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Honeywell Process Solutions improves business performance for clients within the automation and process control industry through solutions that drive safety, reliability and efficiency. Visit

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Honeywell Safety Manager SC

HPS has released Safety Manager SC, the next generation of its Safety Manager platform with a modular, scalable design enabling it to function as a single platform.

Honeywell Connected Plant Measurement IQ for Gas

HPS has launched a gas metering solution that provides easy-to-use health monitoring of midstream metering systems for operations, maintenance and leadership teams.

Honeywell ICS Shield and Managed Security Services

Honeywell has announced a software solution to provide cybersecurity to industrial customers who manage diverse process control networks, sites and vendors.

Honeywell ControlEdge Transition PLC migration tool

ControlEdge Transition is a tool that makes it easy to migrate obsolete PLCs to Honeywell ControlEdge PLCs.

Honeywell Experion Batch visualisation system for batch operations

Honeywell has introduced a control technology solution that increases productivity for batch operations and speed-to-market of batch products by allowing operators to 'look ahead' into their processes.

Honeywell UniSim Competency Suite operator training system

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced its UniSim Competency Suite, designed to improve operator competency and help prepare process industry operators faster through realistic training experiences.

Honeywell Process Solutions LEAP project services

Honeywell Process Solutions has launched its LEAP project services (Lean Automation of Automation Projects) to help manufacturers in the processing industries get their plants up and running faster and at lower cost.

Honeywell Refinery and Petrochemical Modeling System (RPMS)

Honeywell has announced a major enhancement to its Refinery and Petrochemical Modeling System (RPMS) that will improve model building and maintenance, case management and optimisation to help plants maximise profitability.

Honeywell Experion PKS Orion SCADA system

Experion PKS Orion makes use of new approaches such as virtualisation, universal channel technology and using the cloud to design projects remotely.

Honeywell USM GT400 ultrasonic flowmeter

The USM GT400 ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to help reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain pipeline metering and can be used to measure the volume of natural gas at every stage of its movement, storage and utilisation.

Honeywell Enraf Fusion4 MSC-L multistream loading controller

Honeywell Enraf has released the Fusion4 MSC-L, a multistream controller for loading products from refineries and chemical plants into transports such as railcars, tankers and barges.

Honeywell DynAMo Alarm Suite software

Honeywell’s DynAMo Alarm Suite is advanced alarm management software that reduces the overall number of alarms while helping operators focus and respond to the most critical.

RMG by Honeywell ERZ 2000-NG flow computer and gas volume corrector

The ERZ 2000-NG flow computer and gas volume corrector is designed to provide a reliable and more intuitive solution for natural gas volume conversion in fiscal and secondary metering applications.

Honeywell Enraf Terminal Manager R260

Terminal Manager R260 is the latest version of Honeywell Enraf's solution for managing the entire operation in bulk terminals, and introduces a modular configuration and configurable workflows.

Honeywell Experion LX distributed control system

Experion LX is a purpose-built distributed control system (DCS) for small to mid-size operations with continuous and batch process control applications with less than 5000 I/O points, one engineering server and up to 15 operator stations.

Honeywell Experion Virtualization Solutions Package

The Experion Virtualization Solutions Package is a turnkey blade solution that is optimised for virtualisation and the needs of the offshore oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industries to increase availability and reduce the TCO of their control system.

Honeywell Enraf Fusion4 MSC-A Controller

Honeywell Enraf’s Fusion4 MSC-A, a highly advanced yet easy-to-use controller that uses intuitive technology similar to today’s mobile-phone apps to help ensure more efficient and safer petrochemical handling operations.

Honeywell RMG Gas Metering Management system

Honeywell’s RMG Gas Metering Management software enables natural gas and measuring station operators to monitor operations on site or remotely, provide data analysis and facilitate remote maintenance.

Honeywell OneWireless Terminal Solution

OneWireless Terminal Solution brings together a portfolio of wireless-enabled products, services and productivity tools tailored for terminal operators.

Honeywell PKS integrates FMC subsea protocol

Honeywell has announced the integration and certification of the FMC722 subsea automation protocol with its Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) C300 controller as a native interface.

Honeywell OneWireless Network Release 210

Enhanced features in Release 210 include over-the-air field device provisioning, a Gateway General Client Interface (GCI) and native integration of OneWireless field networks into Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS).

Honeywell Experion PMD Release 800 control system

The updated release of Experion’s integrated Process, Machinery and Drive control (PMD) widens the scope of the solution further, integrating Experion Alarm Management, Experion Integrated Historian, OneWireless and Digital Video Manager solutions.

Honeywell SmartLine pressure transmitters

Honeywell SmartLine pressure transmitters are designed to make it easier to support field devices and promote plant reliability with their efficiency-enhancing features, such as a graphic display.

Honeywell Enhanced High-Performance Process Manager (EHPM) controller

Honeywell’s EHPM solution streamlines plant modernisation by significantly reducing risks associated with a legacy system upgrade and reducing plant downtime.

Honeywell Experion Mobile Access plant mobility solution

Experion Mobile Access provides secure remote access to Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) through mobile computing devices.

Honeywell MeterSuite fiscal metering solution

Honeywell’s MeterSuite fiscal metering solution has received European Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) and International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) R117 certification.

Honeywell Intuition Executive enterprise management software

Intuition Executive is designed to deliver enterprise-wide information management, decision support and collaboration tools.

Honeywell 854 Servo level gauge with enhanced overfill detection

Honeywell has announced key enhancements to its 854 Servo level gauge, which is now equipped with a Servo Auto Test feature. This solution has been approved for Safety Integrity Level-2 and 3 (SIL-2/SIL 3) applications and increases the gauge’s diagnostic coverage.

Honeywell OneWireless Adapter (OWA) for HART instruments

The Honeywell OneWireless Adapter (OWA) allows manufacturers to improve plant efficiency by converting field devices that use the HART protocol into devices that can transmit data over an ISA100.11a-compliant wireless network.

Honeywell Process Solutions vendor-neutral process control suite

Honeywell has announced a vendor-neutral process control suite, which allows plant operators to centrally monitor and control both Honeywell and non-Honeywell process control systems within their plants. It is designed to let operators and management break out of the information silos that can often occur with advanced process control (APC) systems.

Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System with virtualisation

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) has announced the availability of virtualisation support for its Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) for both DCS and SCADA applications.

Honeywell Remote Collaboration, Optimisation and Operations solution

Honeywell has announced the launch of its Remote Collaboration, Optimisation and Operations solution, designed to help customers share their expertise across remote facilities, improve safety in hazardous environments and optimise production and improve recovery.

Honeywell OneWireless Rotating Equipment Solution

Honeywell has launched its OneWireless Rotating Equipment Solution, a suite of products and services that forms part of Honeywell Process Solutions’ (HPS) Reliability and Asset Management portfolio. The solution is designed to provide a means to monitor essential and critical plant assets wirelessly and in real time, saving customers money through improved uptime and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

Honeywell Field Device Configurator (FDC) application for MCToolkit

The Field Device Configurator (FDC) software application for the MCToolkit handheld configurator device allows operators to more easily configure and assess the health of HART 5, 6 and 7 instrumentation.

Honeywell FlexLine level gauges

Honeywell has announced that its FlexLine level gauges have been approved by the TÜV for use in SIL2-rated loops, allowing industrial facilities to use the devices in applications that require the stringent certification to prevent safety incidents. The gauges are used in overfill protection loops to prevent spillage and mitigate the likelihood of a catastrophic accident, effectively stopping overfill before it happens.

Honeywell RC500 remote terminal unit

Honeywell has introduced the RC500 remote terminal unit (RTU), a modular and scalable controller that integrates with SCADA technology to give industrial manufacturers tighter control of remote operations. The RC500 is designed to withstand harsh environments and is suitable for remote automation needs such as those found in oil and gas applications. It can also operate using minimal electricity, making it suitable to run on solar power, and for providing continuous monitoring of remote, fixed assets.

Honeywell HC900 control system

Honeywell has announced new features for its 900 Control Station touch screen operator interface, part of the HC900 control system, used in industrial facilities to control stand-alone processes and SCADA applications. The control station now includes features that allow engineers to more quickly configure the system and operators to monitor their processes more efficiently and reduce data-entry error.

Honeywell Experion R400

Several enhancements to the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) help process manufacturers more easily and cost-effectively manage their automation and control systems. Experion R400 includes advancements that lower the cost of open system ownership, with features such as an extended support life, flexible, direct on-process migration paths, virtualisation and easier installation and migration. These elements are intended to allow industrial facilities to focus on leveraging open systems benefits to improve business instead of managing the challenges with systems themselves.

Honeywell OneWireless R200

Enhancements to the OneWireless offering are intended to give industrial facilities more options to tailor wireless networks to best fit their needs. OneWireless R200, which is now fully compliant with the ISA100.11a standard, will allow plants to design a wireless network with different types of wireless coverage. Depending on application requirements, plants can design networks that provide either wireless coverage for field instruments only or coverage for both field instruments and Wi-Fi devices. This provides plants with more flexibility while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Honeywell Field Advisor software

Honeywell has released Field Advisor software. Based on technology acquired from Shell Global Solutions in December 2009, the software helps plants to reduce costly emergency work and unplanned shutdowns by allowing mobile operators to more easily rectify problems in the field, before they escalate and result in equipment failure.

Honeywell Experion Process Knowledge System gains virtualisation

Honeywell has announced it is providing virtualisation technology for its Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). This technology can help manufacturers streamline Experion system management and lower the total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

Honeywell ST 3000 pressure transmitters software upgrade

A software upgrade to the ST 3000 range of smart pressure transmitters that features enhanced on-board diagnostics to simplify maintenance by automatically telling plant personnel how the devices are functioning has been announced.

Honeywell XYR 6000 wireless universal I/O transmitters

Honeywell has added universal input/output (I/O) transmitters to its family of XYR 6000 wireless products. The transmitters allow manufacturers to wirelessly monitor more plant points with fewer devices.

Honeywell HPW7000 high-purity water measurement system

Honeywell has announced it has added oxidation reduction potential (ORP) measurement - a key parameter for minimising corrosion in power plant equipment such as turbines and piping - to its HPW7000 high-purity water measurement system, which should enable plants to better maintain critical equipment, reduce capital expenses and lower chemical usage.

Honeywell Enraf servo gauge with SIL-2 certification

Honeywell has announced that its Enraf servo gauge has received SIL-2 certification from TÜV Rheinland for use in safety applications, such as tank overfill protection, that help prevent hazardous incidents in bulk-liquid storage facilities.

Carbon management solution

Honeywell has released its Carbon Management Information Solution to help Australian process manufacturers to more easily understand their obligations under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER). 

Wireless level instrument

The FlexLine wireless radar gauge from Honeywell is an ISA100.11a-ready wireless radar gauge that helps process manufacturers monitor tank levels and prevent hazardous incidents in their plants and terminals.

Redundant wireless system

Honeywell's OneWireless R120 features a redundant wireless system gateway (WSG), a critical prerequisite for wireless process control.

Wireless valve position sensor

The XYR 6000 valve position sensor helps improve overall plant reliability by giving users the ability to remotely monitor a greater number of applications within their processing facilities.

Simulation software

Honeywell has announced two enhancements to its UniSim Design simulation software that provide engineers with a greater range of tools to build and test plant processes.

Discrete-input transmitters

Honeywell has added two discrete-input transmitters to its family of XYR 6000 wireless devices. The STXW 500 and the STTW 401 transmitters can convert any measurement device with a contact-closure switch input into a wireless input, enabling manufacturers to decrease costs and improve efficiency by wirelessly monitoring more processes at their plants. The transmitters are suitable for applications such as wirelessly monitoring level switches, pump status and system alarms.

Wireless discrete-input transmitters

Honeywell has added two discrete-input transmitters to its family of XYR 6000 wireless devices. The STXW 500 and the STTW 401 transmitters can convert any measurement device with a contact-closure switch input into a wireless input, enabling manufacturers to decrease costs and improve efficiency by wirelessly monitoring more processes at their plants. The transmitters are suitable for applications such as wirelessly monitoring level switches, pump status and system alarms.

MES for small and medium businesses

Honeywell has released its manufacturing execution system (MES) Quick Start solution for small and medium process manufacturing businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Wireless equipment health monitoring

Honeywell, in collaboration with SKF, has introduced OneWireless equipment health monitoring (EHM). OneWireless EHM will wirelessly transmit complete spectral information — including vibration amplitude and operating parameter information — from the field to the plant control room, helping reduce equipment failures and improve business performance through lower maintenance costs.


Honeywell extends control room capabilities to the field

New HMI device allows users to apply Experion HMI consistently throughout their operations.

Honeywell offers software platform to simplify cybersecurity

Honeywell has released software designed to simplify, strengthen and scale cybersecurity.

Honeywell unveils new approach to engineering an ICS

New system shifts I/O to the field and makes it fully accessible to any controller, while moving IT compute infrastructure from onsite to offsite.

Deepak Phenolics uses Honeywell OTS technology to train operators

Operator training simulation based on Honeywell UOP's cumene process technology enables safer and more efficient production.

Digital transformation the focus at HUG Americas

Emerging connected plant technologies were the highlight during Honeywell's largest annual gathering of industrial customers this month.

Honeywell control system improves waste plant efficiency

Riikinvoima Oy's waste incineration plant has implemented Honeywell's Experion Orion Console to help improve safety, productivity and environmental compliance.

Honeywell introduces intelligent wearables for field workers

A new hands-free, wearable technology allows industrial workers to more safely, reliably and efficiently accomplish their tasks in the plant or the field.

Honeywell releases Universal Cabinets for its Universal I/O modules

Standardised I/O module cabinets offer increased flexibility, speeding project completion and cutting start-up costs.

Honeywell announces new oil and gas solution at HUG Asia-Pacific symposium

Honeywell Process Solutions has announced its new Digital Suites for Oil and Gas solution, designed to help upstream oil and gas organisations boost production by 3-5%.

Winners of the 2014 Honeywell APAC UniSim Design Challenge announced

Four students from Curtin University in Sarawak, Malaysia, collaborate to improve energy efficiency in the natural gas processing industry.

Honeywell promotes knowledge sharing at 2014 Asia-Pacific users group

Industry leaders will converge on the Gold Coast for the 25th annual event.

Honeywell selected as key automation provider for Canadian oil sands project

Honeywell Process Solutions will supply automation technology for a new Fort Hills Oil Sands project in Alberta, Canada, scheduled to begin operating in late 2017.

Honeywell announces advanced project execution services

Advanced project execution approach to cut total automation costs.

Honeywell technology selected for major Asian natural gas pipeline

Automation and safety technology from Honeywell Process Solutions has been selected for the third phase of a pipeline project supplying natural gas from central Asia to China, the company has announced.

PetroChina to use Honeywell software at a further 17 sites

PetroChina has announced plans to expand its use of Honeywell advanced information management and process modelling software tools to 17 additional refining and petrochemical sites across China.

2014 UniSim Design Challenge opens

Honeywell's annual UniSim Design Challenge is open for 2014. The Challenge involves a series of process design competitions which recognise young talent from across the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

Honeywell reduces 'nuisance' alarms that can lead to billion-dollar losses in the process industries

New alarm suite helps industrial plant operators identify and address most important automation alarms.

Honeywell solution selected for Chinese petrochemical plants

The Sinopec Maoming Company has selected Honeywell's business management and automation technology for its ageing petrochemical plants in Guangdong Province in China.

Honeywell announces new services and technologies at HUG 2013

Honeywell this week announced several new technologies and services at the 2013 Honeywell Users Group (HUG) Asia-Pacific Symposium. The offerings will help plant workers redefine how they maintain system uptime and reliability, while providing safer operations, Honeywell says.

Honeywell showcases new solutions at HUG 2013

Honeywell is showcasing its newest technology solutions at the 2013 Honeywell Users Group Asia-Pacific Symposium. The symposium features solutions including Experion Collaboration Station and Premium Platorm for Experion Virtualization Solutions.

Honeywell introduces Cyber Security Dashboard at HUG 2013

Honeywell today launched several new technologies at the HUG 2013. The technologies include the Cyber Security Dashboard - an advanced dashboard that helps industrial plants better manage control-system cybersecurity.

Honeywell opens Automation Solution Centre in Singapore

Honeywell has inaugurated a new Automation Solution Centre (ASC) in Singapore as a part of its global deployment of demonstration centres around the world.

Honeywell selected for water distribution project in Kuwait

Honeywell today announced that it has been selected by Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water to modernise the water distribution network that supplies more than 1.2 billion litres of fresh water daily to Kuwait’s growing population.

Honeywell awarded four contracts worth US$40m by Borouge

A suite of Honeywell solutions to optimise operations efficiency for a petrochemical plant expansion.

Honeywell awarded at China Automation Service Products Summit

Honeywell won the Gold Medal in Automation Service Products, Excellence in Lifecycle Service Brands and Excellent Case Study in Automation Services at the 2012 China Automation Service Products Summit.

Honeywell to modernise Norwegian publisher’s press control and drive systems

Norwegian publisher Edda Trykk has selected Honeywell to upgrade its Printa press control and shaftless drive systems at the company’s newspaper printing facility in Stokke.

Honeywell opens new facility in north China

Honeywell has opened an industrial automation engineering facility in the Huaming Industrial Zone of Tianjin in northern China.

Two Honeywell products receive EDSA certification

Two Honeywell Process Solutions products have been awarded EDSA certification by the ISA Security Compliance Institute.

Honeywell launches iMOC workflow process management application

Honeywell launched its Intelligent Management of Change (iMOC) workflow process management application yesterday at the HUG Symposium on the Gold Coast.

Honeywell announces new cybersecurity solution at HUG Symposium

Honeywell has announced a fully certified application control and whitelisting solution to help combat viruses and malware from attacking its Experion PKS control system platform.

UniSim Design Student Challenge winner announced at HUG Symposium

Tuyen Ding Quang, a chemical engineering student at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, has been announced as the winner of the UniSim Design Student Challenge at the HUG Symposium.

‘Sustain.Ability’ theme for 2012 HUG Symposium

WNIPT’s editor, Glenn Johnson, reports from the Honeywell Users Group Asia-Pacific Symposium on the Gold Coast.

Honeywell forms Industrial IT Solutions group

Honeywell has announced the formation of its Industrial IT Solutions group, a team of experts who can help manufacturers and process-industry facilities protect against cyber threats.

Honeywell launches enterprise-wide tool for process industries

Honeywell today announced the global launch of Intuition Executive, the flagship product of its new Intuition software portfolio.

Terminal safety boosted by Honeywell-Magnetrol partnership

Honeywell has signed an agreement with Magnetrol International Incorporated, a supplier of level and flow measurement equipment. When announcing the partnership, the companies said that Magnetrol’s expertise in safety and compliance will enhance Honeywell’s existing terminal market product portfolio.

Honeywell partners with Cisco to extend wireless offering

Honeywell is partnering with Cisco Systems to deliver wireless technology.

Honeywell announces winner of Pacific student competition

University of Sydney student recognised for designing solutions to real-world engineering problems using simulation technology.

Honeywell receives safety award

Honeywell's Safety Manager solution has been awarded ISASecure Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification by exida.

Honeywell uses Matrikon assets for new solutions portfolio

Honeywell has formed a new advanced solutions business which leverages the capabilities of its Matrikon acquisition.

Honeywell acquires Matrikon

Honeywell has completed the acquisition of Matrikon for approximately US$139 million.

Honeywell joins field device integration cooperation

FDI Specification can help lower total cost of ownership of digital field devices.

Honeywell launches new carbon management information solution

Honeywell has launched its Carbon Management Information Solution to help Australian process manufacturers more easily understand their obligations under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER).

Honeywell to license and sell SentientSystem by Synengco

Honeywell has announced an agreement with Australian-based Synengco under which Honeywell will license and sell SentientSystem, a suite of applications that optimise operations and provide asset management for utility power customers.

Honeywell acquires RMG Group

Honeywell has announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Germany-based RMG Group.

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