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Festo DFPD quarter turn actuator

The DFPD is suitable for many tasks including automating butterfly or ball valves and air dampers in the chemical, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Festo Motion Terminal pneumatic automation platform

The Festo Motion Terminal is claimed to be the world's first pneumatic automation platform to be controlled by apps.

Festo VZXA angle seat valves

The Festo VZXA angle seat valve can be used to control liquid, gas and vapour media flows.

Festo DFPD quarter-turn actuator

The DFPD quarter-turn actuator can be used with ball valves, shut-off valves or air dampers in the chemical, pharmaceutical or beverage industry or for water treatment and other areas of process automation.

Festo DFPI-NB3 linear actuator

The DFPI-NB3 includes an integrated encoder and an optimised piston rod guide, which counteracts the effect of transverse forces on the piston rod and thus makes the product suitable for swivel motions.

Festo VZQA pinch valves

Pneumatic pinch valves are a clean and technically straightforward solution for controlling and shutting off a wide range of media.

Festo VSNC pilot valve

Widely used for distributed control systems, NAMUR-style pilot valves can be found in a variety of industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater and food processing.

Festo SBSI vision sensors

The Festo SBSI vision sensors provide a simple, entry-level vision system solution that is easy to use even without expert knowledge due to their intuitive operation.

Festo MS6-E2M energy-efficiency module

The MS6-E2M energy-efficiency module can actively intervene in the air supply, particularly during standby operation. It reduces the consumption of compressed air and can also monitor the system for leaks.

Festo Clean Design MPA-C valve terminal

The MPA-C valve terminal allows users and designers to create decentralised installations without a control cabinet in harsh and intensively cleaned environments in the food and beverage industry.

Festo VTUG valve terminal plug-in

The VTUG valve terminal plug-in offers multiple variations and a highly simple and inexpensive fieldbus connection for all standard fieldbuses and ethernet as well as IO-Link.

Festo H-gantry EXCM planar surface gantry

The H-gantry EXCM is a ready-to-install system that allows fast positioning at speeds of up to 500 mm/s and repetition accuracies of the order of ±0.05 mm, which makes the compact H-gantry suitable for applications in electronics production and small parts assembly.

Festo ADN-PPS pneumatic compact drive

Festo has released a variant of its ADN compact drive with PPS automatic pneumatic end-position cushioning.

Festo OGGB low-contact gripper

The OGGB low-contact gripper, which works on the Bernoulli principle, is an alternative to suction cups.

Festo FinGripper

The FinGripper has been designed to handle fruit, bulbs or pressure-sensitive food reliably.

Festo MHJ valve series

The MHJ valve series has the ability to output very short pulses of air, which can result in energy savings and makes it suitable for various applications. It features a long service life and high precision with direct actuation for switching times of less than 1 ms, flow rates of 50, 100 and 150 L/min and repetition accuracy of less than 0.1 ms.

Festo MS6-SV soft start/exhaust valve with integrated safety relay

The Festo air-preparation range is designed to give users a certified unit that can be integrated into new or existing circuits, either standalone or housed in an air preparation module. As a supply device providing a safe exhaust function, it offers a number of possible applications and benefits.

Festo MS6-LRP-PO precision pressure regulator

The MS6-LRP-PO precision pressure regulator from Festo is suitable for use in the automotive industry and can now be used in balancer applications.

Festo CPE solenoid valve

The CPE solenoid valve from Festo can be used as an individual valve and now also on a sturdy aluminium manifold. It is designed to offer a long service life and optimum use of installation space.

Festo MS6-SV soft-start/exhaust valve

The MS6-SV is a soft-start/exhaust valve designed to meet the requirements of AS 4024 Category 4 and ISO 13849-1 performance level ‘e’. The unit can be integrated into new or existing circuits, either stand-alone or housed in an air preparation module.

Festo DPA pressure booster

New variants of the pressure booster DPA can help to reduce the costs of compressed air directly within the application. A new polyurethane piston material increases product service life from 1000 to 2000 operating hours.

Pneumatic quarter turn actuators

The DFPB pneumatic quarter turn actuators are designed for use in water treatment plants, the pharmaceutical industry or in food production plants. These actuators can be used to perform opening and closing movements in process valves.

Linear position sensor

The SMAT-8M position transmitter from Festo is installed like an ordinary reed switch. Due to its compact design, the SMAT-8M can be securely installed flush in the slot of grippers and compact cylinders where it is protected from mechanical damage.

Electric gripper

The HGPLE electric gripper from Festo with an integrated motor and a gear unit provides variable positioning and speed control, giving users controlled and secure gripping. The unit is suitable for applications where no compressed air is available.


The VSNB valves can be used with both single-acting and double-acting actuators which feature a NAMUR interface.

Rodless linear drive

The DGC pneumatic linear drive is available in piston diameters from 8 to 63 mm. The rodless linear drives can be configured with plain bearings or recirculating ball bearing guides and with the option of shock absorbers and a second slide for particularly heavy loads. A common feature across the entire range is improved guidance quality, higher characteristic load values and torque capacity.

Linear axis

The EGC electric linear axis offers efficiency, maximum dynamic response and improved rigidity. The EGC electric linear axis is now available as a toothed belt drive or spindle drive. These new axes are easily integrated into the Festo multi-axis modular system and are also suitable for both stepper and servo motors.

Integrated pressure sensor

A pressure sensor is now integrated into the Festo MPA valve terminal, allowing pressures to be monitored directly over the fieldbus system. This high level of integration is a low-cost solution as it saves considerable time and money otherwise spent on a more complex installation.

Drive design software

The Positioning Drives software tool for all electrical drives from Festo enables fast, easy and reliable design and planning of motor and axis combinations in three simple steps.

Pneumatic cylinder cushioning system

The PPS self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning system adapts automatically to provide suitable cushioning characteristics within the permissible range. It enables fast but gentle travel into the end positions without the need for manual adjustment. This is achieved by the use of longitudinal slots which allow the air to escape in a controlled manner.

HMI with integrated controller

The FED-CEC is a flexible and space-optimised HMI system. The display unit and controller are combined in a single unit, which means that system designers have only one component to purchase, program and install. It is a space-saving controller concept, created by integrating a processor module based on the CoDeSys software platform into the Festo Front End Display range.

Proportional pressure regulator

The VppM proportional pressure regulator provides three preset regulator characteristics available from the front panel buttons.

Compact solenoid valves

The UOG compact solenoid valve series combines compact dimensions with high flow rates.

Rotary indexing table

The DHTG Pneumatic Rotary Indexing Table features high load capacities and precision. The table was designed for use with semi-automatic machines and work-piece buffers that require small rotary tables for their swivelling and separator functions.

Pressure regulators

The MPa regulators provide a fast and convenient space-saving solution for pressure control on pneumatic actuators. Designed to be installed between the valve and the sub-base on the Festo MPa valve terminal, they feature highly compact adjustment knobs and may also be equipped with repositionable pressure gauges for easy confirmation of the correct operating pressure.

Miniature solenoid valves

The VOVG compact solenoid valve series includes valves suitable for compact handling applications that require high packing density, as well as applications in the electronics and light assembly industries. It is also suitable as a pilot valve in process automation for media-contact valves and drives.

Air gap sensor

The Sopa air gap sensor is designed to be used in tooling applications to make sure that a part is seated properly in a jig before it is machined, welded or assembled. It is able to measure gaps of between 20 and 200 micron. The Sopa air gap sensor is precise enough to detect if a work piece is obstructed by a human hair.

Stopper cylinder

The DFST stopper cylinder has a load range almost three times higher than Festo’s previous model.

CMMS-ST motor controllers

The CMMS-ST drives supplement the EMMS-ST range of stepper motors and together they provide a ‘servo light’ solution. This combination offers fully controlled motion, optimum operating reliability and various options for torque and force control.

Festo MS6-SFE flow sensor

Capable of operating as a standalone flow sensor, or as part of an MS6 service unit combination, the MS6-SFE features a clearly laid out, backlit LCD showing flow or consumption data combined with a choice of output options.

Stepper motors

The EMMS-ST range of stepper motors supplements the CMMS-ST range of drives.

Electrical valve terminal link

Festo's CPX terminal is an electrical peripheral device for valve terminals. Compatible with commonly-used fieldbus protocols and capable of being adapted to user connection concepts, it simplifies communication between sensors, valve terminals and the electrical controller level.

Actuator technology

The type MAS Fluidic Muscle is a membrane-contraction system that uses the same principle as human muscle. Areas of application range from stationary or mobile industrial use to consumer related applications.


BionicSwift as agile as a real bird

Robotic birds can swarm and coordinate their flight in an enclosed space.

Gripper modelled on a chameleon's tongue

The FlexShapeGripper can grip, collect and release several objects of very different shapes in the one process without the need for manual conversion due to its water-filled silicone cap, which wraps itself around the items being gripped in a flexible, form-fitting manner.



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