrates a worm drive gear with a slew ring. This product is suitable for use with high torque hydraulic motor or geared electric motors.

Low-voltage AC motors

A 350-page full-colour catalogue of the Boneng range of gear reducer products now distributed by Motion Technologies has been produced. The catalogue provides specific information on worm, helical and planetary gearing and provides guidance in the selection of products based on application and environmental factors, complete with fully worked examples.

Non-ball lead screws

Non-ball lead screws by Kerk Motion Products can be designed to self-lock and prevent back driving in vertical applications, without an external brake, unlike traditional ball screws.

Linear motors and slide components

Linmot linear motors and Gimatic slide parts and components are designed for most end-of-arm tooling needs and robotic systems.

Planetary gearhead

ValueTrue is a low-cost addition to the Micron gearhead range, with 4 arc minute backlash, eight frame sizes in true planetary inline and right-angle configurations.

Lead screws with TFE coating

Kerk Motion Products' lead screw, linear rail, spline shaft and ScrewRail actuator assemblies are available with Kerkote TFE coating. The coating reduces friction and extends the life of Kerk's assemblies, which are suitable for motion control applications in a variety of industries.


Motion Technologies to distribute Vanta packaging equipment

Vanta has announced Motion Technologies Pty Ltd as the Australian distributor of its range of liquid packaging and handling equipment.

New systems integrator and distributor for Delta Tau products

Motion Technologies has been announced as a systems integrator and Australian distributor for all Delta Tau products.

Motion Technologies distributes HaydonKerk Motion products

Amalgamation of Haydon Switch and Kerk Motion expands product range.



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