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Hach Pacific

Hach Pacific provides you with access to the largest offering and highest quality of lab and process water analytics as well as outstanding service and application support. Hach Pacific, formerly Accurate Detection, also supplies other products including leak detection and pipe and cable location equipment which can be easily bundled with water quality analytics.

Phone: 1300 887 735
Fax: 03 9545 6230
Unit 10, 15 Howleys Road , Notting Hill VIC 3168 (Directions)


Hach CL10 sc reagentless chlorine analyser

The CL10 sc reagentless chlorine analyser allows for real-time control of disinfection processes by providing continuous readings that indicate when treatment conditions have changed.

Hach TU5 Series turbidity platform

The TU5 Series turbidity platform comprises both laboratory and online turbidimeters that employ a 360° x 90° detection technology, with an optical design that sees more of the sample, delivering improved low-level precision and sensitivity while minimising variability from test to test.

Hach Water Information Management Solution

The Hach Water Information Management Solution (Hach WIMS) software helps users see the complete picture of a water or wastewater system.

Hach ORBISPHERE M1100 luminescent dissolved oxygen sensor

The ORBISPHERE M1100 luminescent dissolved oxygen sensor with the ORBISPHERE 410 controller offers an advanced way of monitoring oxygen in beer, boiler waters and deaerated water.

Hach Sonatax sc with sc200/sc1000 controller

The Hach Sonatax sc with sc200 controller is designed to continuously measure the sludge blanket level.

Hach LDO (luminescent dissolved oxygen) probe

Hach’s LDO probe requires no calibration for the 2-year life of the sensor cap, which means it is ready to start measuring dissolved oxygen ‘out of the box’.

Hach AF7000 streaming current monitor

The AF7000 streaming current monitor is used for coagulation process optimisation.

Flowline EchoPod DL34 ultrasonic level transmitter

The EchoPod DL34 is a general-purpose ultrasonic level transmitter that provides continuous level measurement up to 5.5 m, with a 4-20 mA signal output.



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