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Global Automation Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd

Importer and distributor of "Human Machine Interfaces" (HMI), programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, communication products including GSM and V92 modems, panel PC's and PC based HMI and SCADA software, industrial din rail mount power supplies and safety, limit, micro and inductive proximity switches.

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832 High Street , East Kew VIC 3102 (Directions)


FabiaTech FX5327 box PC

The FX5327 industrial computer system is suitable for use in factory automation, digital signage, transportation, motion control and in-vehicle solutions.

Beijer Electronics Nexto Xpress compact controller

The Nexto Xpress compact controller is designed to enable Industry 4.0 applications via its built-in OPC UA interface.

Fatek Automation SD3 series servo drive

The Fatek Automation SD3 series servo drive is a an AC servo system with advanced functions that supports various motors from 50 W through to 2 kW.

HMS Networks eCatcher Mobile KPIs

For users of Ewon Flexy products by HMS Networks, eCatcher Mobile KPIs brings live machine KPIs directly to their mobile devices.

Beijer Electronics X2 web HMIs

The Beijer Electronics X2 web HMIs are designed for users who want to utilise HTML5 web technologies in industrial environments.

Beijer Electronics BFI E3 general-purpose VFDs

The Beijer Electronics BFI E3 general-purpose industrial variable frequency drives are dedicated to low power applications.

Beijer Nexto Xpress compact controller

Beijer Electronics has released the Nexto Xpress compact controller that enables Industry 4.0 applications via its built-in OPC UA interface.

Beijer Electronics BoX2 series converters, gateways and edge controllers

The  BoX2 is a series of protocol converters, IoT gateways and edge controllers that combine connectivity in different ways, to help acheive cloud connectivity in an industrial environment.

HMS Industrial Networks Anybus WLAN access points

HMS Industrial Networks has introduced two Anybus WLAN Access Points, designed to be industrial-grade infrastructure hubs for long-range WLAN connectivity.

eWON eCatcher Mobile remote access app

By connecting an eWON Cosy or Flexy router to a machine, it is possible to access and control the machine via the cloud service eWON Talk2M.

HMS Industrial Networks Anybus Modbus to BACnet gateway and Modbus to KNX gateway

These Anybus Modbus gateways enable industrial devices using Modbus to communicate on building systems using KNX or BACnet.

HMS Anybus Wireless Bridge II

The Anybus Wireless Bridge II supports up to 400 m of wireless communication and can communicate via either Bluetooth or WLAN.

Beijer Electronics X2 pro panels

Beijer Electronics X2 pro panels include a wide range of high-performance industrial panels, from ultracompact 4″ to 15″ panels designed for demanding applications.

HMS Industrial Networks EtherNet/IP to Modbus-TCPEtherNet/IP Linking Device

The EtherNet/IP to Modbus-TCP Linking Device from HMS Industrial Networks allows users to connect devices on Modbus-TCP to a Rockwell ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC.

HMS Industrial Networks Serial EtherNet/IP Linking Device

The Serial EtherNet/IP Linking Device allows users to connect any serial device to a Rockwell ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC. It is fully integrated with Rockwell's Studio5000 Logix Designer.

HMS Anybus .NET gateways

Anybus .NET gateways enable real-time data from industrial machinery to be presented to .NET-based IT applications.

HMS Industrial Networks Anybus X-gateway for Profibus/Profinet

Anybus X-gateways can now offer ways to get heterogeneous PROFI-equipment connected, enabling communication between different physical formats or to couple/decouple I/O data between two controlling networks.

Beijer iX-T10F-2 HMI

The Beijer iX-T10F-2 is an industrial HMI with a high-resolution touch screen and modern design in an IP65 plastic housing.

Anybus Wireless Bridge range

After the acquisition of the wireless gateways from u-blox/connectBlue in September, HMS Industrial Networks can now present an expanded suite of Anybus wireless bridge products.

HMS Industrial Networks Netbiter Argos remote management service

Netbiter is a cloud-based solution for remote management of equipment such as power generators, PLCs, sensors, tanks, etc.

MS Industrial Networks Netbiter EC350 communication gateway

The Netbiter EC350 has been enhanced to communicate over 3G networks in addition to GSM/GPRS, supporting five different 3G bands, and offers tunnelled remote access functionality.

HMS Industrial Networks Anybus X-gateways

The HMS Anybus X-gateways enable communication between several industrial networks and Profinet IRT.

HMS Netbiter cloud-based remote management solution

The cloud-based Netbiter remote management solution from HMS Industrial Networks allows users to monitor and control field equipment such as power generators, wind turbines, tanks and other field applications via an office computer, laptop or smartphone.

HMS 1 SI CANopen module for Simatic ET200S

HMS has extended the functionality of its 1 SI CANopen module for the Simatic ET200S I/O system with the integration of the CAN 2.0A protocol. In addition to the standard CANopen protocol, the HMS 1 SI CANopen module can also be used for transmission/ reception of any CAN 2.0A frame regardless of the overlaying CAN application protocol. The extended functionality maximises usability and flexibility of the CAN gateway. Typical applications include all kinds of machines and automation systems where CAN- or CANopen-enabled devices are used in combination with Siemens PLCs.

HMS Anybus Communicator with DF1 protocol

The Anybus Communicator from HMS now provides easy fieldbus and industrial ethernet connectivity for industrial devices that have a Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley DF1 protocol interface. Almost any DF1 supported device can now be connected to all major industrial networks and PLC systems.

Beijer Electronics iX range of panels and industrial PCs

The Beijer Electronics iX range of panels and industrial PCs is designed particularly for packaging, printing, food and pharmaceutical processing machine, machine-tool, water and irrigation, petrochemical and marine applications.

Beijer Electronics Exter T150-st stainless steel HMI

Beijer Electronics has added the T150-st to its Exter series of operator panels. The Exter T150-st has an acid-resistant stainless steel construction, so it is suited to those situations where acid-based cleaning agents are used.

OPC server

Beijer Electronics OPC Server from Global Automation Products provides more than 60 protocols for the leading brands of control systems and automation equipment on the market.


Netbiter remote management now under eWON brand

HMS Industrial Networks has acquired eWON and is now offering the Netbiter remote management solution under the eWON brand.



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